Weekend Update W/ Archer Sagebrush

I have been uploading photos around the clock. One of my bestest friends was married this weekend. (More hangovers. More dancing. More trying to sleep in while a toddler smacks me in the face.) Photo set here.

Congratulations, Mere!

Weekend Archer photos for the family are here.

Now we're off to the Zoo to harass spider monkeys and fruit bats. Will be back tomorrow with regular scheduled programming.



Jonathon Morgan | 11:23 AM

Druken wedding escapes rule!

Unknown | 1:23 PM

You look great.

Anonymous | 3:07 PM

I don't know you. just found you a day or so ago, added you to my favorites at first read. just linked to your letter on unplanned pregnancy. i am crying. i wish i had a letter like that 5 years ago.

Emery Jo | 4:39 PM

You guys are adorable.

Lena | 8:06 PM

You hottie momma! And Archer, go on with your handsome feisty self.

Also? I have your shirt. Yay!

BlondeBrony | 10:25 PM

Great photo. Have fun at the zoo.

Unknown | 10:32 PM

You look awesome, Archer looks so cute, and guess what? We're going to our zoo tomorrow! Leah's faves are the goats because those are the ones she can touch (it's a small section where they do a petting zoo).

Russell | 1:23 AM

great photos! you all seem really happy, and that makes me smile :)

archer's face is really starting to reveal yours and hal's. so interesting.

PunditMom | 7:40 AM

Sounds like fun! Rachel & I took to day off for the pumpkin patch yesterday -- enjoy!

motherbumper | 12:40 PM

We did the zoo this weekend too (zoo too, zoo too!) and Bumper had a blast. Her fav: the wild boar who ran in circles around his oasis (mom sees a bored pig, bumper sees fun around every corner taken). Archer is so good looking and the two of you smiling is just pure beauty.