Yesterday someone found my site by google-searching the following:

"Where was the child I was, still inside me or gone?"

And for whatever reason, it made me cry.

Maybe I'm just hypersensitive but I couldn't help but feel that sometimes people stumble upon my site, and every other website for that matter, because they're looking for answers to impossible questions or questions they should be asking themselves.

It's as if search engines are some kind of crystal ball. Rub the screen and type with your eyes closed. Tell the box your deepest darkest secrets and an image will appear.

This morning someone found GGC by searching, "Will You Buy Me Some Boobs?" and without thinking twice I yelled out loud and into the screen of my computer, "NO! Buy them yourself!"

I guess some questions are easier to answer than others.



toyfoto | 2:39 PM

And thus it has come to pass, google search is technology's crazy 8 ball.
In so many more ways than we can imagine.
Funny stuff.

Jonathon Morgan | 3:02 PM

At least people are asking.

Ashley Lasbury | 4:15 PM

I just wrote a lonnngg comment to your "Behing the Blindfold" post". I have no idea where it went. To much wine and not enough sex....

cinnamon gurl | 4:36 PM

God doesn't live in the radio anymore; God lives in Google.

Today someone found my blog by searching for '"armpit rash" tight clothes'.

It's a long story, related to google ads, but I have never had an armpit rash.

Kristen | 7:23 PM

I read this earlier, and have been thinking about that search ever since. It leaves me with a melancholy feeling. But I've been weepy this past several days, so maybe I'm just reading too much into it.

Anonymous | 7:44 PM

This is ALL too close to home!
I google crazy stuff like this all the time! The funny part about it is that sometimes I will tell another "human" to google something and they do not know what I am talking about. SOOOOO many "humans" are out of the loop.
By the way...too much wine, not enough are not alone!!!


Dude! What is up with Blogger being so iffy lately. It ate half of my last post (sex & violence) and now it's eating comments... Hmmmm... Do I smell a rat? The Patriot Act? El NiƱo?

Kristen- Thank you. Now I don't feel so alone. Shall I pass the kleenex box?

Girlplustwo | 11:09 PM

it conjures up an image of a person all alone in a white room.

they'll keep looking.

speaking of, couldn't comment earlier when i tried to...something must be up.

Unknown | 7:27 AM

Strange stuff, GGC. I just Google-ed "Coolest mom ever to ask the hard questions about child-rearing and still look hot in a pink muslin Bohemian skirt" and your blog came up. When I stuck in the "boob" word, all I got were Republicans.

Anonymous | 5:40 PM

You definitely need to get out....

Anonymous | 6:58 PM

If it helps, I almost cried too.

Unknown | 10:06 AM

Well, I'm glad you lightened the mood by refusing to buy someone her boobs LOL.

Webmaster Melody | 11:41 AM

LOL, I google for divination all the time! Especially when I'm feeling weepy. Often I get something I can use. Most of the time, though, I get porn or I buy something.

Welcome to the internet.

AKA JanaMom

Erin M | 12:49 PM

i often think about the people who make it to my blog by searching "finding yourself" - it's a daily occurance... I wonder if I help at all

but then someone finds me searching "Masturbating in booth at Olive Garden"

ummm.... yeah


Well, at least it's Olive Garden. God forbid anyone masturbate at TGI Fridays.

Unknown | 4:37 AM

i saw a homeless guy masterbating at denny's once.....
tramatic to say the least.

BlondeBrony | 10:27 PM

I think it would have made me cry too.

moe berg | 7:05 AM

two days ago i got someone from south korea googling "life still go on". i'm still not sure if that's depressing or inspiring.

btw, i just stumbled across what you're doing here and became an instant fan.