In Case Anyone Else's Kids are Obsessed with Meerkats

We have been temporarily without a TV all week so last night when Archer woke up screaming his head off and there was no Meerkat Manor (Archer = Meerkats #1 Fan) to chill his ass out, we went looking for the next best thing...

...And boy did we find it.

Without further ado, the most funktastic Meerkat montage on ALL THE WEB. (Pump up the volume, Meerkat Lovahs!)

Thanks, Rosa. Your editing was top notch.

Man, I love me some youtube.



OhTheJoys | 1:38 PM

Meerkat macarenas to a funky latin beat in the book "Cha Cha Chimps." (My son's favorite part.)


Ooooooh! "Cha Cha Chimps" sounds like our next purchase. Thanks!

Jonathon Morgan | 2:14 PM

Holy crap. I need to find one of these for tigers. E would flip her lid.

kittenpie | 2:24 PM

Oh my god, I love meerkats!

There's a new book coming out this fall about meerkats, though it's not as great as I had hoped.

PunditMom | 7:41 PM

My six-year-old isn't into meerkats, but my husband is! He'll LOVE this!

Anonymous | 5:45 PM

My kids have yet to discover Meerkat manor. Maybe I should introduce them. It's gotta be better than the crap on cartoon network.

Anonymous | 6:49 AM

Happy Birthday to the GGC! Bless your little muse!

Kat | 6:57 AM

*I* love Meerkat Manor! The drama, the suspence, the bitchery!!! It's top notch television. Archer has good taste! ;)