Eat Your <3 Out, Anne Geddes

I swear I'm going to post something substantial tomorrow.  

(more photos, here.) 



Petunia Face | 4:25 PM

Those curled fists! Those seashell eyes! The feet turned inward! She is delicious!

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 4:25 PM

Seriously: How can you stand it?

And where did you get that dress? Little Miss Kickboxer inside my tummy wants one just like that ...

Ivy | 4:32 PM

She is absolutely precious!!! I swear everyone and their mother is having a baby, and it's making me want another little one to love, cuddle, and smother with kisses...aaah!

Laura | 4:36 PM

she's so beautiful I don't know how you can take your eyes off of her! soak up every minute you can.

Anonymous | 4:51 PM

I had been following your pregnancy and loving your posts but just had the time to check in now and see that you had your lovely babe. She is perfection.
(I just had my second four weeks ago, hence my late congratulations...things are crazy with two!)

Dawn | 4:55 PM

No posts needed. Pictures are wonderful...

CaraBee | 5:43 PM

So, so beautiful. Makes me want another one. Or to look at another one. Or at least to look at more clothes for another one. Nah, I still don't want another one.

Dami | 5:47 PM

the picture of archer kissing her is too cute.

how is mommy hood going with two? i have a 2.5 year old and am thinking about having another.

Hillary | 6:01 PM

Fable is absolutely beautiful. I can see how she looks a little like Archer but she is so perfectly herself.

Hope | 6:04 PM

I'm a lurker around here....she is the most adorable thing I have ever seen I think (I don't have kids of my own yet..ha!)

What a beautiful baby...congrats to your family!

Anonymous | 6:24 PM

She is way too cute!!

-A | 6:28 PM

What a doll! She's adorable!

Anonymous | 6:38 PM

Bec, you and I have spoken about how I'm not really that nice of a person, and most people's babies aren't the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen. Your baby actually *is*, literally, the. most. gorgeous. thing. I've. ever. seen. My brain has exploded and bits are sliding down the walls. And don't even get me started on my ovaries...

Mirinda Dawe | 6:41 PM

You are killing me...I'm going to drag my hubby in for a vasectomy reversal. She is just precious. I've had three beautiful kids and never in my life have I seen a newborn so PRETTY- such gorgeous coloring!!! My kids love to look at her pics each time you post LOL

Super Mommie | 6:59 PM

You don't have to say a word! The pictures are beautiful enough!!

chayna rae | 7:33 PM

what a beautiful baby! congrats! she couldn't be more perfect:)

Anonymous | 8:43 PM

OH.MY.GOD. Bec(ky). Look at her lips. (and cheeks, and feet...) They're just so big, so round... they're, like, out there.

I like your baby. And I cannot lie.


Dress was a gift from a dear friend... designer: Rabbit Moon. Isn't it the cutest ever?


AH! I found a link for the dress:

Anonymous | 10:30 PM

I love those toes! They make me want to hop on a plane to come and eat them up!


Oh and I got a really cool writing gig (one-shot deal, of course) will email you the crazy story soon!

dalia | 12:12 AM

ferphuck'ssake how much cuter can she really get?

katarina | 1:29 AM

Beautiful girl and gorgeous dress:-) Congratulations!

She is blessed with such a caring big brother.

Jenni | 5:42 AM

Perfection. The photos with her and Archer made me cry.

Anonymous | 6:12 AM

Awww! I love the dress! And the sleepy face! and the feet! and the hands! I just love it all!

pamela | 6:48 AM

OMG!!!! she's so beautiful. love love love! oh, and btw the "shower basket" is awesome. i'm loving my gifts.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | 7:01 AM

Oh gosh, she's so cute it hurts. Seriously, she is beautiful.

Good job, mommy (and daddy!)

Amy | 7:08 AM

eeeeeeeee, your daughter is SO adorable that it makes my 23 year old womb ache for one!

Wicked Step Mom | 8:13 AM

What a beautiful girl..

Marie-Ève | 8:50 AM

She's a real beauty, and looks a lot like Archer on some pictures...

And you don't have to rush for a real post, Rebecca, we'll wait for you, it's fine. Bask in this newborn baby bubble for as long as you can... It's so perfect and so short-lived anyway.

Issa | 8:56 AM

Oh so beautiful. She's precious and that little dress is awesome.

I love it how that first week, they're little legs are all curled up. My son has really just started realizing that he can stretch out.

Anonymous | 9:17 AM

oh my effin god.

*swoon, thud, die*

she. is. stunning.

the first thing i noticed from her newborn pics: her head is so round, not molded at all.

anyway, my uterus is screaming at me now.

and i'd be honoured if you would be ok with my adding Fable to my list of potential baby names for future use (i think it's like 50 names long now, lol). i adore her name, it's beautiful. and the first gift the fiance gave me was a copy of aesop's fables so it kind of makes my heart melt. i'm not sure if he'd let me use it, but i got him to agree to Sonnet so maybe.

Maternal Mirth | 9:30 AM

Isn't it amazing ... falling in love all over again.

Anonymous | 9:40 AM

Just a great picture suggestion: Have Archer hold her hand. I have this picture of my son and daughter and its just priceless.

But be warned, it also made me cry to see my son's big hand and her little bitty hand bc I realized he was a big boy now.

Lady Liberal | 9:49 AM

She is positively delicious!!!
Mazel tov!

Anonymous | 9:50 AM


caramama | 10:26 AM

While I love your writing, I'm extremely happy with seeing pictures of your beautiful girl. Post as many as you want!!!

Rabidparadise | 10:29 AM

She is BEAUTIFUL! COngrats!

Anonymous | 10:38 AM

De-lurking to say congratulations. She's beautiful, just like Archer!

mrs.notouching | 11:56 AM

OMG! Melting... Anne Geddes has nothing on you!

Anonymous | 2:09 PM

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! i could look at a million pictures and never get bored of that perfectly perfect little face.

Anonymous | 2:40 PM

Aaaaaand my heart melted. For the fourth time. You spoil me, Rebecca. She's gorgeous. :)

(actually signing my comments now:)

Heather | 4:50 PM

That has to be the most deliciously beautiful baby girl I have ever seen. I cannot stand the curled fists and womb legs. How lucky you are!

monkamomma | 7:18 PM

Oh. My. God. She is absolutely breathtaking! Congratulations!

Anonymous | 5:49 AM

I don't believe I have ever commented, so here's a possible first timer, lol.

Your wit and perspective on so many things draw me in so much I doubt I could ever get away from this blog. Then you go and present ANOTHER bundle of perfection to be in awe of! Congratulations to you, Hal and coolest of all, Archer! Welcome to the world Fable!

Kat | 8:02 AM

Welcome to the world Miss Fable! You have truly inherited your mama's beauty! Wonderful photo - - I'm in awe of the subject and the photographer.

Anonymous | 11:26 AM

God she's beautiful. You are so very lucky and blessed! Congrats mama!

Wendy | 12:55 PM

I hope this doesn't sound creepy because I don't mean for it to.

Every time I see a picture of Fable I think she's one of those new baby dolls everyone is talking about because they look so real. She's just that perfect and beautiful!

Taking your time with the writing. We all understand that you're, you know, kind of busy right now. Add in the emotional roller-coaster and freaked out hormones, and you might not find much time to post much. But we'll be here, waiting patiently. Even if you need to post at 3am because she won't quit crying and now you can't stop crying either. We're here. :)

Jo | 7:52 AM

What more substantial than this amazing child. She is just crazy gorgeous. Blessings.

Angella | 12:54 PM

She is beyond beautiful. Wow. Congratulations!

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 1:20 PM

Whoa, Bec, thanks for the dress link. Guess what I just ordered?

You've got style, girl!

Jaelithe | 6:03 PM


I'm going to die of cute.

Okay, don't really stop.

Anonymous | 6:02 AM

She is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations!

Rachel | 2:22 PM

I am new to your blog; CONGRATULATIONS on your absolutely beautiful little girl!

BOSSY | 5:46 PM

FABLE! It's your Aunt Bossy! Hello? Bossy wants you to know you are already loved and adored across state lines.