A Photo is Worth a Thousand Posts

One of these days I'll come back to earth to post something coherent and possibly even clever. For now? Words escape.  

Totally and completely, they escape. 



Heather | 6:29 PM

she's completely amazing...

Anonymous | 6:30 PM

She is oh so gorgeous! How is Archer doing? Best wishes to your family.


Archer's actually doing quite well! He's back in school and has been very helpful fetching diapers, etc. He has regressed in the potty department but all in all he's adjusting really well. He's been an incredible trooper: very involved, pushing the stroller and holding F's bottle (I'm pumping) ... Kissing her forehead. Kills me. I don't know how parents watch their kids together and not cry.

Anonymous | 6:37 PM

She is the most gorgeous newborn I have ever seen! Congrats! (again) xoxo

Anonymous | 6:38 PM

beautiful people make beautiful babies.

and for the record, nice rack.

kisses on your gyna,

Anonymous | 6:44 PM

She is absolutely magnificent.

There are no words, are there? It's funny because you've officially just gave me baby pangs with these pictures and your video.

That's something I thought I'd never feel again - being single and all. Kind of makes me want to find a man.

Take care of you and those little ones!


Anonymous | 6:45 PM

Seriously, she is so gorgeous!!

Baby "E" is not here yet and I keep singing Tom Petty!

Fable looks perfect! No labour trauma at all! Sage looked like she had been through something very wrong by the time she got out!! The cone head she was sporting would have made Saturday Night Live jealous!! Plus both eyes were completely blood shot! Thankfully that all went away and now she's adorable but for a few minutes there we were worried!!

Again, congrats! Plus, I second the nice rack comment, I thought she was laying on your lap and that was your legs under a skirt!!


desperately seeking postpartum!!

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy | 6:48 PM

OH my, she is absolutely beautiful. I can see why you are speechless.

Man, I need to get knocked up soon--you're killing me!

Brandi | 6:57 PM

Beautiful...just beautiful! Congratulations!

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | 7:01 PM

Beautiful! Oh, and holy boobs, batman!

Anonymous | 7:22 PM

Wow, I have been creepily checking every day to see if you have put newbies up. She is just so dear, and looks a lot like her brother already! Hope you and your beautiful little family are doing well!

Anonymous | 7:30 PM



Oh, baby. Sweet baby. Fable is heart-meltingly beautiful.

What is it about tiny, brand new babies that makes me want another one?

susan | 8:34 PM

She is so, so beautiful and so big! She looks just perfect!

Unknown | 8:35 PM

She is absolutely gorgeous! I agree with Susan she is big - that is great.

Anonymous | 8:44 PM

Is it just me, or does she look alot like Archer? Beeyoutiful.

Dianna | 8:51 PM

She is so, so gorgeous. Congratulations to you again!

Lena | 8:53 PM

Congratulations. Fable...what a beauty!

Angie | 9:01 PM

She looks like a porcelain doll in that first picture! What a gorgeous baby!

Oh, and for the record, I still have moments when I want to cry seeing my 12 & 8 yr old together like that! So you will never get over that and I think that is an awesome thing!

Jaelithe | 9:33 PM

So pretty! Glad you get to use the dresses :)

Brooke | 9:35 PM

She truly is beautiful - and I don't use those words often on many newborns :) Hope you are all resting as best as you can!

Stephanie Kuehnert | 10:50 PM

She is beautiful. There really are no words. Congratulations!!! xoxox

Windy | 11:05 PM

ok please post a pic of Archer and Fable! I am waiting to see them together!
She looks like an angel

Anonymous | 11:52 PM

those are a really nice pair of boobs, mama! seriously.

L | 12:53 AM

I've been a bit scared about having another one since I still feel sleep deprived 3 years after giving birth to my son, BUT seeing those pictures just melts my heart and I hope my second little boy will be as cute as Fable :)

Bethany Bassett | 1:58 AM

Oh, she's so perfectly gorgeous! I almost cried when I read her name -- it is perfect for your tiny poem of a girl. (And oh yes, "If you've got it, flaunt it!" totally applies to post-partum cleavage. Rock on!)

Mrs. Blevins | 3:07 AM

First I guess I should say hello, since I've been reading since before you found out you were pregnant but I don't think I've ever commented. Second, she's absolutely breathtaking. Congratulations! I love her name as well, it suits her nicely.

Jennifer | 6:54 AM

She's gorgeous! You're going to have SO much fun dressing her up!! Congrats again!!

Wood | 7:07 AM

that picture is absolutely stunning. so is she. so are you. xo

Rhea | 7:07 AM

Precious. Did you know that babies reach deeper levels of sleep than we do? Seriously. We never reach those levels again as adults.

Lady Liberal | 7:08 AM

She is absolutely exquisite!
Congratulations!! :)

Anonymous | 7:35 AM

I'm de-lurking to say congrats. She's breathtaking. Makes me want another so bad it hurts. Aren't they phenomenal? I'd stare at my baby girl for hours and hours. Still do! They're so pure and new, yet the looks in their sweet little eyes make them seem like there thousands of years old, like they know all the secrets to life. A-MAZ-ING!

Katie Jane Parker | 7:47 AM

She is so gorgeous. These pictures are actually making my uterus hurt... I want one! Many congratulations.

Anonymous | 8:04 AM

Wow, she is absolutely beautiful. I could use that sleep right about now. Congrats.

Anonymous | 8:23 AM

wow... amazing. Did you order a custom baby or something? Because she pretty much seems perfect.

April | 9:14 AM

who needs words with pictures like those!

caramama | 10:17 AM

Congratulations to you and your family! She is absolutely beautiful! I'm glad to hear that things seem to be going well so far!

Hilary | 10:30 AM

Yes, what everyone else has said. Yes.

Beth | 11:22 AM

She is such a beautiful baby! Bravo!

Fraulein | 11:43 AM

How beautiful she is, and how blessed you all are! I hope you and Hal and Archer enjoy every minute with her.

You're really lucky you started early. I had my first, likely to be my only, at 35. I'm nearing 40 now and while the fat lady hasn't sung yet, I think she's warming up. I just found out my mother completed her menopause at 44. Lately I spend a lot of time wondering if I will be able to stop longing for another one, even when I'm much older.

Anonymous | 2:45 PM

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

and as for the boobs, i thought they were legs crossed under a skirt and i thought "wow, what an awkward position" and then it hit me. duh.

how's the d-o-double g?

Anonymous | 2:51 PM

She's amazing. My daughter is only 7 weeks old and I'm already missing her tiny-ness... and she's still itty-bitty!

Laura | 5:59 PM

she's an angel. Words do escape!

Anonymous | 7:06 PM

Oh my God, she's gorgeous. These pictures just make my heart melt. Beautiful.

Mommato2 | 7:11 PM

Congrats Congrats and Congrats! It is so easy to forget how teeny tiny they are in the beginning. She is a beauty. Hugs to you and your lovely family.

Maria Melee | 6:43 AM

Aughhhhh look at her fuzzy little head!!!!!

I'm SO thrilled for you. She is one of the prettiest newborns I've ever seen. Can't wait to hear how labor went. I'll be 35 weeks on Friday and I'm ITCHING.

Tammy | 8:42 AM

Gorgeous. Love the name. Being brief because I know you don't want to read and want to go nibble on some baby cheeks or something. LOL

Anonymous | 9:06 AM

she is perfect and i love the name choice. <3

Issa | 9:15 AM

Words will come back eventually. But until then, oh my word, she's beautiful. Congrats again.

Unknown | 10:27 AM

nice boobs.

Anonymous | 10:36 AM

i am one of those young women who found your blog by searching "unplanned pregnancy." it has been a godsend or whatever kind of send one believes in. i have been having a lot of fun reading your archives while your family spends time welcoming who indeed may be the most beautiful and prodigious-est photogenic being to grace the world wide web. thank you so much for the time you have put into this site be'cos i am sure i am not the only girl to find it in a time of need. congratulations on your pretty little fable.

Maternal Mirth | 11:01 AM

Oh wow! I am gone for a week and BAM!!!! she's here.

I love the name, too. So "you" Becs.

Welcome sweet angel Fable ... welcome!

Anonymous | 11:03 AM

She is absolutely gorgeous, but you know that...

Congrats, mama. You done good!

Anonymous | 11:08 AM

Oh, Rebecca, she's beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous.

Congratulations! and welcome to the world, Fable!

Anonymous | 11:16 AM

Congrats to you and your family.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 11:20 AM

Wow she is incredible. And her name is fabulous.

Congrats to you.


Anonymous | 12:09 PM

Nice! I'm a longtime lurker (former LA transplant, now living in Nor Cal with my 2 babes -- boy-2, girl-6 months -- insanity!) and was so pumped to see your gal is here!

What a face and what a name. Just lovely!

You go enjoy now, while I scour your Poop posts and comments for pointers... :)


mary catherine | 12:23 PM

so so so beautiful.

Anonymous | 1:14 PM

What a lovely little girl. I hope your words come back soon, because I'd love to read about her!

Anonymous | 1:19 PM

Just checking in after a few days away......OMG....YOU had a baby! Congrats! She's a beaut!

Jillian | 3:08 PM


Alisa | 3:13 PM

Can't wait to hear more about her entrance into the world. I also want to wish you a hearty congratulations. She is just gorgeous.

Anonymous | 4:53 PM

Gorgeous, gorgeous! Who has a newborn that is so perfect right away like that?! My goodness!

Buby + Bleu | 11:19 AM

Totally agree... about crying while watching your kids and their pure sweetness on each other. My son was 2.5 when my daughter was born 5 months ago. He regressed a little in the potty dept, too, but I'd say after 5 or 6 weeks he was back to his usual self. Your baby girl is 100% gorgeous. Those lips. And her fingers are so long!

Maggie May | 10:00 AM

this time, the weeks after, is the most romantic time of life outside of the beginning of falling in love with a man. when my daughter was born i was dumbstruck with love and she was my second also :) she is a dream, a Fable.

Kristin | 6:33 PM

Oh my, I thought she was sitting on your lap and that was your knees until I saw your most recent post. OOPS!

montreal florist | 10:24 AM

Really Really cute, the baby. Sleeping is like a piece of world. Wow!!