Tell the Story Fable Until it Comes True

I knew I recognized Fable from somewhere, that we'd "met" before ... I just realized where that place was:

And so overwhelmed was I by the coincidence, I burst into tears because honestly? There is nothing more profoundly beautiful to me than art imitating life imitating art.

He was in the book. She was on the cover.

Perhaps she has been with me all along.



Jenn | 12:10 AM

She's seriously gorgeous. I can't get over those lips. Hi, I'm not new here but I'm really lazy and never comment. :) Congrats on the new one!

Penurie | 12:23 AM

That is truly bizarre, and also awesome!

mrs.notouching | 12:34 AM

I'm amazed and speechless.

Laura | 3:42 AM

WOW - it is all can say. Just WOW!

Anonymous | 3:51 AM

That is absolutely amazing.

Anonymous | 5:14 AM

Wow, that is insane. She is the most gorgeous baby - Angelina Jolie lips, practically. I love, love, love her name, too - at first I was like "woah, Fable? that's.... unusual" and then I started thinking about it every time I read a new post about her, and now it just strikes me as perfect. Congratulations again, Rebecca. Your family is just beautiful.

Erin | 5:22 AM

I can not wait to read your book! your family is beautiful!
Nice to meet you : )

Anonymous | 5:41 AM

So who is on the cover, anyway? I always figured it was Archer since he looks a lot like that anyway....

divrchk | 5:49 AM

Wow. That is very bizarre. She is beautiful!

EG | 5:54 AM

I love it!

Anonymous | 6:11 AM

oh my god!

that is so a really cool way. wow!

clueless but hopeful mama | 6:29 AM

You are going to have a string of "OMG WOW" comments because OMG WOW!

And here I am adding to it!

Anonymous | 6:41 AM

Wow, that's amazing. Now we all have pictures of Fable on our bookshelves!

Anonymous | 6:45 AM

Wow, that's incredible. She's beautiful. I just love that familiarity you get when you look at your own children - but this is something!

Angella | 6:47 AM

That is beyond awesome. She is beyond gorgeous.

Binky | 8:04 AM

Holy shit.

Anonymous | 8:11 AM

What fabulous pics - you really have a photographic eye. She's adorable.

Lift Up Your Hearts | 8:23 AM

Is the baby on the cover Archer?

Anonymous | 8:27 AM

That is both eerie and poetic! I love it.

Anonymous | 8:35 AM

*gasp!* *tear* *sigh* Aw.
How incredibly awesome.

Nicole | 9:02 AM

What kind of camera do you use? Your photos are beautiful!


Nope, the babe on the cover isn't Archer. The cover of my book was a stock photo purchased by my publisher for the cover. No relation to me or to Arch.

I have a little Canon powershot SD600-- nothing fancy at all. I just tweak in iphoto. Thank you!

Rhea | 9:26 AM

What's too wild to be a coincidence! Fable is truly beautiful. You're making me want a pink one. No, bad uterus, we're not going there...

Anonymous | 9:39 AM

creepy creeperson.
but these things happen for a reason.
art imitates life imitates art, indeed.
but beautiful things happen to beautiful people, beauty.

(my heart is still racing from archer's getaway)

Elissa L. | 10:03 AM

truly amazing! Just for that I am going to read the book again.

Bringing Up Ben | 10:42 AM

to quote Keanu.... "whoa". | 11:51 AM

Not ARCHER?!? Wild....

She's absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous | 12:06 PM

*twitch* It bothers me when people ask a photographer what camera they use! It's like saying to a chef "Your food is delicious! What oven do you use?"

You should hunt down the stock photo baby and let them know you live with his/her twin. ;)

Anonymous | 12:30 PM

i just got goosebumps!

Stacy | 1:03 PM


That's eerily fabulous. Awesome.

Mirinda | 2:01 PM

That is bizarre and really cool.

Anonymous | 3:46 PM

What a neat coincidence!

Anonymous | 3:56 PM

that's insane!!!!!!

Suzanne | 4:42 PM

Uncanny!!!!!! If I had hair on my arms, it would be standing up right now.

Chicky Chicky Baby | 4:51 PM

I've obviously been walking around w/ my head up my arse (otherwise known as Being a Mama to a 4 month old and preschooler) because I missed congratulating you on the birth of your beautiful girl.

Fable. Gorgeous girl. Lovely.

And the coincidence - mind blowing.

Congratulations to you and your family.

Unknown | 6:12 PM

as a proud owner of your book i have to say i adored the cover art baby as soon as the book arrive earlier this year. that fable should look like that is amazingly awesome. WOW!

Fairly Odd Mother | 7:21 PM

That is truly amazing. I keep looking at the comparison and it is uncanny. She's gorgeous.

April | 7:42 PM

well, whatdya know? isn't life funny...

Anonymous | 6:19 AM

Like the others, I thought that the baby on the book was Archer, so when I saw the first pictures of Fable, I thought she looked just like him (from the book).

This makes me wonder if I'm gonna have the exact baby that I presently have pinned to my Vision Board. So exciting! Thanks for posting this!

PS - is that your arm on the book??

Keri | 6:59 AM

Aww! Fable *does* resemble the baby on the book cover! Her lips are much fuller though. I can't get over how beautiful Fable is! I'm dead serious, I've never seen such a gorgeous newborn especially with such lips! I can't wait to meet my own newborn! =D | 10:02 AM


The universe is a novel, complete with foreshadowing.

She's a beautiful child.

Maria Melee | 12:52 PM

Wow that's eerie.

And oh my god, the Archer-escape story was terrifying. I can completely see my two-and-a-half-year-old doing that.

Anonymous | 4:14 PM

Wow, I always thought it was lil Archer! I tell ya, that is a precious chain of events.

Anonymous | 4:24 PM

That is seriously crazy. The resemblance is uncanny. And god, she's beautiful.

S.A. | 12:23 AM

The resemblance is remarkable.
To remarkable to be coincidence. She is so lovely.

Unknown | 8:16 AM

Whoa, how crazy is that? Love the lips, you must give me the name of her doctor . . . wink wink. xo

angie | 9:54 AM


carrie | 2:53 PM

Perhaps she has, you just never know.

A belated congratulations on bringing that beautiful girl into this world! :)

kittenpie | 6:34 PM

That is really striking!

AND! More importantly right now! I am so angry at my bloglines because it just today loaded up your last ELEVEN posts and I missed EVERYTHING! So if you wondered why I have not added my congratulations to the chorus, and in fact stupidly emailed to find out what was up... Gah.

Congratulations with all my heart, Bec. She's beautiful and perfect and I'm thrilled for you that her birthing went well adn that she is latching (mine too, I was so amazed!), and that everything is going well except for the runaway escapade, that is. And yeah. That daughter thing you speak of? You are going to love it and be blown away. You will so rock as the mom of a girl, just like you do for your boy. A million hugs and kisses for the lot of you, and sorry to be so late with them! (grr. so pissed about that.)

caramama | 6:46 PM

The resemblance is uncanny! That is pretty amazing.

And she is absolutely beautiful. A cover girl at birth!

Run ANC | 7:58 PM

That's kinda freaky, huh? It must be fate.

Anonymous | 9:16 PM

Bec, that's just wild! What a resemblance.

I can't get over how absolutely beautiful she is.

Anonymous | 6:25 AM

That? Is chill inducing. How awesome!

Liz | 6:31 AM

Oh my she is gorgeous!


Anonymous | 8:22 AM

I didn't think the baby on the book was Archer until I saw the Fable photos and assumed it must have been him. WOW.

And before I saw the complete post, I assumed you were referring to her name and its meaning, and the familiarity was because of your tattoo and the post you wrote about it. I'm sure you're aware (you wrote it after all), and I remembered the post because Anais is my favorite and I loved how you phrased your own inspiration:

"I don't believe in destiny but I believe in fables. The Anais Nin quote around my waist was taken from one of my favorite books, House of Incest, which says:

'What is allotted me to say? Only the truth disguised in a fairytale...'"

Shivers. I think she has been with you all along.

ZDub | 3:36 PM

That's freaky-crazy!

She is a GORGEOUS baby!

Anonymous | 1:48 PM

Becca! Congratulations, she is flipping totally beautiful. the universe is most certainly your playground. You manifest.


BOSSY | 4:35 PM

The sound you hear is Bossy Ohhhhh Myyyyyy Gahhhh-ing.

BOSSY | 4:36 PM

"That's really freaky," says Bossy's daughter.

(And there was also a "How is that possible?")

Anonymous | 7:24 PM

Long time reader going back the the beginning of Fable. I am blown away that she looks that much like the baby on your book. Goose-bumps- rethink-my-lack-of-"belief" sort of blown away.