...more birth story to come, and a post about my life as an "insider", here. Also a HUGE congrats to Erica and Christopher for kicking ass and taking names. I so-so-so wish I could have been there to see your first fashion show, watch you both shine.



Jillian | 9:43 AM

That was adorable!

Mary | 10:41 AM

That was the cutest thing I've EVER seen!

Anonymous | 11:42 AM

cute! can i get a translation?

Anonymous | 11:50 AM

My second was born the same day as Fable, and my 2.5 year old is always singing to her too though her songs of choice are 'ABCD' and 'Itsy Bitsy Spider'. I love Archer's version of 'Daisy Daisy' though! I'm finding the love I'm feeling these past 10 days almost too much to handle - how about you?


He's singing "Daisy Bell"...


Oh and Shelley? Same. I'm sick with love.

Anonymous | 2:24 PM

That was so precious! You really must be sick with love... how could you not be??

Maggie May | 3:50 PM

i love both of your children's names. i have an obsession with naming! Archer is a cutie patootie, and i've never heard that song before and i was a preschool teacher!

Anonymous | 5:09 PM

i recognized the song right away!! "a stywish wawig" be still my beating heart!

Anonymous | 5:18 PM

oh and just watched "archer and the dog party" and wow he is like five hundred years old now!!!! he has grown so much. wow wow wow. and i love your couch and ottoman. | 7:01 PM

Awwwww.... When he sang the Daisy song with Fable's name!! Too sweet.

Hope your days are peaceful and filled with love. Congratulations on such a gorgeous little girl!

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 7:24 PM

If my ovaries weren't busy right now, THIS would make them hurt ...

April | 8:15 PM

super cute, love the kiss at the end :-)

Anonymous | 9:25 PM

This is my sister's "go-to" Karaoke song. Yup, "Bicycle Built For Two." And btw, Archer is wayyy more talented than her -- he even knows to hold the notes!

Anonymous | 6:29 AM

Oh, Rebecca! She's so incredibly beautiful, and Archer, that handsome little devil, what a sweet big brother he is! You must be over the moon with happiness :)

Mom101 | 7:36 AM

These are the moments that you think aha, so this is why I had another one. Seeing them together...magic.

Lindsay | 8:19 AM

I really like your friends clothing line!
Where can you buy it?
Not that you have time to answer that ;)

Issa | 2:10 PM

Archer singing...oh how sweet he sounds. That's an amazing boy you've got there. Sweet girl too. But Archer is going to be an amazing brother.

Clicked over to see what you said over there...and oy the pictures. Love that little dress.

Ps. I know exactly what you mean, since all I still do is eat my sons tiny toes and play with his long fingers and kiss his head. In fact, it's what I'm doing right now. It's like baby love, extreme.

Rhea | 12:04 PM

I love that song. I love that he's singing for his little sister. Adorable!!

Anonymous | 8:00 AM

"Um haff cwazy ober du rikes shoe."
Ha ha! That's hysterically funny. Reminds me of Abba and other phonetic singers who don't quite grasp the English lyrics.

Unknown | 8:55 AM

You have brought smiles into my morning....loved it.