(a GGC original poem, reposted from last year.)

Archer jumps hay at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch, West Hollywood

Twas the Night Before Halloween

Twas the night before Halloween and all through the house

Not a person wasn't helping me throw last-minute costumes together, not even my spouse.
Fabrics were pressed with iron-on-letters with care.
In hopes they would look good and no one would stare (in a bad way)

My child was screaming from the bars of his bed
Wanting to hang out with his parents instead
Although mama was flattered, "Archer, don't get me wrong...
"...But this costume is going to take me all the night long!"
When out the front door, there arose such a flutter.
A teenager in a mask! (I internally muttered)
Away from the peephole I arose with a knife!
(I was cutting a jack-o-lantern with my Dad and his wife*. )

The full moon that I saw through the peephole was scary!
"Smell my feet," said the teen and "my ass is real hairy!"
Then what to my wandering eyes should appear?
But a dozen more teens with trick-or-treat gear!
And all of them clad head to toe, all in black
Carrying with them, stained pillow case sacks!
"It's too early I said! You must come back tomorrow"
But the teens, they all frowned, their brows furrowed in sorrow...
So I opened the door. With my pumpkin carving knife.
With my half-awake toddler, my dad and his wife
And we looked at each other and we had to agree
It isn't a sin to want some candy!
"Just one!" I demanded, shaking my head.
"And if you smash all our pumpkins you're totally dead...
...I'll kill you, myself!" I seriously said.

The kids all said thank you, adjusting their masks.
And as the door closed, my father's wife asked:
"Why did you give them our candy, anyway?
They're too old and it's not even Halloween day!"
I thought for a moment and then looked at my son.
And then back at the costume I had just now begun.
And I opened my eyes and stretched my hands to the sky
And I said something, shocking, even to I...
"One day my son will be older and change
And it will be a little bit hard and a little bit strange...



....And costumes will become what little kids wear
And it will be suddenly cool to flash strangers ass-hair.
And being too old for candy and costumes and fright
And unable to participate on Halloween night.
Is a terrible feeling. A feeling not right....
And I remember the feeling," I continued to say.
"For there is nothing quite like a dark Milky Way.
And the sound that it makes when it falls in the sack.
I would do anything to get those glory days back..."

As I muttered the words, a thought came to me
My son just turned two and was going on three four
An age that was expected to ring doorbells and run!
It was almost as if a new childhood had come!


A wink of my eye and a twist of my head
And it was time to get Archer back into his bed
Then finish cutting jack-o-lantern's triangle eyes
And the iron-on letters for tomorrow's disguise.
And I heard my son babble as he passed out in his seat.
"I can't wait for tomorrow... my first trick-or-treat."
(And I nodded and said, "yes, me, too, little sweet.")


Sadly for me, this year Archer picked out his own costume, which means for the first time in three years, he won't be wearing an original concoction. Fable on the other hand? Let's just say I'm most definitely taking advantage of the fact that I CAN DRESS HER UP IN WHATEVER I LIKE! Wuah ha ha ha haaaaa!!!

Uh, oh. I'm screwed.

What are you dressing your kids up as? Please post links of your photos. I'm totally and completely obsessed with Halloween. Obsessed.

Happy Haunting!



Anonymous | 7:38 PM

The pictures are awesome. I am fairly new to your blog and really enjoy it!
What will the little one be dressed as?
Too cute (both of them)

Anonymous | 7:57 PM


GeekBaby won our apartment costume contest with this. I still feel bad that he doesn't have weaponry, but he just can't hang onto it, so it seemed pointless.

Anonymous | 8:03 PM

my girls will be princess lea and a huge pink bunny. Just bec they are twins, doesnt mean they should dress alike! Will have pics up tomorrow!

Melissa | 8:18 PM

My wee one is going as a unicorn. She's 29 months and I think I've just provided her with a decade of toy/constume/imagination fodder. She's austounded by the concept of a unicorn. As am I, now that I think about again. :)


Rhea | 8:19 PM

I can't get over how adorable she is.

I'm going to be the soo original jail bird.

My older son is a giant whoopee cushion, I kid you not.

The younger one is a star wars storm trooper with actual sound effects blaster gun. That's been fun listening to ALL WEEK LONG.

Anonymous | 8:42 PM


Link to blog with pics and even side by side comparisons with their counterparts. My eldest has been a princess since she was two and could voice her opinion. The younger was my pick, but such an obvious one. And no, I didn't make them, I'm not that great of a seamstress. But I love them, they are my favorite costumes ever. So far!

Mary | 8:47 PM

Go see what my girl is going as...www.justanothermommymonday.blogspot.com
love your site..am a regular reader, and have you linked on my site.

Brooke | 9:54 PM

Nothing super original, but my daughter is going as a cute little rooster, which many have already mistaken as a turkey!


Anonymous | 10:04 PM

My kids are going as garden gnomes...Thank god they still aren't old enough to pick their own. We had to come to a compromise and lose the beards though.....

Anonymous | 12:18 AM

My kids costumes? Not homemade, not creative, straight from the Disney Store, but realllly cute.

Anonymous | 5:26 AM

My kids are grown, but the turtle costume-wearer is my only grandchild (view the short film)

Anonymous | 5:44 AM

My 2 year-old is going as a bat. Unoriginal, but I found it on sale at Old Navy for $5, so I can't complain. And she's obsessed. She brings it to me 1407 times a day and says "pwwweeeess wear it?"!

Here's the bat, I don't have pics of her in it yet:

April | 6:59 AM

loved the rhyme, SUPER loved the pictures!!! i had a little premature e-hallow-ation last night and made the kids dress up for me... here's the pics (skunk & dragon)


Anonymous | 8:49 AM

Alas, I definitely lack the creative costume making ability! My 6 year old daughter suprised me this year though and picked out a pirate costume instead of the usual frill and wings (it does have plenty of pink on it though!) And dear son chose the usual, Spiderman, his current and long standing obsession.

pamela | 9:51 AM

OH! I'm at work right now and don't have any pictures yet! I'm dressing her up as a chicken and we are going to be farmers... pictures to follow. I L-O-V-E Halloween too!

Anonymous | 10:31 AM

I love someone who says ass-hair.

Tashi's going to be a ballerina. I'm Pinkalicious. But the best costume is Victoria, 28 weeks pregs. She's going as a Jew for Mary. She has a yamulke and a big fat Jewish star necklace and a temporary tattoo of Mary she's putting on her exposed belly.

Have fun tonight!


Anonymous | 12:32 PM

Youngest is an elephant, oldest is a dinosaur. RAWWWRRRR says he, trying to scare me this morning....
Pictures are from our trip to the bronx Zoo last weekend - where they had "Boo at the Zoo".

Buby + Bleu | 1:38 PM

Adorable! I love Archer's costume from last year.

My 3 year old boy wanted to be Lumpy this year.. the imaginary elephant from Pooh's Heffalump Halloween. So a friend made his costume... we just bought the materials. He also dictated that his baby sister be Roo, so I didn't really have a shot with her. The preschooler decides all, ya know. Here's the link to his first fitting, posted on my blog earlier this week. Have a great night!!


Mirinda | 1:47 PM

I just cracked up over your last year costumes...too funny and so original!

My 3 are going as Alvin & the Chipmunks...only my daughter(Simon) has pneumonia so it will end up being Alvin and another Chipmunk. Ha.

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 2:15 PM

Jonah. Because she's still inside me, and I feel like a whale ...

mrs_gilomen | 8:01 PM


my little one is just 10 months old so he can't tell me "no" yet, so say hello to my little friend

A | 9:40 PM

Daddy really wanted our 8 month old (baby girl) to be a dragon...I couldn't NOT put a bow on it (so that everyone would make sure she was a girl, of course....;)) So this is what we came up with.


We also added a tutu at the last moment tonight...courtesy of my mom who is in town. It was all-together ridiculously cute.

Issa | 10:23 PM

Can not wait to see what Archer and little Fable were tonight. Loved last years. :)

Mine are here: http://issascrazyworld.blogspot.com/2008/10/trick-or-treat-you-decide.html

Erin | 9:48 AM

My son was a devil! I still have total control over picking what he wears, and I'm enjoying it while I can.

As always, both of yours are ridiculously cute!

CaraBee | 10:08 AM

Love the poem!

Anonymous | 8:06 PM

The poem is way cute.

Here's my little one! Halloween at 2 months old.


Jennifer | 8:57 PM

GREAT poem--it made me a little teary...

Here is my Halloween recap: