Two Weeks Later...

Miss Fable: two weeks old

So DUH! I keep forgetting to post the contest winner for the baby poll! 

Congratulations to Bakers Bakery for guessing: 

Oct 2nd, 6am (2 1/2 hours off)
7lbs 5 oz (1 ounce off)
20 inches (it turns out, Fable was measured wrong when she was born and was a whopping 20 1/2 inches at her one week doctor's appointment. Pediatrician estimates she was closer to 20 inches at birth which is annoying that the hospital peeps measured her improperly but whatevs.) 

Anyway! Congrats again to, Bakersbakery and thank you all for participating in le poll!


And in other news, Archer decided to run away. Yup. Not kidding. Archer LITERALLY ran away which was not awesome. Terrible more like. 

Read about it, here



Anonymous | 11:21 AM

aww poor poor little boy - he is just acting out but I am glad he said his sorries..

Your baby is just so SO cute.. I love her latest pose.

Can you tell me where you got that sling?


Anonymous | 11:29 AM

Oh, Archer... maybe this was just a one time thing? He and Fable are the cutest things ever!!

So, for those of us who did not win the baby poll... What was on your push mix?

Anonymous | 11:31 AM

how does she sleep like that! its so cute but looks so uncomfortable!

she's such a pretty girl.

Anonymous | 11:32 AM

Yaaaaaay! I'm super duper excited to have won! :-)

Sorry Archer ran off like that!

Rhea | 11:42 AM

a little baby pie! How adorable she is all crunched up like that. LOVE her.

Off to read about Archer now. Oh, goodness.

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 11:55 AM

Whoa, Archer, dude--that's (literally) a no-go! Plus, I can't believe that he locked you out at the end of all of this. You must have been at the end of your wits, poor thing!

Fable is ueber-precious--what kind of sling is that (yes, I'm taking notes, ma'am!)?

Issa | 12:01 PM

Oh my gosh, that must have been too freaking scary. These kids man, this is where grey hairs come from.

That picture up there, girl, you could take Anne Geddes down. Serious.

Our kids are almost exactly a week apart. Somehow I didn't get that at first. Baby brain, you know. But it's kinda cool.

Amelia Sprout | 12:16 PM

Ok, scary.

They measured M wrong at birth, or she grew like three inches in four days. I think the nurse was afraid to stretch her out or something.

April | 12:18 PM

wow, can't believe it's already been two weeks. she's still freaking gorgeous. off to read about archer's misadventure.

Anonymous | 12:24 PM

Wow, so incredibly adorable. Congrats to Bakersbakery!

Anonymous | 12:41 PM

That is the cutest baby pic I've seen in a long time! Smoooosh! :)

Anonymous | 1:44 PM

Archer! I hope he doesn't do that again!

Fable is still just about the prettiest little thing. She's so cute!

Anonymous | 5:32 PM

GDFHOIFGHSJKSBNKJAG JGSLJFGLSDJ gsjljfgljsgio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i am very serious about that.

auntie bmc

OMG, bec.

(i wanted to kick his ass as i was reading it. my heart was beating out of my chest.)

Anonymous | 6:58 PM

Um. That photos seriously makes me want to smooooooosh her and eat her whole. She looks like she's forgotten she's not inside you anymore. Adorable.

A belated congratulations to you all. I wish you happy days and sleep-filled nights.

(Oh, and the whole big brother nightmares will get better. Ugly to see, but they have a hard time sharing their mommies. This too shall pass.)

Anonymous | 7:56 PM

Looka that little frog-baby! Too too much to handle!

Poor Archer, he flexed his big boy muscle and broke some hearts. He's going to be a great big brother, such a kind little soul, despite his hissy-fit today.

Congratulations to your family again, I can't wait until my little nugget is here.

Anonymous | 11:03 AM

It's apparently very common for babies to be measured wrong at birth because of the cone-head situation that most babies experience. Ours was measured at 21 inches at birth and then at 20 inches a week later. Go figure.

Sarahviz | 11:32 AM

Her toes! I soooo want to squeeze them!