Go ahead, card me! (sponsored + giveaway!)

The following post is sponsored by Shutterfly. (Thanks, Shutterfly) Send holiday joy with a custom card from Shutterfly! Hooray!
I feel like every year I write a post about family portraits and how excited I am to FINALLY take and send one out a la holiday card. And then I forget or get distracted by something shiny and fail to send so much as an email. Maybe because it's nearly impossible to capture a great shot of the family. True story: our last "family" portrait was taken last Christmas and we all look like we're trying to poop in unison.
In fact, the only photo where our eyes are open and we don't look bathroom-bound is this one and Hal isn't even looking at the camera. My dad took approximateley 78789231 photos to score this winner:

But whatever. Even if Hal WAS looking at the camera instead of being distracted by my VERY SERIOUS -I'M-NOT-EVEN-JOKING-WANNABE-MODEL pose, the above image would still be moot c/o our family recently exploding with new members. So? Here are some options we're currently considering.

1. The kids: this is the most obvious choice. One of the arguments for having kids in the first place is being able to send out a holiday card where you're not expected to be in the picture. In fact, nobody really cares what you look like once you spawn, too distracted are they by the cherubic faces of your littles.
Hi. I have four children. HOW IN THE WHAT!?

Every year we talk about having "glamour shots" taken and every year we get all excited to coordinate our boas with our blush and then, what do you know, it's suddenly January and we're like, DAMN! We missed it. "Next year!" we said last year. And "next year," I will likely say again, although this time I have a really good excuse.

family portrait
This is as close to a family portrait as we have right now. Would it be weird to send a photograph of a picture that Archer psychically drew last summer? Or will our friends all think we're hippies?

4. Halloween Style:
The only time I ever went out of my way to blow up a "family portrait" was the year Hal and I went as each other. (See above.) From first glance one would say that I was NOT actually in the photo but because Hal was dressed up as "me" I felt included. (Our friend's daughter is also in the photograph but, hey, the more the merrier, right?) Unfortunately, this Halloween we were unable to get a full-on family photo to use for our holiday card. We were however able to capture four of our six and five of Fable's baby dolls but I don't know if that counts...
Halloween with the Jolie-Pitts
... SO, I decided to work some of my photoshop magic. Unfortunately I do not have (nor do I know how to use) photoshop so I had to settle for Comic Life instead:
Wall-E & Olivia 2.0
I think this might just be the one, you guys. I think THIS might JUST be the one.


Shutterfly wants to know how you select a holiday photo and are offering a super fancy giveaway to those of you willing to participate! Yes, that's right! Up for giveaway grabs is a Canon S100 camera ($430 value) AND a Shutterfly prize pack that includes 50 cards, (1) 12x12 photo book, (1) 8x8 photo book, a mug, (3) calendars, a reusable shopping tote, AND an ornament. ($298.42 value) which = total prize value of $728!. Not too shabby, eh? To win? Just go to Shutterfly, select your favorite photo card template and list it in the comments below! Contest will run until Tuesday, December 6th. (For sweepstakes rules and regulations, go here.) One lucky winner will be chosen via random.org and posted here on Wednesday, December 7th. (My favorite template is the "What fun!" stationary card because I love... fun.) Good luck and Happy Holiday card-ing!



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myrlyo | 11:43 AM

I like the Merry and Bright Christmas card :)

Michelle | 11:43 AM

This is an wonderful prize!!! I was just looking at shutterfly this morning. I Like the Snowflake Ribbon!!

Heather | 11:45 AM

I like the Pictures Everywhere template. It is the perfect solution when you can't find the one "perfect" shot.

Tracy | 11:46 AM

Mine is "Missing Cookie" - with 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats, I would love to do it up with the photo being a "police lineup" of the 6 of them :)

Liz | 11:48 AM

Awesome! I like "String of Snowflakes".

Krystan | 11:48 AM

I'd totally rock the Oh So Holly. That's some classy shiz right there.

Cat@ Breakfast to Bed | 11:49 AM

I like the vintage merry wishes. A lot. like, a lot a lot.

Joelene | 11:51 AM

'What Fun' would be my choice! Love it! Now I just need an amazing photo like the one on the shutterfly site!

Tricia | 11:53 AM

I like the "Classic Plaid Wishes" in green plaid!

Unknown | 11:53 AM

The Bright Bold Trees are really cute! Although I never want to use a black and white photo, for some reason. I love Shutterfly for Christmas cards, so easy and quick!

Angel | 11:54 AM

I love the merry montage

... | 11:57 AM

Ohhhhh I liked the "Oh Holy Night" template. Sooooo pretty and what a wonderful give away!

Unknown | 11:58 AM

I really like the "Color Pop Letters" card.

Rhonda | 11:59 AM

I love your pooping pic...hehe..too funny!

My favorite template is "With Love"

Would love to get your Christmas Card in the mail :)

Ali | 12:00 PM

I like so many! But I think the "Holiday Love Sketch" is my favorite.

GreerAnn | 12:04 PM

I have used Shutterfly every year for cards and always have SUCH a hard time picking a picture and a template. I'm drawn to Merry Bright this year, but I also love the collage ones...

JediEasterbunni | 12:04 PM

I love the Tree of Memories template

Amanda S. | 12:06 PM

I love the Words Of Wonder template. Lovely giveaway!

thisismomma at gmail dot com

Tami in NY | 12:06 PM

Great Giveaway!! I use Shutterfly A LOT! I like the O Holy Night card template.

Veronica | 12:06 PM

You picked a great one - I also like the Merry Bright card.

Mutt | 12:07 PM

Traditional Damask, though I could probably like every one of them. Sometimes it depends on the colors in the picture for me to pick the card. I have great intentions of a family picture, but usually settle for something adorable of my two boys. People know what we look like, it's the boys that change.

Cissyrene | 12:09 PM

I think Toile Of Branches is pretty awesome.

Shannon Locker | 12:11 PM

I am a sucker for What Fun and Modern Squares. Every year we do a calendar (from Shutterfly!) choosing photos of the kids from each month for that month. That way, when family uses the calendar they get a visual on things the year prior. Being ours are the only grandkids the family loves it! The Shutterfly calendars are beautiful and the right price. We have exactly zero family portraits!

Amber S | 12:11 PM

Peace 2011 is my favorite...I have so many friends and family that celebrate different holidays, so keeping it more about a feeling than a specific holiday is best for me.

The FragJohnsons | 12:12 PM

I like Twinkling Snowflakes. And I love the picture of the four kids with Archer and Fable looking at each other. So adorable!

awordartisan | 12:12 PM

I prefer simple or vintage-y stuff, so I'd go with "Such Good Tidings" first and "Retro Stripe Frame" second. Happy Holiday Carding!

lauren | 12:13 PM

shutterfly is fab! my favorite template is the 'modern pinecone'. i hope to get a photo holiday card out this year, but we'll see!! ;) *

The Tice Family | 12:15 PM

"blessed family" never forget how blessed you are!

Kelly | 12:16 PM

My favorite is the Merry Bright card - so cute!

Amanda | 12:17 PM

I love the "Bold Bright Joy" design! I love shutterfly!

Nicole | 12:18 PM

My favorite is the “What Fun Christmas Card.” It’s nice and simple, is darling with a black and white photo, and really looks like fun!

Shelley | 12:18 PM

Simply Modern Wishes is the one I like today, but it changes every time I look!

Heather P | 12:20 PM

I'm loving the "Holiday Love Sketch" and this giveaway!!

I think you should use Archer's drawing because... wow!!

and in the un-likely event I win!!


alanna_migliacci | 12:21 PM

I'm terrible at decisions, but probably Very Merry Stripes.

You know, I was a photo major in school and it's been at least six years since I've even owned a camera...

I'd use archer's drawing...definitely.

Mary | 12:23 PM

While I am finding it nearly impossible to choose just one, I really love the We Believe stationery card. It reminds me of the innocence and magic of the holiday season.

Chandra Lane | 12:23 PM

I gotta agree with "What Fun". It's a great tagline for a blissed out, magical family photo. (Which we also don't have yet, but hope to take soon!)

muffy | 12:23 PM

I like the "HO HO". and I laughed out loud several times while reading and looking
at your family photos.

Kristen | 12:23 PM

So hard to choose, but I really like the Deck Your Walls Christmas Card

Kelly Vroman | 12:24 PM

Well I would like to say "Ho Ho" because I am that mature and think it is funny. But sending that card with pictures of those whom embrace the essence probably would not end up being a family Christmas Card.

So I am going to say either Vintage Oval Frame or Retro Merry Wishes but that could change once I choose my Christmas Card photo.

A few years ago I dressed my husband as the Grinch and my daughter as Cindy Lou Who and my new baby at the time as Max. Regardless of the Holiday theme-every holiday is just a different version of Halloween to me!

KatDinsmore | 12:26 PM

I love the Mod Merry Ornaments, there are so many awesome choices though! I'd probably change my mind 7,875 times before picking :)

Olive | 12:27 PM

I like Under the Mistletoe!

Jess and Eric | 12:28 PM

stitched in joy! fun giveaway!

Stew | 12:29 PM

Hmm hard to choose, but I think my favorite is the "on our tree" Christmas card

Anonymous | 12:29 PM

I like the Happy Joy and The Merry Filmstrips. What a great giveaway!!


Jennifer Lynn | 12:30 PM

I like the Handwritten Wishes... It's simple and covers all the celebrations (so as not to offend). :)

Maggie | 12:30 PM

I love cards that have a few pictures so we're not forced to choose "THE ONE". That's why I really like the "Count our Blessings" and "Pictures Everywhere" templates.

Aimee | 12:32 PM

I love so many, but i'd gp with Starlight Snowflake.

Katie Lewis | 12:34 PM

Three Charming Wreaths! And what a great giveaway!

Anonymous | 12:38 PM

MOD LOVE is definitely my favorite.


JC | 12:40 PM

Ooh, Joy Love Family is my fave!

Anonymous | 12:41 PM

I love the We Believe card.

Justine B | 12:42 PM

I'm loving "Little Holiday Bird" right now!

Margaux | 12:42 PM

I love the Merry Bright Zigzag template. Thanks!

Kristen | 12:43 PM

I like the Colored Ribbons card. I am terrible at the a christmas Card thing, swear very year to be less terrible, then fail miserably. Last year I sent n email to about 30 close friends and found out a month later that the photo didn't even attach! ha!

DuMei | 12:43 PM

I like the Big Cheers Christmas template

Angela | 12:46 PM

The Hip Hip Holiday Christmas card totally kills me.

Rebe S. | 12:47 PM

I like Gifted Tag!

Betsey M | 12:47 PM

What a fabulous giveaway! I love the free hand feel of Glad Tidings.

Betsey M | 12:48 PM

What a fabulous giveaway! I love the free hand style of Glad Tidings.

bek77 | 12:50 PM

My fave is Bright Holly Jolly!!

Heather | 12:50 PM

I like the peppermint joy wreath. I'm with you on just sending out a picture of the adorable kid! No more need to send out horrible pictures of myself!

De | 12:51 PM

I like the "Berry Merry Frame" card.

Jewels121 | 12:52 PM
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Jewels121 | 12:53 PM

I like the Tree of Memories.

JLF | 12:54 PM

The Blossoming Joy Christmas is my fave!

Amy | 12:54 PM

I love the Merry Bright Zigzag! Colors and design are awesome on this card!

Bree | 12:55 PM

I love the Merry Montage because you can find separate, yet equally amazing pictures of each member of the family!

Erica | 12:55 PM

I like hearts and home Christmas card.

Amelia | 12:55 PM

I love the Missing Cookie card!

Unknown | 1:00 PM

My favorite is 'Joyful Joyful', and I chose it as our card this year. It turned out beautifully and I can ALWAYS count on Shutterfly to have the best selection and designs for card options.

Allen | 1:00 PM

Golly Holly Joy...but maybe just cause those kids are pretty effing adorable!

Tiffany | 1:02 PM

I am SMITTEN with Shades of Peace! Love all the colors and how sophisticated they look tied in together.

mkleblanc | 1:04 PM

The Merry and Bright one, for sure! However, if I had to choose one for realz, I might pick one that features more than one photo. Love Shutterfly!

Anonymous | 1:06 PM

I'm loving the "Sweet Merry Ribbon" photo card template!

Ashley | 1:07 PM

My favorite is "Sweetly Stiched Stockings!"

Anonymous | 1:07 PM

There are so many great ones; I really like "We Believe".
New to GCC and I'm loving it!

Ellen Colberg | 1:09 PM

Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I was looking on Shutterfly yesterday and trying to pick a card, and I think my favorite is Wishing You Merry. Except now I'm waffling and think Fade To You is cute as well. I guess that's why I haven't been able to choose yet...too many great ones. Fade To You it is!

JessicaBates | 1:10 PM

Hahah. I like "Bah Hum Bug" -- I'm a fan of flat note cards. How sweet and sense-of-humory. :)

Danielle | 1:14 PM

i liked woodgrain wishes!!

SewPo! | 1:14 PM

I like the Merry Bright zig zag

sarah | 1:15 PM

Gotta agree with "what fun!" Because we do not do fancy calm moments well. But we laugh a lot!

C | 1:16 PM

I kinda dig the Pictures everywhere one... because there are alot of pictures. And like you said, once you spawn, all people want to see are pictures OF your spawn. So for a person who only sends out one card a year, I have to put a BUNCH of photos of said spawn in it to cover that entire previous year.

Yes, I'm that person that has too many photos of my kids. I'm OK with that.

Adina B | 1:17 PM

OOOh. I love "Bright Joy". Hope I win. :)

Deanna | 1:20 PM

Is it wrong to love the first one that popped up ?!?! I LOVE Berry Merry Frame :)

Expat Mom | 1:20 PM

I am not entering the giveaway, but I think you should use the picture of the whole family reading together on the bed a few posts down. That's the PERFECT holiday card. ;)

laroyal | 1:20 PM

I like oh holy night

Steph | 1:21 PM

I love the simplicity of the Initial Wreath. And we need to take our photos (we just do our girls, this year complete with dog in vest) and to pick - if they all are looking at the camera - that's the one. If they are smiling - BONUS! I'll have my pockets stuffed with bacon this weekend for both the girls and the dog. :)

JennP | 1:22 PM

Love your blog! What a fun giveaway! I love the Snowflake Ribbon template!

t. | 1:25 PM

I love sparkle joy (but not as much as your photoshop job)

Rachel E. | 1:25 PM

Pine Cone Toile!

Meg | 1:26 PM

I really like Holly Joy. Also, kickass family photo. That one should go up on the mantel for sure!

Christina @ busybmommy | 1:28 PM

"Color Me Merry"

Dear camera,

Please be mine.


Keely | 1:29 PM

Snowflakes Ribbon. We always try to get a good one in the woods at my mom's house while Christmas tree hunting over Thanksgiving weekend. But I may have to think up something new this year!

Adrienne | 1:30 PM

Glad Tidings!

Unknown | 1:30 PM

HA HA I was laughing so hard at the pooping photos!! I really like the Retro Merry Wishes Christmas Card. :)

LONI | 1:30 PM

Snow friends!!!

Anonymous | 1:33 PM

Simply Jolly- fun and simple.

This Scientist | 1:42 PM

Whimsical Wishing Tree!

Mailornish | 1:44 PM

I really like the Bright Striped Ornament card! What a fun holiday contest :)

Lindsey | 1:44 PM

Holiday Love Sketch because I'm a sucker for fake hand written font.

SassyCassie | 1:45 PM

We're sending out the Fun Merry Wishes Christmas card!

And I just so happened to take a picture of him in his Christmas shirt from last year (that still fits) for my friend's Etsy shop. So I just used that!

meekasmommy | 1:47 PM

So many to love, but right now I'm digging very merry stripes ;)

Annie | 1:50 PM

I really like the Snowflake Mod! It's so prettty!!

KEK | 1:52 PM

I like the Fuzzy Fresh Snowflakes template. Yay for giveaways!

Aisha | 1:54 PM

I really love the Initial Wreath, because it lets you emphasize the photo you choose.

Naz | 1:55 PM

What a GREAT giveaway! I'm loving the Peppermint Swirl Card :)

rhasner | 1:55 PM

My favorite shutterfly photo card is merry bright zigzag. I love the unique design!

LBC | 1:55 PM

Peppermint Joy Wreath for me.

Mama | 1:59 PM

Family Wall under Holiday cards. I could get two photos of each kid on there and like you said, that's all people care about. lol

grammargeek | 1:59 PM

I liked "Merry Bright" quite a bit--I'm a sucker for fonts like that.

Annie | 2:01 PM

You are hilarious, love it. Also, my favorite is the Bright Merry Cheer card. I hope I win!!!!

Fledgling | 2:02 PM

What an awesome giveaway! I like the Modern Squares Christmas stationary card!

Lacey Jane | 2:07 PM

I think my favorite is the What Fun card tooooo.....That or the extra sweet tidings holiday card, especially since our picture would be my husband and pregnant-me, which is SUPER SWEETTT!

Andrea | 2:10 PM

Mod Circles is my favorite! I've been pretty hit-or-miss with sending cards over the last few years; I really want to get them out this year!

Megan | 2:13 PM

I'm actually considering getting the "Merry and Bright" template for our Christmas card this year. Now we just have to take a decent family photo.

Deb and Mike | 2:14 PM

I love the card, Sending Love Light and Peace for Hanukkah...

Kissy Rouse | 2:17 PM

Tree of Whimsy! Thanks!!

Rowenna | 2:22 PM

I love the Bright Greetings card! This would be so wonderful to win, as I have been putting off making cards AND a photo book recently....

Ashley M | 2:26 PM

I love the Merriest of Seasons card!

Keara | 2:33 PM

I like the Big Cheers Christmas card because it isn't necessarily Christmas related - could go happy holidays with it!

amanda elisabeth | 2:33 PM

What an awesome giveaway! I love the simplicity of the "Happy Frame" template. Maybe if I win this giveaway my mom would actually send out holiday cards this year! :)

ERO | 2:34 PM

"Wonder of Wonders", it's a card & has more than one photo, how do you beat that?

Ali Tong | 2:37 PM

yeah, i want this BAD. Joy Love family is cute!

Anonymous | 2:37 PM

We always use Shutterfly! Love them. That said, we choose our card based on the colors and feel of the photo(s) we are using, so I couldn't really pick one off the board without knowing what feel we are looking for. KWIM? Hope we still qualify!

As for your cards - I love the idea of using Archer's drawing! Maybe you could use it as the larger center photo, and then put smaller close-up photos of each of you askew around the drawing. I think that would be gorgeous - and it would definitely represent your family very well (I am still floored by that drawing)!


Caitlin C | 2:37 PM

My favorite is the Berry Merry Frame
Holiday Card 5x7 Stationery Card

Sarah | 2:40 PM

Tree of Memories is cool-we've had an eventful year and it would be fun to include fav pics from throughout...and of course a baby bump! :)

Kristie | 2:40 PM

I'm thinking 'Keep Believing', though it's a hard choice and I usually change my mind right before I order :-)

Cave Momma | 2:43 PM

I usually choose based on the picture we get. But I love the "Oh, What Fun" card too!

Kelly | 2:47 PM

Peace Cheer all the way!!

Kelly | 2:48 PM
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Jennifer | 2:50 PM

Love the We Believe card. Hopefully a picture will surface of my 4 boys that will support...

Anonymous | 2:50 PM

Snowflake borders. I like your pick also. I always post anonymous because then I don't have to deal with a password (that I am always forgetting). You still get my email though?

Amber P. | 2:51 PM

I think Elegant Script Wishes is my favorite...and probably what I will actually use for our holiday card this year (if I ever get around to taking a family picture of all of us). Would be great to get it free, though (and all the other things too, of course!!)


Bless with a Boy | 2:54 PM
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Annie | 2:57 PM

Wow!!!! I love This Much Merry. Thanks!!!!

Nicole | 2:58 PM

I like the Merry Bright Zigzag, it's bright and fun!

mlcollette | 3:01 PM

i think my absolute fave is HOLIDAY LOVE SKETCH
...but ohmygosh there are so many amazing ones!...

Lindsay C | 3:05 PM

It's all about "Blossoming Joy". Love this post.

Amy P. | 3:21 PM

wow, so many! Our Moments is one of my faves since I like using a lot of pics!

Ashley | 3:24 PM

I like the Berry Merry one, as well as many others!

kelly | 3:27 PM

I really love the "Oh Holy Night" card.

Anonymous | 3:28 PM

I like Bright Mod Tree, but I think I need a third kid to stick in the last square?? this is a kick ass giveaway. amy.putman@gmail.com

catfull | 3:36 PM
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Ari Lindquist | 3:37 PM

The Holly Dotty! I chose a picture of my daughter, Harper, from her 3rd Birthday Party back in September. She has never had a bigger smile than that day!

dawn | 3:38 PM

wow what a hard choice. i love polka dot wishes.

catfull | 3:38 PM

"Holiday Love Sketch" is too cute!

Jackie | 3:41 PM

I love the Stamps of Joy!

Mama | 3:48 PM

Sparkle Joy and Initial Wreath --- LOVE LOVE LOVE SHUTTERFLY!!! I use them all the time and have been making my Christmas cards (and all my cards, birth annoucements, birthday invataions etc.) for years. Have made several photobooks with them also. Can't say enough awesomeness about Shutterfly!!

Mary O | 3:50 PM

I will be using the "Be Merry" template! :)

Lindsey | 3:55 PM

My favorite is Woof Wishes...and they have already been ordered!

Unknown | 3:56 PM

i like "oh so wonderful". awesome!

cora d | 3:57 PM

Awesome! Thank you.

The one I am ordering is Big Cubes Tangerine Baby Announcement. We love the mandarins in my household, so we're going orange!

Megan | 4:00 PM

I like Holiday Love Sketch! So cute!

Kristin | 4:02 PM

I dig the Color Me Merry stationary card. My family is colorful. So then should our Christmas card be.

nicole | 4:07 PM

Mod Christmas Circles is adorable, I'm using this card whether I win or not.

lonek8 | 4:08 PM

this is an amazing giveaway!

I use Shutterfly every year for our holiday cards - this year I'm planning to use the Little Bird card, but it all depends on the final picture. Last year I randomly took one shot of the whole family in our backyard that worked out great, and I'm hoping to organize some kind of "shoot" at the park this weekend. But everyone keeps getting sick, so I may just have to find the best individual shot of each kid and do a collage.

The VanderArks | 4:10 PM

*LOVE* the stripes and the vintage script on the "Retro Stripe Frame Christmas Card"!

Tiffany Acuff | 4:17 PM

I like A Child Is Born :)
Awesome give away! - Tiffany Acuff

leeshka | 4:18 PM

really digging that toille of branches!

Mrs Somebody Else | 4:18 PM

A Child is Born
Awesome giveaway!

Mami Dearest | 4:21 PM

Soooo many cards! I love Retro Wishes, Bright Holly Jolly and Starlight snowflakes.

I'm already a fan of shutterfly. they are awesome!

Basasusa | 4:24 PM

Merry zig zag is my favourite!

dgm | 4:25 PM

Oh, What Fun!

As for your pics, I'm with you on the Jolie-Pitt one, new and improved by Comic Life. I would so use that one. I also like Archer's drawing because one year we used one of my daughter's drawings of our family (she was 6) and it was awesome. We also inserted a real photo of the kids, cuz that's what friends want to see anyway). If you want to be sweet/serious, then the third one of the kids is beautiful.

Little Gray Pixel | 4:29 PM

I love the Modern Seasons Greetings card. And thanks for the giveaway!

wumples | 4:33 PM

I just LOVE "Big Cheers" - it has a great vintage feel to it. Super classy.

Beth | 4:33 PM

I love the Joy Love Story - more pictures the better I think. I can never get just one that I love the most!!

Anonymous | 4:37 PM

I love Three Charming Wreaths. It's adorable and whimsical and I'm a little obsessed with bird graphics right now.

We usually choose a photo where at least one fifth of us has their eyes open. Our bar is set pretty low.

Email: writestv@gmail.com

Aliesha | 4:49 PM

I love so many of them, but I think my current fave is Flurry of Snowflakes.

Amy | 4:50 PM

I love the Toile of Branches template. I may have to send out holiday cards with pictures of my dogs!

jody | 4:53 PM

I like the swirl folded card.

Anonymous | 4:54 PM

I hope this doesn't post twice - I got some weird blogger error when I posted! "Polka Dot Greeting" because I've got a thing for polka dots :)

Karen | 4:55 PM

I like Little Bird!

Anonymous | 4:59 PM

I like the Peppermint Joy Wreath


fabulousmrsg | 5:00 PM

I'm liking the Family Snowfall Holiday Card!

Mama Skates | 5:02 PM

Deck Your Walls

Anonymous | 5:04 PM

I like the "Wishing You" flat stationary card. It's adorable!

Anonymous | 5:05 PM

I love the old fashioned story card...looks like a newspaper headline.

elizabeth | 5:08 PM

love modern pinecone!

elizabeth | 5:08 PM

i like modern pinecone!

Mrs.T | 5:10 PM

Love the pics!

The Believe in Magic card is adorable.

Sweetness in Life | 5:11 PM

I like ALL OF US :) Thanks for this giveaway Shutterfly!! I like this because this is what I'm envisioning for my son and I in the upcoming year!

Linds | 5:19 PM

Naughty or Nice? Love this! And Rebecca I think that the family photo you should choose would be when your hubs went as you, too funny!

Chelsea Perkins | 5:21 PM

It's a tie between the Joy Squiggle and the Much Cheer. I love the colors in the Merry and Bright section!

I choose based on how much fun it looks like we're having. And who am I kidding, whichever one my hair looks best in.

Tara Rhode | 5:25 PM

"Many Memories Tree" ; Also, for what it's worth, i like the picture of everyone reading stories together in bed for a Christmas card :)

guarros | 5:40 PM

I just got sucked down the Shutterfly holiday card vortex. I don't know. I love "What Fun" - but I'm also digging "Oh Dear Me." Seriously though, it was as if I was ordering cards right this very second - the pressure. It's a great giveaway, but 2nd prize if I can suggest should be the answer to this question: WHO are all these people in the cards? Are they real people? Did they get their card for free because they are adorable? Where are they now? Because our pictures NEVER look like that.

I think your final shot is amazing - and should totally be your holiday card. What fun, indeed.

The best card we ever sent is the year my husband & I dressed as the Olsen twins for Halloween and sent a super simple photo card - all it said was "Happy Holidays! Love, The Olsens" and we put NO other identification on there. It was fantastic.

And the award for long winded comment on a giveaway post goes to...

Ashley | 5:40 PM

I'm loving the Cheer and Comfort flat card.

Laura | 5:43 PM

I like the Pine Cone Frame card!

Navigating the Mothership | 5:43 PM

I like Winter Stripes.

Whitney | 5:45 PM

What an amazing giveaway!! I like the classically your.

Kathy Eyre | 5:47 PM

Missing Cookie

Annie | 5:49 PM

Comfort and cheer...

Mama D | 5:56 PM

FWIW, I think the drawing would rock.

I like the Merry Little Jingle template!

Gigi Mac | 5:59 PM

I loved This Much Merry!

elisabeth | 6:00 PM

I like the Pictures Galore card because it kind of lets you tell a story about the past year!

k | 6:04 PM

I like the "Story Bubbles Holiday Card" :)

Meg @sleepynewmommy | 6:05 PM

I just ordered holiday cards from Shutterfly today! I chose the Colorful Greetings Holiday Card. I really, really, really want to be the random number chosen so I can get more great stuff!

Stacy | 6:06 PM

Love Oh Deer Fun! I say use the photoshop card, if they know you they'll surely see the humor!

Anonymous | 6:07 PM

I'm smitten with the Color Me Merry design, but truth be told, the Bah Hum Bug is more my mindset right about now. Hopefully I'll get over it... I still have time! Thanks for the giveaway, GGC. You're all sorts of awesome.

nikkicantwell at gmail dot com

Elizabeth | 6:09 PM

This is a great giveaway! I like the Christmas Mistletoe card.

Emily | 6:13 PM

Your "photoshopped" card cracked me up! I love Shutterfly and always have a hard time choosing which template to use each year. I'm planning to use a photo from our upcoming Jamaica trip (next week ... Woooo!!!) so something like "Peppermint Palms" or "Lovely Dove Wishes" might work this year ...

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