Go ahead, card me! (sponsored + giveaway!)

The following post is sponsored by Shutterfly. (Thanks, Shutterfly) Send holiday joy with a custom card from Shutterfly! Hooray!
I feel like every year I write a post about family portraits and how excited I am to FINALLY take and send one out a la holiday card. And then I forget or get distracted by something shiny and fail to send so much as an email. Maybe because it's nearly impossible to capture a great shot of the family. True story: our last "family" portrait was taken last Christmas and we all look like we're trying to poop in unison.
In fact, the only photo where our eyes are open and we don't look bathroom-bound is this one and Hal isn't even looking at the camera. My dad took approximateley 78789231 photos to score this winner:

But whatever. Even if Hal WAS looking at the camera instead of being distracted by my VERY SERIOUS -I'M-NOT-EVEN-JOKING-WANNABE-MODEL pose, the above image would still be moot c/o our family recently exploding with new members. So? Here are some options we're currently considering.

1. The kids: this is the most obvious choice. One of the arguments for having kids in the first place is being able to send out a holiday card where you're not expected to be in the picture. In fact, nobody really cares what you look like once you spawn, too distracted are they by the cherubic faces of your littles.
Hi. I have four children. HOW IN THE WHAT!?

Every year we talk about having "glamour shots" taken and every year we get all excited to coordinate our boas with our blush and then, what do you know, it's suddenly January and we're like, DAMN! We missed it. "Next year!" we said last year. And "next year," I will likely say again, although this time I have a really good excuse.

family portrait
This is as close to a family portrait as we have right now. Would it be weird to send a photograph of a picture that Archer psychically drew last summer? Or will our friends all think we're hippies?

4. Halloween Style:
The only time I ever went out of my way to blow up a "family portrait" was the year Hal and I went as each other. (See above.) From first glance one would say that I was NOT actually in the photo but because Hal was dressed up as "me" I felt included. (Our friend's daughter is also in the photograph but, hey, the more the merrier, right?) Unfortunately, this Halloween we were unable to get a full-on family photo to use for our holiday card. We were however able to capture four of our six and five of Fable's baby dolls but I don't know if that counts...
Halloween with the Jolie-Pitts
... SO, I decided to work some of my photoshop magic. Unfortunately I do not have (nor do I know how to use) photoshop so I had to settle for Comic Life instead:
Wall-E & Olivia 2.0
I think this might just be the one, you guys. I think THIS might JUST be the one.


Shutterfly wants to know how you select a holiday photo and are offering a super fancy giveaway to those of you willing to participate! Yes, that's right! Up for giveaway grabs is a Canon S100 camera ($430 value) AND a Shutterfly prize pack that includes 50 cards, (1) 12x12 photo book, (1) 8x8 photo book, a mug, (3) calendars, a reusable shopping tote, AND an ornament. ($298.42 value) which = total prize value of $728!. Not too shabby, eh? To win? Just go to Shutterfly, select your favorite photo card template and list it in the comments below! Contest will run until Tuesday, December 6th. (For sweepstakes rules and regulations, go here.) One lucky winner will be chosen via random.org and posted here on Wednesday, December 7th. (My favorite template is the "What fun!" stationary card because I love... fun.) Good luck and Happy Holiday card-ing!



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Vicki May Thorne | 11:49 AM

Oh my dear sweet bippy- so many cute ones!
Personally, I dig "the Polka Dot" X-mass greeting card. Oh and all the rest of Shutterfly too.

Jack's Mama | 12:26 PM

i love the faith hope love card!!

Carra Nicholes | 1:38 PM

I love the Puzzle Pieces

emma | 1:57 PM

I like the Ho Ho and the Simply Modern Wishes. I got married this year so we are trying to figure out which one to use as our first married couple holiday card.

helenlam | 2:19 PM

My favorite is the Dainty Snowflakes!

Sue | 2:20 PM

I like the Peace 2011. I'm a sucker for cards that have multiple pictures!

doahleigh | 2:30 PM

This is so hard! I feel like if I win, I'm locked into this choice right now. So after much toiling, I went with the Joy and Family design. Simple but colorful.

Leslie | 3:57 PM

I am currently really like Holiday Love Sketch: http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/christmas-cards/holiday-love-sketch-christmas-card?productCode=475301&categoryCode=93476&skuCode=882727

But I like most of them. :) Good thing I don't have a pick a Christmas card... :)

jessica | 4:31 PM

coastal wishes. maybe i just want to go to the beach. but i can say that i'm a prek teacher and use shutterfly's share site as a class website. it's perfect because it's password protected and parents can order pictures of their children straight from the site.
wow a new camera would be so great for class photos!! keeping fingers crossed :))

jjzach | 4:41 PM

Peace Cheer. Pick me!

eliza | 5:33 PM

Mod Circles! Love this giveaway!

Tasha Imajin | 5:45 PM

I love the Retro Stripe Frame card! First off, I LOVE orange and I like that this one doesn't look like a traditional Christmas card all green and red.

I've been wanting to do a photo Holiday card for a while now, so thanks for the point in the right direction!

Erika | 5:56 PM

I love the "wishing you merry" design. So cute!

Melanie | 7:21 PM

I love the "colorful joy" template. Black background with bright, bold colors is so fun!

Annie | 10:02 PM

I love Bright Holly Jolly :)

Vanessa | 10:19 PM

I like the Flourishing Noel. Thanks for the great giveaway!

Anonymous | 2:46 AM

Modern Pinecone! ;)

Managed Chaos | 6:11 AM

I like the holiday love sketch card.

chrryblssmgirl | 6:27 AM

"color me merrry" and a winner too, please!

chrryblssmgirl at gmail

onlyconnect@gmail.com | 7:11 AM

I like Well Wishes, and love shutterfly, especially their photo books!

mabcat | 7:14 AM

I love the "Count Your Blessings" card. I don't like math, but I like to count my blessings! Including my 4 month old baby girl!!!!

mabcat | 7:15 AM

I like the "Count Your Blessings" card. I am not very good at math, but I like to count my blessings. Including my 4 month old baby girl!!!!!

Beth | 8:31 AM

Sweet and Scrappy!

keight dukes | 11:56 AM

i like holly jolly and what fun (poseur). i love how they have lots of the not-traditional-xmas colored layouts.

Anonymous | 12:12 PM

I like the Poinsettia Window Christmas card. Simple and beautiful.

ling | 12:57 PM

Simply Love.

The woman behind the desk... | 1:43 PM

I have to go with 98% Naughty... Because I am. :)

trinanrob | 2:34 PM

I LOVE Pretty Pattern. . . so bright, bold, and fun! Awesome prize pack Shutterfly! :)

trinanrob | 2:35 PM

Pretty Pattern. . . so bold, bright, fun and cheery! :)

Starkisha | 11:31 PM

So many to choose from! I think "Sweet Little Lable" is my favorite! Clean, simple and with the focus being on the beautiful family in the photo instead of a bunch of extra bling. Although "Deer Oh Deer" is pretty freaking adorable.

Jen | 4:15 AM

I like the Strictly Ornamental!

Tiffiny Duke | 3:17 PM

I love the Twinkling Snowflakes, so cute!

Wehaf | 3:57 PM

I love the Drawn To Joy Holiday Card.

urchiken at gmail dot com

Stephanie | 5:26 PM

Can't pick a favourite, but I do like Holly Frame! The husband and I haven't gotten our cards done yet.. Must get a move on!

Stephanie | 7:14 PM

Believe in Joy does it for me. Captures the spirit of the season perfectly.

ObservantReader | 10:44 PM

I gotta say Sparkle Joy is my favorite.

Ida Mae | 5:05 AM

so many great ones to choose from!
I like "Dainty Snowflakes" or "Mod Snowflakes"

ida_mai at hotmail dot com

Sascha LaCoss | 1:13 PM

My fav is Tree of Memories - I love the design and the color green and that you get more than one picture!

Laurah | 8:30 PM

So many good ones to choose from! My favorite holiday card is the Modern Pinecone

Kim | 11:30 PM

I like "Happy Everything!" because yeah...the holidays are about happy everything! Something for everyone. :)

Unknown | 7:27 AM

It's so hard to pick just one favourite! I'm going with either "Making the Holly Jolly" or "Vintage Snapshots" ...they're both really cute.

No Mommy Brain | 7:35 AM

I like "joy & family". what else is there? : )

Christy | 7:40 AM

I like the initial wreath... unless of course by some magic I could get more than one good snap of my babies together! :)

Rebecca | 8:03 AM

I like "Joy and Peace"

MJ | 8:45 AM

Oh What Fun, is definitely the best!

Dottie | 12:55 PM

First we need to talk about your amazing Holiday/Halloween photo. Your Halloween costumes bring me tremendous joy.

OK--I like Happy Frame in the New Year's series because--let's get real--I'm not going to have time to do it before the holidays

Wendy | 1:28 PM

I like Snow Day.

Andrew | 7:14 PM

The "Believe in Joy" is great :)

Sophia | 10:27 PM

The Merry Ribbon cards are fun. Who knew there were so many options!

TheLFamily | 1:04 PM

I LOVE this contest because I send cards from this site every year and can always use a break in expenses. I love all things shutterfly. I think I love the "Comfort and Cheer" one the best. Most likely the one I will choose.

Thanks shutterfly and Girl's gone child

Celia | 3:45 PM

I like "Merry Scrolls." :)

Sarah Woodring | 6:12 PM

I love the Colorful Candy Wishes! They have so many to choose from!!

Caroline | 6:49 PM

I like "with love"!

JCR | 4:14 PM

I like the cheers one- retro vibe!

M | 8:11 PM

I love "Mod Snowflakes"... so colorful and fun!

Erma B. | 9:43 AM

My favorite is the Damask Collage. Damask is my favorite pattern.

Canadian Amy | 4:46 PM

Thank -you!!! Vintage snapshots is the one I like

Jill | 6:38 PM

Thanks for the giveaway...I love the "We Believe" card!

The K Family | 8:11 AM

joy love story is my favorite! thanks!

Jaimie Lee | 10:25 AM

I love the Colorful Joy template. What a cool giveaway!

Marisol* | 6:37 PM

I love the "Whimsical Wishing Tree Christmas Card" the little tree is so cute! :)

minmin | 7:13 PM

I like modern pinecone.

Jessica | 9:50 AM

Such a cool giveaway! I like the 'Stylish Joy' card. This year I'm using a photo from a fun beach day over the summer.

Caelan | 1:27 PM

I *love* the berry merry frame in green!

KAFS | 8:27 AM

This year our christmas card will be a picture from our wedding a few days ago!

kaberplus1 | 11:01 AM

I love the picture tree Christmas card.

kaberplus1 | 11:03 AM

I love the Christmas Tree card!!

nycjenny.com | 11:54 AM

Really love "Drawn to Joy"!

Camkian | 5:30 PM

Snowflake Ribbon. I'm from New England and am all about a white Christmas!

Anonymous | 10:13 PM

I love the Vintage Tree Wishes!

ct | 8:08 AM

Very Merry Stripes is my favorite. Shutterfly is fantastic-love their photobooks and cards. What a great giveaway!

kari b. | 11:06 AM

very merry moments template is the best. hands down.

candid photos > staged photos. this one has more opportunity for candid shots!

Nell | 11:16 AM

Love Shutterfly too!! I actually used the 'faith, hope and love" one for our card this year. It is hard to pick on pic so I used one of the multiple photo cards! Cheating a bit I'm sure but OH Well!

Anonymous | 11:19 AM

I think I'd have to go with the Colorful Joy one.

Hera | 11:27 AM

I love the 'Pretty Pattern' template! Amazing giveaway!! Thank you! XOXO

Lauren | 2:30 PM

I love the "all good gifts come from above" photo card. I'm pretty positive that will be the card we send out this year. I love that you can change up layouts and work the card to make ot unique. We just moved our family from San Diego to TX this year, so we have lots to share.
I am a huge shutterfly user and think this is such a cool thing they are doing. Great work!

Lauren | 2:34 PM

I have picked out the Good Blessings "all good gifts... " card. It is just perfect. We moved our family from Ca to Tx this year, so we are thankful for all our blessings. I love that you can personalize the cards to fit you. Love Shutterfly! Love your blog!

Christine | 2:59 PM

I like the Merry and Bright...

Cynthia | 3:00 PM

I like the Bright Holly Jolly!

Doni | 3:03 PM

Definitely Fa La La La La. Whimsical and allows for a lot of pics to combat having to photoshop everyone into one good photo! Love the giveaway! Thanks GGC!

Anonymous | 3:06 PM

I like the Retro Stripe frame. What a fun giveaway!


jenice at hotmail dot com

annie | 3:07 PM

Up In Lights. I love old school Christmas lights

Sarah @ w30 | 3:19 PM

Fun! I like Vintage Snapshots.

Jana | 3:26 PM

I'm a fan of Very Merry Stripes and Modern Pinecone!

Amy | 3:44 PM

I like Peace love and joy!

*mary* | 3:45 PM

Haha, I vote for your Halloween pic. Awesome. My favorite shutterfly template is the Holly Toile I think. (I am in desperate need of a new camera, so this contest rocks.)

Emily Cetta | 3:50 PM

I love the "Retro Merry Wishes". Seriously adorable--they some super cute cards! And what an awesome giveaway!

Jenifer | 6:05 PM

Love the Sparkle Joy card -- leaves lots of room for the photo!

h. mcnaron | 6:06 PM

I am in love with "sparkly joy"-- it's so cute!

hmcnaron at gmail

Cristina | 6:12 PM

I love the Peace Cheer Cards ! This year I must must must send those cards (hopefully lol)

April G. | 6:29 PM

I like the Joy and Peace one. It's so simple yet lovely.

Noelle Spooner | 6:50 PM

Ohh I'm loving Modern Pinecone. Your photoshop skills rocked my socks off! Seriously, one of the best Christmas card ideas, ever!!

Candice | 7:39 PM

I like the "Colorful Joy" card, although my husband might disagree because it isn't the classic Christmas colors.

Linda | 9:21 PM

I love ” Pretty Poinsettia Print Christmas Card ” Thank you for such an awsome giveaway.

S | 2:11 PM

I was actually on Shutterfly just a little while ago, trying to set up a holiday card using the Mod Snowflakes Christmas Card. Love it!

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