Go ahead, card me! (sponsored + giveaway!)

The following post is sponsored by Shutterfly. (Thanks, Shutterfly) Send holiday joy with a custom card from Shutterfly! Hooray!
I feel like every year I write a post about family portraits and how excited I am to FINALLY take and send one out a la holiday card. And then I forget or get distracted by something shiny and fail to send so much as an email. Maybe because it's nearly impossible to capture a great shot of the family. True story: our last "family" portrait was taken last Christmas and we all look like we're trying to poop in unison.
In fact, the only photo where our eyes are open and we don't look bathroom-bound is this one and Hal isn't even looking at the camera. My dad took approximateley 78789231 photos to score this winner:

But whatever. Even if Hal WAS looking at the camera instead of being distracted by my VERY SERIOUS -I'M-NOT-EVEN-JOKING-WANNABE-MODEL pose, the above image would still be moot c/o our family recently exploding with new members. So? Here are some options we're currently considering.

1. The kids: this is the most obvious choice. One of the arguments for having kids in the first place is being able to send out a holiday card where you're not expected to be in the picture. In fact, nobody really cares what you look like once you spawn, too distracted are they by the cherubic faces of your littles.
Hi. I have four children. HOW IN THE WHAT!?

Every year we talk about having "glamour shots" taken and every year we get all excited to coordinate our boas with our blush and then, what do you know, it's suddenly January and we're like, DAMN! We missed it. "Next year!" we said last year. And "next year," I will likely say again, although this time I have a really good excuse.

family portrait
This is as close to a family portrait as we have right now. Would it be weird to send a photograph of a picture that Archer psychically drew last summer? Or will our friends all think we're hippies?

4. Halloween Style:
The only time I ever went out of my way to blow up a "family portrait" was the year Hal and I went as each other. (See above.) From first glance one would say that I was NOT actually in the photo but because Hal was dressed up as "me" I felt included. (Our friend's daughter is also in the photograph but, hey, the more the merrier, right?) Unfortunately, this Halloween we were unable to get a full-on family photo to use for our holiday card. We were however able to capture four of our six and five of Fable's baby dolls but I don't know if that counts...
Halloween with the Jolie-Pitts
... SO, I decided to work some of my photoshop magic. Unfortunately I do not have (nor do I know how to use) photoshop so I had to settle for Comic Life instead:
Wall-E & Olivia 2.0
I think this might just be the one, you guys. I think THIS might JUST be the one.


Shutterfly wants to know how you select a holiday photo and are offering a super fancy giveaway to those of you willing to participate! Yes, that's right! Up for giveaway grabs is a Canon S100 camera ($430 value) AND a Shutterfly prize pack that includes 50 cards, (1) 12x12 photo book, (1) 8x8 photo book, a mug, (3) calendars, a reusable shopping tote, AND an ornament. ($298.42 value) which = total prize value of $728!. Not too shabby, eh? To win? Just go to Shutterfly, select your favorite photo card template and list it in the comments below! Contest will run until Tuesday, December 6th. (For sweepstakes rules and regulations, go here.) One lucky winner will be chosen via random.org and posted here on Wednesday, December 7th. (My favorite template is the "What fun!" stationary card because I love... fun.) Good luck and Happy Holiday card-ing!



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yes yes | 6:16 PM

What Fun!

Robin | 6:17 PM

what an amazing giveaway! my fav is the petite lemon airmail one...so cute!

Mommy-to-be-Becky | 6:25 PM

Took a look at the baby section since we are hoping for one of our own. Love how many there are! My fav is striped girl.

Lauren Ashlee | 6:26 PM

Oooohhh, would love love love to win this! So many goodies! My favorite card is the Vintage Tree Wishes. It's simple, sweet, and says to my family "Even though I'm the black sheep democrat, I still fancy the good old days of yore!" Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

JH Photography | 6:27 PM

I love the All Things Holiday! Would love to win this!

lillian | 6:30 PM

I like the type on the merry merry wishes christmas card and I like the colors on the bright colored lights--tough choice!

adrienne... | 6:35 PM

Merry Doodle Dandy ;)

kerewin | 6:36 PM

simple, lovely

Oh So Wonderful Christmas Card

will send you email if I win :)

Margie S. | 6:37 PM

I like Merry Doodle Dandy, but I don't think I like saying it out loud :)

Karen Chatters | 6:40 PM

I like the String of Snowflakes or perhaps I just like the ADORABLE baby IN the picture. Or maybe, he looks the most like my boy so perhaps I'll see if they'll just let me use that as is. Of course, my daughter may be pissed if I leave her out.

BTW, this giveaway is DA BOMB! (Do people even say that anymore?)


Leahelenoelle | 6:40 PM

I love vintage merry wishes! Awesome giveaway.

adventure reno | 6:42 PM

Smowflakes ribbon for sure!

sara | 6:44 PM

Mod Merry Ornaments

Sarah | 6:47 PM

The Sweet Chic stationery card is adorable-- I like the fact that it's yellow

amandajjr | 6:49 PM

I like the Bright Merry Cheer!

lycoldiva | 6:50 PM

Woodgrain wishes, I could include the chickens and goats without people thinking it is too weird.

Alt-Mama | 6:50 PM

I like the "Oh So Wonderful" template. Cute-tastic. And I promise the gods of giveaways now (I think this is the first I've ever entered) that if I win that camera I will use it to make the world a more beautiful place (in a meta kind of way).

Lastly, I vote yes on Merry Pittmas. And no on whatever was going on with your portraits last year (way hilarious. Thanks for sharing!).

Best to your brood,

Taylor Alt-Mama

Nancy M | 6:56 PM

I like the Vintage Merry Wishes flat card. Yay! I hope I win :)

Heather | 6:59 PM

I like Mod Love BUT ah!!!!!!!!! too many!!
Go with the last one for your card! I LOVE it!

beyond | 7:00 PM

i love "oh what fun"!

theopenletterlady | 7:01 PM

I'd send the "All The Happiness" Christmas card- I always chose the ones that have "peace" in them somewhere. However, if I ever sent a card, I'd be bit stuck for what to say for our family name- since we are three of one name (them) and and then one of my name. And those names do.not. go together. Hmmm....

danielle | 7:02 PM

i actually looked at holiday cards before december! that is an absolute first .... i like confetti jacks. & i love that you make me laugh out loud while i read ... thank you.

ApeMac15 | 7:06 PM

I really like the "Snowy Night."

Jeremy & Heather | 7:12 PM

I like Shades of Peace. Shutterfly has some beautiful designs this year... Shades of Peace coming to my friends and family's mailboxes in the near future.

Lindsey Fyfe | 7:12 PM

holiday love sketch/folded card. whatever I do, I end up with a folded card. It's more work, but somehow way more personal to have to put something in an envelope and write out the address! love this give away!

Emily | 7:13 PM

I like Woodgrain Wishes!

Emily | 7:13 PM
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Txbrenna | 7:14 PM

I like the Wishing You A Very Merry Christmas one. Great Giveaway!

Allyson | 7:18 PM

Snow Day is for me! I've missed those as a teacher moving from Ohio to Phoenix, AZ!

fosterdowntown | 7:20 PM

I like the "Top 10 Reasons".

Chelsey | 7:20 PM

Love Mod Holly and Shutterfly :) Always get my holiday cards from them!

AmyLu | 7:25 PM

I love the Merry Script template because it puts the focus on a great photo.

Catherine | 7:27 PM

I love the Merry Doodle Dandy card. So cute!

RSilvies | 7:31 PM

I love With Love because I always love a nice monogram!

Andi | 7:38 PM

I go for the Merry Bright ZigZag... because.. uh... I just chose it?

I am the opposite of you. I take pictures, order WAYYY in advance... I get the cards and then? Oops. Never mail them. D'oh!

KellyGray | 7:39 PM

It was really hard to pick just one, but I think my favorite one is "Mod Circles". I love the modern yet playful typography and how the photos are in circles like little ornaments. Great giveaway!

Jamie | 7:43 PM

I like the Berry Merry Frame!

Kayt | 7:46 PM

Ha! "Pooping in unison" I'm not twelve years old at all!

I actually have narrowed it down to Such Good Cheer or Big Joy. Loving both!

Gina | 7:47 PM

I love the color scheme and layout of the "Picture joy" cards

Elsie | 7:48 PM

My fave is the bright holly jolly:)

Wonder Girl | 7:51 PM

Love your blog. Love shutterfly--esp. the photobooks. But this Christmas I would probably choose the reindeer antlers card as I have an almost two year old who would really get a kick out of the merry silliness of it.

flyrish | 7:54 PM

Lots of great ones but I like the Vintage Ornaments.

Awesome fam shots. That last one for sure.

Elizabeth B. | 8:08 PM

Love the Oh Holy Night design.

LaurelAnne | 8:24 PM

I've actually already designed a card using the wonder of wonders template. I love Shutterfly and we get ALL our cards through them!

Amberlynn | 8:31 PM

I loveeee bright merry cheer!

Unknown | 8:48 PM

big joy stripes!

Mena | 9:07 PM

My favorite is the Toile of Branches.

Ethel | 9:10 PM

sparkle joy!

Lara | 9:10 PM


lacy | 9:18 PM

So fun! Hard to choose...I think I would really like "Stamps of Joy" though...

Kristen | 9:24 PM

I really like the "Delicate Merry Wishes" - so pretty!

Cassie bates | 9:50 PM

My favorite is the Berry merry.

Huske Pup | 10:14 PM

Hilarious card, do it, Bec!

Love the Bold Bright Joy template!

lv | 10:25 PM

I like "Colors of Wonder". So many good options though... Pick me!

lv | 10:25 PM
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Frugal Frida | 10:28 PM

Merry and Bright

Tricia | 10:31 PM

Love, Love Love coastal wishes. perfect to send to the east coast relatives and friends.

Melissa | 10:46 PM

Berry Merry Frame is my fave! Thanks for the giveaway! Awesome! xoxo

Schmidty | 12:24 AM

I like "tree of memories". Great giveaway!

Magdalena Edwards | 12:34 AM

I love the dainty snowflakes template - very cool.

Amy K | 12:43 AM

I like “Sparkling Snowflakes." So many cute ones to choose from, though!

Jasmine | 2:38 AM

I like the Colored Ribbons stationary card!

Sarah | 3:32 AM

Merry stripes!!

Emily | 4:26 AM

I like Pictures Everywhere. And I love Archer's drawing!

Rebecca | 4:41 AM

I love the Snowflake Border card. Thanks for the reminder to get going on my cards!

isaacandruth | 4:51 AM

Tough choice… I really like 'Most Wonderful Year Christmas Card'

FSURia | 5:02 AM

There are so many great ones -- Vintage Merry Wishes or Family Highlights (new baby -- or in your case, babies -- what wonderful highlights)!

wendy | 5:08 AM

i really like the happy hanukah style and i really hope i win this!!! love your blog!

kara | 5:16 AM

Bright Holly Jolly. Adorable.

k lee | 5:17 AM

Bright Holly Jolly! LOVE it!

LeGwen | 5:23 AM

I like the plain ole "Black Border".

Ali | 5:34 AM

Ooh, Retro stripe frame is nice.

Bridgette N. | 5:37 AM

I like the Nice or Naughty card. And I love reading this blog. You have such an amazing family. And this is a heck of a give-away!

Strongmomma | 5:39 AM


In the Shutterfly Holiday Cards "Gallery" Section, I love the "All Around Love Christmas Card" because we are a family of six and the card is made for that!!

I used Shutterfly last year and they are the best!!!

Julie L | 5:44 AM

I like peppermint bliss

Dew | 5:53 AM

There are so many great templates! I think I'd pick the Picture Tree.

Dew | 5:54 AM

I'd pick the Picture Tree template.

Lauren | 5:54 AM

Agh, my favorite changes every 10 seconds! Momentarily, it's probably snowflake star. Love this giveaway!

jennigrows | 5:59 AM

I like the simply modern brand because that way you DON'T have to pick your favorite one picture. Just throw a bunch in there and hope that everyone is looking at the camera smiling at least once.

jodi.eckart | 6:03 AM

I love "What fun" as well...and "Mod Snowflakes"! Great giveaway (and love your blog!)

Jen | 6:09 AM

Awesome give away!! I love the On Our Tree template.

jesse k | 6:13 AM

I like the Antique Joy. They're all great, though

nikki_lagreca | 6:17 AM

This is the giveaways of all giveaways!I love the "What Fun" and "Big Cheers"

Jaida | 6:25 AM

I love the Big Cheers design

Elizabeth | 6:36 AM

Man, there are so many cute ones! I love Christmas cards. I think I would pick the 'sparkle joy' card. We have the same problem with awkward posed family pics. And every year I think 'this year we will get a great picture!' and, well, you know how it goes.

Katie Auerback | 6:44 AM

I like the happiest season card. Everytime one of my friednds send us an annoucement or holiday card I think we need to get on this before Eoghan is 12 and refuses to pose with us. But we have not.

Becky Stephens | 6:45 AM

I love Berry Merry...it's the one we are using this year!!

Anonymous | 6:51 AM

One of my favorites (impossible to pick just one) is the Classic Damask Frame Christmas Card. This is such a great giveaway!

mistyhall02 at yahoo

lilj427 | 6:55 AM

I love the Happiness is template!

Molly K | 7:03 AM

Love the Merry Bright ZigZag!

Anu | 7:09 AM

merry candy dots is the favourite

Anu | 7:10 AM

merry candy dots is my favourite

Rebecca | 7:16 AM

Simply Joy Holiday Card. Love your comic-card! Too funny, and so perfect.

Terri | 7:43 AM

I like the stylish joy card but so hard to choose! Thanks for the giveaway!

Nicole H | 7:46 AM

Merry Montage - love it!

Morgan | 7:51 AM

I like Oh Holy Night! Thanks for the giveaway!

Erin | 7:52 AM

The Whimsy Winter Wishes!! Thanks!

ebittner @ hotmail.com

Donna | 7:59 AM

I like Winter Wishes.

Deb | 7:59 AM

I love "Initially Classic Christmas Card" because I can show off my 3 beautiful boys + add a few fun group shots!

KJ | 8:04 AM

I like the "traditional plaid" card (http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/christmas-cards/traditional-plaid-christmas-card-4x8-flat?productCode=882499&categoryCode=93479&skuCode=882500) Awesome giveaway!

Luna | 8:06 AM

Fun Holiday Wishes Holiday Card for me! We never get a great family photo. Last year I set up what I though was an adorable photo shoot for my four year old, decked out with a fireplace, stockings AND christmas sweater. The cutest picture was the one where he mooned me.

kdk | 8:07 AM

"Simply Love." I take all our photos separately and combine the best of the best in Photoshop. Works like a charm. But of course it is some elaborate Christmas idea that takes weeks.

Cole | 8:12 AM

The golly holly joy card is too fun!

Katie Shea Britton | 8:19 AM

I love the Modern Home Collage - such a cute idea!

Unknown | 8:19 AM

Too many to choose from! I like Seasonal Chic in the Flat Stationary section.

Barbara | 8:24 AM

The first photo of all four of your children is darling.

Retro Wishes is my favorite :)


vividpurple | 8:25 AM

Berry Merry Frame is lovely.

wendy | 8:32 AM

I like "Family Wall". You just can never get the best shot of each person in one picture so this one doesn't make you choose.
Archer's drawing is the best--but any of your pics would be fun!

Lindsay | 8:33 AM

I like the berry merry frame for holiday card. Fun!

Emily | 8:35 AM

I like the "Sparkle Joy" template.
What an awesome giveaway!
I think the pics of the 4 kids would be a lovely holiday card for you guys!

emily at nimold dot com

Paige | 8:37 AM

I like the Color Me Merry card.

I love putting together a card of just the kids, it really makes me happy to send them out every year. One of those things I looked forward to doing once I had kids!

sweetbugfarm | 8:39 AM

My favorite is the rainbow christmas!
And I think your photo-shopped card is AWESOME!

Carrie | 8:47 AM

I was just looking at these the other night trying to decide which one to use this year! The top runner right now is Pretty Pattern!

Carrie | 8:47 AM

I was just looking at these the other night trying to decide which one to use this year! The top runner right now is Pretty Pattern!

samantha | 8:52 AM

The Fresh Snowflake card is my favorite :-)

samanthajocampen at gmail

Lauren Quinn O'Neill | 9:02 AM

I love the Air Mail Love card! So cute, thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

Mali | 9:07 AM

Ha! You seriously crack me up! Thanks for the laugh...LOVE the giveaway!

Heather | 9:09 AM

"Bright Holly Jolly" is my favorite--I love the retro style!

Natalie | 9:11 AM

I like the Retro Very Merry. I'm a sucker for old typography!

Natalie | 9:12 AM

My favorite is the Retro Very Merry. I'm a sucker for old typography!

MTeisan | 9:12 AM

Oops I forgot to post my favorite holiday card. I love Believe In Joy Christmas Card.

Noelle's Mommy | 9:19 AM

I like both the Joy Squiggle & What Fun. I ordered them both this year for my cards :) Thanks!!

sloenneker | 9:31 AM

That was surprisingly difficult, but I'm going to go with the Joy Banner Christmas Card

Robyn | 9:32 AM

I LOVE the *Well Wishes* photo card. It's simple and sweet!

Meghan Elaine | 9:34 AM

I love the making holly jolly card...and if we were friends in real life, I'd smile for days if you sent out the Halloween pic- either one :)

Meg Bartholomy | 9:35 AM

Ooh, I love the "What Fun" and also the "Sparkle Joy."

Awesome giveaway!


Lisa | 9:45 AM

I love the simplicity of Swirl Greetings. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Carla | 9:58 AM

What a timely post! We just got our son's daycare pictures that we are using for our Christmas cards yesterday. Your Halloween/Christmas card made me laugh, you are too funny. Anyway, I like the handwritten greetings card format.

Amber F | 10:04 AM

I really love the "Our Family Name" template. You can add your family name and one big picture of your family and individual pictures of the kiddos or pets! Really cute.

Sweet Slugabed | 10:19 AM

Modern Merry Montage Christmas Card--3 photo spaces for 3 kids and you can choose your own greeting.

Heathrow's World | 10:27 AM

I'm a fan of a "wonderful year", very cute. I love Shutterfly!

meulemansy | 10:31 AM

I like Faith + Hope. Lots of space for a picture.

Meg | 10:35 AM

I like the Happy Everything Card. Considering that I celebrate Christmas, but work at a Jewish Community Center, it seems very appropriate!

Jen | 10:36 AM

merry & bright! too many to choose but that jumped out.


CtotheT | 10:47 AM

I use Shutterfly cards every year. I also have four kids and the past two years we have just gone with photos of the kids for all of the same reasons as you.

My favorite this year is the Shades of Peace. Love all of the colors.

My camera bit the dust. Hope I win!

Chris Mower | 10:50 AM

Very, very awesome giveaway! My favorite template is, "Let Peace Flourish." It's simple and elegant. chris [at] thecookingdish.com

KatieKakes47 | 10:51 AM

There are tons I love, but if I had to narrow it down it would be "Our Family name", "Merry Monogram" or "Merry Memories collage."

Melissa | 10:54 AM

Deck Your Walls.

Liz | 11:00 AM

My favorite is the Fa La La - it's perfect for my big, crazy family!

Elise | 11:01 AM

Mod Holly!

shannon.on.park | 11:22 AM

Awesome giveaway! I have two favorites, Bright Merry Cheer and Chalkboard of Love stationary card.

Kacy | 11:35 AM

i like the pictures everywhere

Saly | 11:37 AM

what a great giveaway!! I just placed my Shutterfly card order, and I ordered the Blonde Designs stationery card.

It was very hard to choose!

Swenja | 11:44 AM

Love this giveaway,Retro Wishes is my favorite.

Jen L | 11:46 AM

I like "Oh what fun!"

Bogdobbler | 12:13 PM

My preference is the Simply Elegant Frames.

Missy ~ | 12:19 PM

Peppermint Joy Wreath for sure - how fun!

nicole | 12:20 PM

HOLY HELL. Yes, to the Jolie-Pitt holiday card. DUH.

We probably won't send out holiday cards, because we don't have kids yet. I think children are the criteria for sending holiday cards. Nobody wants to see me and my husband cheesing it up, but if we decided to do one for fun, it would be the Modern Seasons Greeting Card. And we'd probably wear tacky sweaters and do our best Steve Carell-stare-at-the-golden-unicorn-off-in-the-distance pose. Like this. Obvs.

Basically, I'm throwing my name in the hat for the camera. Don't judge me. xo.

Bean | 1:24 PM

I like the peace, love and joy card! Thanks for a chance to win such cool prizes. Also, not that you asked but I think Archer's drawing would make an awesome Christmas card for you guys! It's so great.

Ray&Vanessa | 1:40 PM

I really like the Plaid Monogram! I think that the postcard style ones are easier because then you don't really have to worry about an individual greeting to each person but I know I enjoy receiving a hand-written note so I may make the extra effort this season! And if I may make a suggestion for your cards, the kids are definitely a safe bet and I can agree with you there! Haha, but I also really like the glamour shots idea! Save that one for when Bo and Rev are older and can really work those boas!! :) xoxo

Catherine L | 3:24 PM

I love the Faith Forever Card. There are so many great ones

Ali | 3:26 PM

I love the "Paws and Lights Holiday Card"

because I love babies, families, and dogs!

Three great things in one!


Maranda | 3:55 PM

I'm a fan of the joy + love, as it allows the image to take center stage. Everyone knows that you wish them well without the text. The image (of my four month old!) is why people keep the picture.
What a fun giveaway.

My email address is marandamcallister@gmail.com

oh, jenny mae | 3:58 PM

happy everything is adorable and covers all the bases for our mixed marriage home.

unless we take a pic with everyone looking constipated and say "happy poo year!

Anonymous | 4:02 PM

the modern pine cone is classy

MamaBear | 4:03 PM

I like the modern pinecone

collifornia | 4:29 PM

I like the Love and Joy Holiday Card.

Leah | 4:32 PM

so many cute ones! i think "cheers to all" is my favorite though :)

K | 4:34 PM

Berry Merry Frame FTW!

Josie | 5:16 PM

I love the "what Fun" one, I just wish I was that cute.

Josie | 5:16 PM
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Jen P | 5:37 PM

I really love the Happiest Season flat Christmas card. So cute! Awesome giveaway, too!

Keri | 6:09 PM

I like the "Bright Colored Lights" Christmas Card and will probably use that for my holiday card this year!

Trasina | 6:32 PM

Wishing You Merry is very nice!

CecilyT | 6:40 PM

I like Family Wall!

Adrianne | 7:00 PM

What an AMAZING giveaway!! Lots of cards to choose from by I love the "With Love" one because you can include several different photos! Crossing my fingers that I win!

Kelly Utah | 7:27 PM

How fun is Merry and Bright Zig Zag? Pick me please!

Rachel | 7:27 PM

Loving the Vintage Merry Wishes

Anonymous | 7:35 PM

Initial Wreath and Retro Merry Wishes. Those are my 2 fav. Have a very happy holiday! Best wishes! I am so very excited for you to have this much fun with your 2 new blessings and with also all the family!


missalibeth | 7:39 PM

I'm so into the Colorful Stripes pattern that I may have to do cards for the first time this year!

So simple and chic.

11Candlelight | 8:00 PM

I like the "merriest ribbon" stationary card.

Christy | 8:21 PM

I love Joy Love Family

JachiCue | 8:24 PM

Holiday love sketch definitely, and I pick pictures that show what our year has been like. This year we added a new baby, so siblings will be highlighted.

Emily | 8:52 PM

Dear Santa, Please let me win so we can have a camera to take pictures with and I can stop relying on my crappy phone camera and other people's cameras. I like the Joy Love Family the best.

Lucas, Amber, Levi, and Milo | 8:56 PM

I like the Holy Night one.

This post made me giggle so hard my lap top was bouncing up and down. Love the poop poses.

Lindsay | 8:57 PM

Ribbon Joy!

Tab | 9:34 PM

So hard to choose! I love the "story cards" with just a little bit to write. It saves me from having to compose a "real" Christmas letter and saves me from turning that Christmas letter into a novel. Also, I usually pick a template based on the photos I want to use. Since we don't have a decent picture yet, the final decision will have to wait. Favorite Things is in the running, though.

Tab | 9:34 PM
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April | 9:56 PM

what a great giveaway! I love the Little Bird cards.

Holly A. | 10:04 PM

I like the Nice or Naughty!

Heather morris | 10:05 PM

My favorite is Noel Script, every year I spend way to many hours making each holiday card by hand I think I may take the easier way out this year and order.

AUSAcara | 10:31 PM

After spending FAR too long looking at all of the templates....I went back to the beginning and chose Full of Delight. I love it's simplicity...and also might have been swayed by the adorable girl!

Susan | 11:25 PM

You have lots of gorgeous photos from your blog --just choose a collage card :)

I've been lurking on our blog for a long time -- we have kids at similar ages/stages, and I love your mix of irreverence and sass with your obvious passion for parenthood.

(btw, I like the Holly Year card, and would love a new camera for my husband, to replace the dinosaur he owns -- many things are ahead in line in the budget before replacing it for us, unfortunately).

Unknown | 11:31 PM

I love the "We Believe" card!

Bridget | 12:01 AM

I like the Joy Love Family card.

cate | 3:32 AM

I agree...Oh what fun!

erinasmommy | 4:01 AM

I love merry and bright! So hard to chose!

Leah B | 5:57 AM

Festive Floral Holiday Card or Love And Snowflakes Holiday Card. I am a toss up between them!

Michelle | 7:04 AM

I like Merry and Bright! What a fab giveaway! Love Shutterfly!!!

Melissa | 7:36 AM

I'm all about the "Believe in Joy" design, because I totally 100% believe in joy. Awesome giveaway. :)


freckletree. | 8:11 AM

hmmmm, the nesting santas are sweet . . .

I vote for Archer's drawing-- love the concept of flying baby fetuses. feti. What is plural for fetus anyhow? Something a twin mom should know I suppose.

jennski | 8:23 AM

I love the "Live Joyfully" flat card..that says it all...and it takes away the pressure of finding more than one presentable photo. :)

Kelley | 8:28 AM

I love the Merry Bright Zigzag. The green chevron is right up my alley!

Amber R | 8:48 AM

Love the Up in Lights template!

Shreya | 8:57 AM

What a wonderful giveaway! I love the Give Joy card - its beauty lies in its simplicity :)

Lisa | 9:10 AM

I like the colors on the Retro Stripe Frame. Shutterfly does such a nice job! I am a graphic designer and have designed cards for various companies and it is HARD!

What a great prize and Happy Holidays to your family!!!

Renee | 10:04 AM

I love the Flurry Of Snowflakes Holiday Card!

Ellen Finch | 10:16 AM

I love the Chalkboard of Love Stationery Card!

Laura B. | 10:20 AM

Wrapped in Stripes because I'm obsessed with stripes!

LissaCris | 10:56 AM

I love the one you chose, but my favorite is Glad Tidings. It's a great song too.

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