TOTW: Tribe Singapore Sling (& Giveaway)

updated with winner, below!
A few weeks ago I transferred all of my daily diaper items from my (beloved and humongous) MJ bag to a smaller, more transportable TRIBE Singapore Sling c/o Tribe who sent me a sample several months ago. My large bag is still my go-to for non-school days but on the weekdays, I was having a hard time transporting that bad boy while juggling many babies. So? A downsize was in order. A super chic (water resistant!) downsize with plenty of room for essentials c/o many zippered compartments. BAM:
I'm also using it as a purse when I'm solo because it totally looks like one:
P.S. Hal took these pictures of me on a ChildStyle shoot day. (I do NOT wear anything with a heel when I'm home with my kids because I would fall on my face and it would be terrible.)

Anyway. I love this bag. It's the perfect non-diaperbag looking diaperbag. And thanks to the ladies at Tribe, you can snag yourself the same one ($500 value).
singapore-sling-seablue singapore-sling-seablue

To win? Leave a comment below. I'll pick one winner via next Friday, September 7th. (Don't forget to leave your contact info!) Good luck and happy Labor Day Weekend!



p.s. jeans are ernest sewn, top is from anthro and shoes are dolce vita.

UPDATED: Apologies for the lag in updating this contest's winner! Because I'm now using disqus and comments aren't numbered (nor do they show up chronologically) I had to use a different kind of randomizer (which disqus has assisted me with these past few days. Thanks, disqus!) 

I've included screen grabs (below) of the NEW randomizer to show how I'll be picking contest winners from now on. That being said, and without further ado...

Congratulations to Amber who is expecting a baby girl in October! HOORAY and congratulations, Amber! 


And thank you all FOR participating! Much love and thanks for your patience on getting this new comments system up, running and figured out! xo, Bec. 


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Kace | 6:40 PM

I'm the lucky winner- I can just feel it! ;)

Mia | 6:45 PM

My husband got a diaper dude as a gift when our son was born and that's what I've been using so far as well. I would love one a little more...chic, shall we say? @miascamp

Anonymous | 6:50 PM

Would be the perfect bag for me! I have a 19 month and face a daily battle between the diaper bag and the purse. This bag would be a huge help!
devingammill at gmail dot com

Anonymous | 6:50 PM

Wow! That bag looks lovely.

LM - coilwoman at the yahoo

Natalie Lyalin | 6:53 PM

so cute and sophisticated!

Anonymous | 7:05 PM

i would almost feel bad using this beauty as a diaper bag!

ste | 7:11 PM

It's beautiful. If I were carrying it around, I don't think I'd know what to do!

ste | 7:11 PM

That would be the most expensive fashion item I'd ever own!

C | 7:11 PM
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Amanda | 7:13 PM

Love this bag, been looking for something that could double as a purse. Love those shoes too!

Jennifer | 7:14 PM

I love this bag! I usually hate diaper bags but this one is totally chic. Please pic me!!

SallyBeth | 7:15 PM

My much loved carried everywhere/everyday for the past 19 months diaper bag is literally held together with safety pins. This would be a very nice upgrade!

Anonymous | 7:16 PM

Ooo, nice! Doesn't even look like a diaper bag. Very pretty.

kendraphipps at gmail dot com

frans rilea khaous | 7:16 PM

holy awesome bag, batman!

Jen | 7:18 PM

Amazing bag, I love my big one, but could get a ton of use out of a little one too!

lizz | 7:26 PM

Ah, the perfect bag, it's like finding a unicorn in your back yard.

saralyn | 7:29 PM

Would love to win the bag.


Kaori | 7:33 PM

Such a nice bag! :) Please do add me into the draw :) Thanks!


Megan aka mean mama | 7:34 PM

me please!

Naomi | 7:34 PM

Please include me too! Thanks for the giveaway :)


rap216 | 7:48 PM

Lovely bag! Beats what I have now.

Kathleen | 7:49 PM

The bag is amazing, but YOU are simply stunning.

Thanks for the giveaway!

frankath(at)lino(dot) sympatico(dot)ca

Katy | 7:51 PM

I have a 2-yr-old and a 6-month-old. I'm like a pack mule. Pick me puhleez!

Mrs. Brightful | 7:53 PM

Wow. Gorgeous bag!
ana brightful at yahoo dot com

fabulousmrsg | 7:59 PM

Lovely bag! I am also in the market to down size my day to day bag.

Ariel | 8:06 PM

That bag is adorable!

arielmonteau | 8:06 PM
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diana banana | 8:14 PM

holy amaze-balls, that bag is so hot! me wants.... dianabanana(at)gmail

beyondconfessions | 8:14 PM

Rebecca is there any chance your os fans will be able to watch child style soon?

bethany | 8:18 PM

I love this bag!!!

laura sina | 8:21 PM

GORGEOUS! I love love love that deep blue color. Mamas are surely the luckiest they have ever been in history with style like this :)

rio | 8:24 PM

Wow, i would love to win this!

Barb | 8:26 PM

Ooh, fancy. Love it.

Michelle | 8:32 PM

woohoo! I'm pregnant with my second and I would love a stylish diaper bag like this! So cute! :) Michelle

Leah | 8:34 PM

I love that bag and your outfit!

evejolie | 8:37 PM

Love the bag! I have twins too!
ejmanke at gmail dot com

Anonymous | 8:40 PM

such a nice bag!! hope i can get this one! :D

Becky Stephens | 8:42 PM

I LOVE this bag!!

Geneviève | 8:43 PM
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April Genung | 8:47 PM

That bag is fantastic!

Geneviève | 8:48 PM

Awesome! This is the bag I will soon need! Thank you for this great tradeaway!

Anonymous | 8:49 PM

Wow this bag is amazing...I would totally love to win this to give as a gift to my friend who is due in November and is a little down on her luck, this would perk her right up!

Jeannie M Bruce

ct | 8:55 PM

Amazing bag - love it!

Anonymous | 8:55 PM

Wow I really like that bag! I love that it isn't too big. It would out-style the backpack that I plan on using for sure. grenwez (att) hotmail (dot) com

brightredcrayon | 8:55 PM

I didn't even realize that was a diaper bag until I read the whole post. I totally want one! And I love love love that blue.

brightredcrayon | 8:56 PM

I had no idea that was a diaper bag until I read the whole post. I kept thinking, I have to have one of those! And I love love love the color.

nmg915 | 8:56 PM

So pretty! Finding the right bag is such a challenge, thanks for the give a way!

Neysha | 9:02 PM

It looks so good on you!!!Love the color too!

Lala | 9:05 PM

oh my gosh - that bag is the BOMB. I would love to look that chic with a diaper bag! also - you look great. srsly. ;) lcretti(at)

K | 9:10 PM

Gorgeous bag!

ceneece | 9:10 PM

What a beautiful bag!

AliLoft | 9:11 PM

I love this bag and have been in the market for a diaper bag for my new little one.

Unknown | 9:11 PM

This would be awesome for #2 coming in January!

Unknown | 9:14 PM

Total diaper bag envy here. I want one!

sarah | 9:18 PM

rad bag! I am in it to win it :)

Meg | 9:25 PM
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Meg | 9:26 PM

Hi, my name is Meghan and I'm a diaperbag-aholic. We own 4 diaper bags and our baby is only 7 months old!


I love this bag! I am hoping the full moon tonight might encourage this very special baby I'm carrying to come join us all not he OUTSIDE!

Unknown | 9:30 PM

Love this bag, and I love your blog!

Anonymous | 9:31 PM

Would love this for my sis-in-law who just found out she is pregnant. P.s. you look fab!

Money4momma @ aol dot com

Nicole | 9:40 PM

I want the bag!

Nicole | 9:41 PM

I want that damn bag.

Melt Momma's Heart | 9:41 PM

Very cute!

Anonymous | 9:42 PM

What a beautiful bag! I wouldn't have even guessed it's a diaper bag.


Zoë | 9:51 PM

14Oh my goodness!!! I've been absolutely DYING for a nice looking "non diaper bag" looking diaper bag. Fingers crossed and thank-you for this giveaway!!

waiting for kittenheart

Zoë | 9:52 PM
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Krista Jo | 10:32 PM

Sept 7 is my bday. 7 week old babe and I would love this

Krista Jo | 10:34 PM


Krista Jo | 10:37 PM

Oh yeah!! Love it!

Roseanna | 10:43 PM

I love the color of that bag.

roseanna dot robles at gmail dot com

Anonymous | 10:49 PM

Just had twins, I could really use this bag.

Shelley | 10:56 PM

I would LOVE that bag! I have been hunting for one and haven't found anything I like ( due date is November 9th). tinkershell84[at]yahoo[dot]com

Unknown | 11:12 PM


Mina | 11:20 PM

I need this bag!!!

Mina | 11:21 PM

Pick me pick me!

Mina | 11:22 PM

pick me pick me.

Michele | 11:35 PM

It's a super cute bag!
MicheleJoyce @

Anjuli | 11:40 PM

Word! That is a cute bag I will be excited to carry around, even when it is filled with diapers and wipes...

anjulia at gmail dot com

Sascha | 11:43 PM

Very cute! Would work for my twins! saschalacoss at cox dot net

Emily | 11:56 PM

Oh! Oh! PICK MEEEEEEE! Emily (

wendy | 11:59 PM

I'm nuts for this thing. So sexy!

Caitlin | 12:09 AM

I definitely need a new bag for the fall - diapers and non!

Amy (the A of ham) | 12:29 AM

Beautiful bag!
Amynels at gmail dot com

Amy (the A of ham) | 12:33 AM

Beautiful bag!

Anonymous | 1:32 AM

Wonderful Blog, Great Giveaway and Nice Bag!

Tan Janette

Jayme | 2:25 AM

Downsizing would be awesome, diaper bags are ridiculously ginormous. Love it.

Sarah | 3:51 AM

What an amazing diaper bag! i just gave birth to my first baby, a little girl named Leona, yesterday! Still in the hospital right now in fact! This bag would be perfect!

The woman behind the desk... | 4:24 AM


Rebecca | 4:41 AM

My little sister is expecting her first baby and this would be an awesome gift for her. So stylish!

Lanie | 4:49 AM

Pick me! I need a diaper bag. :)

MamaD4 | 4:59 AM

Beautiful bag--love the color and utilitarian aspect of it!

Unknown | 5:07 AM

It's perfect! And so is your family. : )

TLR | 5:15 AM

You are one hot Mama!
Thanks for the contest.

katiemax | 5:41 AM

I'm due with my first baby in January and I cannot find a diaper bag that is cute and functional. Love this one!

kmswinford at gmail dot com

Candace | 6:13 AM

I need a new bag, please!


Autumn | 6:13 AM

I beat up diaper bags.

Becky M. | 6:15 AM

Definitely the coolest diaper bag I've ever seen! :) rma910 at gmail dot com.

Chandra | 6:27 AM

Wow... the color is fantastic and the style is AMAZING! Looks HOT! Yes PLEASE!!!

Anonymous | 6:27 AM

Sooo cute! That would be the best birthday present :)


Elliesee | 6:47 AM

Oh yes, I still need a ''mom'' bag even if my twins are three (a lovely age)

jessica | 7:02 AM


Jenn dePaula | 7:07 AM

Oooo, fantastic bag! Would LOVE to win that...thanks for the opportunity ;)

molly desruisseaux | 7:07 AM

I hope I win this- it would be so awesome!

Carrie | 7:15 AM

Would love, love, love to be the winner of this bag!!!!!

Unknown | 7:31 AM

Super cute bag, I'm still trying to figure out the downsize. c_calanca (at)

Rochelle | 7:32 AM

I have 2 sisters with a bunch of kids each and they are ALWAYS looking for cute diaper bags that can double as purses. ALWAYS.

Anonymous | 7:49 AM

looks like an awesome diaper bag!


ssdunbar at yahoo dot com

Analisa McCain | 7:55 AM

SO, cute!! Would love to carry that around!! :)

Cindy | 7:56 AM

I love that bag and you look smokin'!

sugarlump | 8:13 AM

I would love love love to win this amazing bag!!

jodi.eckart | 8:15 AM

Gorgeous! I'm due in January with #2 and this would definitely make hauling baby stuff again more fun...and fashionable! Jodi

Anna | 8:19 AM


Sarah Wilson | 8:27 AM

Love this. So diaper incognito.

Anonymous | 8:35 AM

I would love to have this bag. My "baby" is 24 so I don't need it but know several mom's-to-be and what a hit I'd be if I were to give them THIS!

T.B. | 8:41 AM

Crossing my fingers I win! My little one turned one in July and I just found out I am pregnant again. Thank you again and again for this fantastic giveaway!

Frederique | 8:42 AM

This bag is so pretty! Love

Therese P | 8:56 AM

I've been searching high and low for a diaper bag that doesn't make me feel like I'm carrying a fluffy nursery rhyme on my arm. I love this! I, and my little girl on the way, would love to be the recipient!

Therese P | 8:58 AM

whoops - Therese P email address:

Kelly Anne Harrison | 8:59 AM
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KellyAnne | 9:04 AM

Love this bag!

I just discovered your blog last week & now I'm obsessed... Thank you for proving moms can still be fun & fashionable!

KellyAnne | 9:05 AM

& my email is kellyanneharrison at gmail

Txbrenna | 9:23 AM

Love the blue bag! It's really pretty!

kahunter | 9:37 AM

Would love to give this to my sister~

Red Humor | 9:43 AM

pick me!

Anonymous | 9:46 AM

I would love a bag like that!
angelyn81 at gmail dot com

Anonymous | 9:48 AM

I am awaiting the arrival of surprise baby boy #2 any day now. Due 9/19 but look like a Macy's float and have not had a kiddo in almost 5 years and boy in 11 so kinda short on some essentials and this would be wonderful. It would make Malcolm's mama look quite stylin'.

melarol | 9:57 AM

Love the bag!

mmb | 10:04 AM


mmb | 10:13 AM


Stephanie | 10:15 AM

That is beautiful. I would love to win one.

Nicole N. | 10:25 AM

love this bag!!! love.

Rachael | 10:30 AM

Would it be weird if I continued to use it as a purse when my kids got older? I don't care! Gorgeous!

brooke | 10:33 AM

Oh goodness me, I would love to own that bag! I appreciate incognito diaper bags.

Melissa | 10:41 AM

Bag, baby, yeah!

spatzlaff | 10:41 AM

So chic!

Sarah C. | 10:42 AM

I need that bag! :)

Alt-Mama | 10:44 AM

Ooo, I want one!

(I'll take those awesome wedges, too, haha... although I also wear such footwear far less frequently than during my pre-kiddo life).


Jennifer Hall | 10:45 AM

This looks like a very cool bag! I'm Jennifer at jenannhallblog at gmail dot com!

Amanda | 10:46 AM

Beautiful bag! I'd love to win.

Kimmie @ Hello Mess | 10:52 AM

Thank you for posting about this on Instagram! I'm much better at keeping up with IG than blog reading! :) LOVE this bag! And my squish is now 6 weeks old- I should probably stop sticking diapers in my crappy purse. ;) xoxo

Taxidermy Worms | 11:10 AM

Gorgeous bag... Would be such a huge massive improvement from my terrible Walmart diaper bag.

emily | 11:12 AM

That is a nice diaper bag. We're hoping to go from one child to two soon, and I'm thinking that my current plan of stuffing a dipe and wipes in my purse whilst going out the door won't cut it. It barely cuts it now.

Amy | 11:12 AM

I need this bag!! Been on a mission for something like this for a long time!

Anonymous | 11:13 AM

Oh my goodness! I love this bag. Lately I have over-downsized. Often leaving the house without the diapers and wipes. This bag would be amazing!
arissamasi at gmail dot com

Jen | 11:13 AM

Ive been trying to find a bag to down size to! This looks amazing!!

Anonymous | 11:18 AM

I would love one, having my second daughter on wednesday!!!


Anonymous | 11:35 AM

I love this bag - I'm expecting girl #3 in october (to add to my brood of little misses, ages 2 & 4) and i canNOT find the perfect diaper bag this time around. One that says, take me seriously, people! I've birthed three girls.

Rebecca B.

Unknown | 11:36 AM

ooooh, love! my little one is only 3 months but looking forward to the day when i can downsize a bit. drake dot jenn at gmail dot com.

Unknown | 11:41 AM

Love it!

AmandaL | 11:50 AM

Would so love such a cool bag!

Unknown | 11:52 AM

Oh, that's a great bag. I love the color!

Unknown | 11:53 AM

Momma needs a new bag!

Unknown | 12:02 PM

This bag would be awesome! With three (soon to be 4!) babes I have been lugging around the equivalent of a bowling bag and to win this would be epic beyond the telling :)

Noelle Spooner | 12:04 PM

Love it! Want it! :)

Jenny O | 12:16 PM

Sweet. I actually find myself more in need of a dedicated kid stuff bag now that I have a three year old than I did when she was a baby. Back then, I didn't need to bring snacks or things to entertain her; just make sure I had my boobs and a spare diaper or two in my handbag and we were good to go. What with potty training et al I need a full arsenal these days.

Sara | 12:18 PM

Ooh, this looks awesome.

Lauren | 12:40 PM

I love that bag!! I also love your blog, thanks for sharing everything over the years.

Anonymous | 12:50 PM

Love the messenger strap element - great bag!

cheyennevyvyan at

amandanbo | 12:52 PM

oh my goodness! that bag is gorgeous...i am almost out of diaper bag ages with my kiddos, but would carry that with or without diapers inside ;)

Unknown | 12:59 PM

So gorgeous!! Want!

Bridgetv83 @ gmail . Com

Steph | 1:01 PM

I've downsized to a slim purse after realizing I don't need to carry 10 diapers at any given time. What a difference!

Laura | 1:13 PM

Oh please please please pick me!

Unknown | 1:26 PM

That is too lovely to be called a diaper bag. But I'd love to use it as one.

rachelelizabethwilliamson at gmail dot com

Great giveaway!

vikkivaughn | 1:27 PM

Love the bag. You look fantastic, btw.

Anonymous | 1:32 PM

love the bag. and love your whole look! :)

contact info:

Mrs. S | 1:46 PM

That's a pretty rad bag!

V | 1:49 PM

I NEED this bag! Right now the hubs and I are lugging around a backpack for baby things!

Anonymous | 1:51 PM

givin up some bag love. muy caliente;) count me in!

ec | 1:52 PM

beautiful! four babies and still haven't found the perfect bag. this one is perfect!

inadee | 1:58 PM

oooo.. pick me pick me!!!

Emily | 2:46 PM

Awesome bag! I would love one of those.

ekburnham(at)gmail(dot)com or emkburn(dot)wordpress(dot)com

cashew | 2:51 PM

Love it!

Hippo Brigade | 3:19 PM

I WANT that glorious bag!

hattie | 3:33 PM

My sister-in-law would love that!

Tracy | 3:47 PM

Yay for fun bags. Hehe, I just said fun bags. You know what I mean though. Sooooo happy for options other than the gross pastel, vinyl diaper bags my mom was stuck with when she had babies!

Alyson | 3:47 PM

Love it!!!

Susan | 3:52 PM

Love that bag -- especially love the amazing rich blue color. I used to be all about the neutrals, but now color is calling my name everywhere!

Joby | 4:10 PM

I have been looking for just the right diaper bag. One that doesn't look like a diaper bag! I love this one!

Stefanie | 4:16 PM

Love this bag! I've been searching for something chic and over the shoulder that doesn't look like Vera Bradley puked on it!

Natalie | 4:35 PM

What a gorgeous bag. I'd love one!

Suzanne | 5:29 PM

I would love that! Trying to not be a complete doofus with the diaper bag. Failing miserably. In need of some help!

Anonymous | 5:32 PM

That Tribe bag is Gorgeous!


Suzanne | 5:34 PM

I would enjoy looking less like a goober! Please and thank you!

Cassie | 5:47 PM

Love love love it. Gorgeous!


Courtney | 5:53 PM

My daughter is three months old and I still don't own a diaper bag. I want that beautiful bag!

Katie and Troy | 5:59 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous | 6:02 PM

Love it!

Anonymous | 6:10 PM

Would love to win this bag! Fun color! Thanks :)


Unknown | 6:18 PM

I would love that bag! Lugging around stuff for 3 littles still in diapers needs to be more stylish for me!

Unknown | 6:51 PM

I got a Babymel bag which I am really digging but I could always use a new one!

Melanie | 7:09 PM

pick me!

Reticent One | 7:12 PM

Like many others I am a huge bag person. Love the color and everything about it!

Rashel | 7:18 PM

I would love to win this bag!!! Getting ready to have baby #4 in less then a month. This would be the perfect bag for our first boy. :)

Unknown | 7:36 PM


Kerry | 8:03 PM

Yes please! Nice way to haul stuff and have style.

moonflowerfarmcsa | 8:18 PM

Ohhh, momma like!

moonflowerfarmcsa | 8:20 PM

Ohhhhh, momma like.

Anonymous | 8:25 PM

Lawd let me win that one! Need it. Want it.

Unknown | 8:34 PM

Beautiful! Love, the color.

Anonymous | 8:51 PM

That bag is totes adorbes and way better than my Eddie Bauer bag. Pick meeeeee! (please)

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