Booger Me This

The following conversation took place minutes ago:

"Hey Bec! Get your ass over here, woman!"

"I'm checking my email. Hold on."

"No. Trust me. You're going to want to come here right now."

"Why? Is Archer doing something cute?"

"Nope. Even better. Hurry!"

So I hurried down the hall where my husband was sprawled across the floor beside a dancing Archer.

"Come closer. Look what I just picked."

So I peered into Hal's hand at the biggest most giantist booger I have ever seen.

"HURRY UP and get your camera out! You have to take a photo of this!"

"No! I'm not taking a photo of Archer's booger. How old are you? Five?"

"Yes! I'm fucking five! Now get your camera, woman."

So I went and got my camera and I took a photo* of Archer's gigantic booger. And for whatever twisted reason, felt an indescribable sense of pride and accomplishment.

"Wow. It looks even bigger in the photo..."

Shhhh... Do you hear that? That's the sound of my brain deflating like a balloon.


*Photo can and will be emailed at your request.


Gina | 10:50 PM

My hubby is 5 too. I totally understand this scenerio. Too funny!

ms blue | 11:36 PM

Booger pride! You can pick your friends and your child's boogers but you can't pick your friend's child's boogers.

Bluepaintred | 1:05 AM

i almost want to see the booger lol


Totally. But is it bad that I want to pick my child's friend's boogers, too?

Anonymous | 2:57 AM

i wanna see his boogers

Anonymous | 5:14 AM

If it had been a picture of a soiled diper I would have been sooo outta here.

Anonymous | 7:52 AM

Um. I don't think I want to see it, but the idea of a booger big enough to require photographic evidence is fascinating.

Anonymous | 9:53 AM

There's also nothing like reading the line from "The Runaway Bunny": "If you become a wind and blow me", aloud at a table consisting of the little guy, my husband, and two fourteen year old boys. Then, EVERYBODY's clocks get turned back to, oh, eight years of age. The smirks and giggles are great indicators.

Stacy | 11:29 AM

OK. You've peaked my curiosity. I need to see the booger.

Anonymous | 1:00 PM

Email it to me, too. I want to see if it's bigger than the biggest one Gabe's ever had, a booger so big I was surprised it didn't come with some brain matter attached.

مارية | 3:37 PM

You should have posted a link to it so those weirdos who want to see a kid's monster booger could just click on it...and the rest of us who are dying of curiousity but don't really want to see a stranger's nose goo bad enough to request an email can "accidentally" click on the link. Oops!

Bluepaintred | 12:20 AM

yup i have thought about it for a day now. i need to see the booger

metro mama | 9:33 AM

I'm tempted but I think I'll take your word for it!

PunditMom | 2:05 PM

Ahhh ... a man of true sophistication! No wonder you want him to father your children! :O

Anonymous | 4:37 PM

Um...yeah. I'm humiliated to admit this, but I just might need to see that. After all, my younger child's nostrils can accommodate FOUR PEAS. EACH. Which I find fascinating and a source of pride.

Anonymous | 5:03 PM

Oh gawd, my first ever visit to your site and I'm asking for an email of your son's booger. Promise I'm not usually so creepy...and just because there is a picture of a kid picking his nose on my site doesn't mean I'm a booger freak. PROMISE.
(Aw, man...even my email is about boogers.)

Anonymous | 5:33 PM

haha i love that you take pictures of boogers! and i have to thank LIPRAP. I am a pre-school teacher. i read aloud every day. the glances between me and my co-teacher are priceless. i am glad we're not alone. ~jjlibra

Anonymous | 12:36 AM

wow, it was so big you needed to photograph it?! Thats impressive. I still don't want to see it though.

motherbumper | 6:54 AM

SWEET MOMMA yes I have to see that booger. When I removed Bumps first massive snot fest my mom wanted to put it in the baby book. I didn't but I do wish I had taken a photo. Happy New Year Archer and family.

Anonymous | 9:02 AM

**GAG** reading this New Years Day with a hangover...I hate boogers,snot,phlegm,
oysters,slime(remember that lovely invention that came in a garbage can like canister)basically anything of the mucous variety...(I otherwise normally love your blog to death!!) Happy New Year!!!

Anonymous | 11:17 AM

I just downloaded Acher's booger. Whyyyyyyyyy did I open that when I have a NYE hangover from hell.
That is some BIGGGGGG boooooger.


Bluepaintred | 12:39 PM

That's a very large booger. I betcha he was happy to have that out.

Anonymous | 6:40 PM

i wanna see the booger.

Kerewin | 12:16 PM

I don't know how many people are requesting a 5 year old picture of a booger but i MUST have it.

Thanks :)