GGC Weekend Rec's

1. Beauty- Jean Paul Gaultier Bronzer for Men. When my husband was producing an all-gay talk show, he brought home tons of swag, for dudes. Lipgloss for men. Facewash for men. Lipstick for men. Etc. So for several months I wore a lot of men's makeup. (Hey! It was free, right?) The one product, though, that I will forever adore is the Jean Paul Gaultier bronzer for men. Unlike most bronzers for women, the JPG Bronzer isn't all sparkly-like, which means contrary to most women's bronzers, it looks natural. (Duh! Isn't that the point?) And it smells amazing. Well worth the price tag, this bronzer will last you between one and two years if you use to every day. Which means you can totally justify it. And HEY- If you're married to a Metro-dude you can like, totally share!

2. Gifts- Create a holiday registry, search the organized-by-age online store, support my friends at Ebeanstalk (awesome folks, they are). Ebeanstalk was created as a new way to browse toys by age and create registries. Moms from around the country rate and review toys (including yours truly.) Awesome for distant family and friends. Ch-ch-ch-check it.

To get 15% off your purchase(s) enter the following code at checkout: CC2 3U1 (make sure to include the space)

Also, 10% of sales go to Play for Pink, a charity for Breast Cancer. Be sure to select "Mother Board" at check-out.

3. Gifts Part II- Fadiddle My lovely lady friend, fellow blogger and writing-group(er) has created some of the sweetest t-shirts. Go buy ten of them for your little darling(s). Seriously, how can you resist this?

4. Books- If You're Afraid of the Dark, Remember the Night Rainbow and the sequel, ...Add One More Star to the Night. Growing up these were my favorite books. Like magic, I called these books, "the books of dreams" because they seemed to mirror my own.

Pages include such helpful life solutions as:

If there is no happy ending, make one out of cookie dough.


If you lose the key, throw away the house

and my personal favorite:

If it's the last dance, dance backwards

My Nana had them at her house and every time my cousins and I came over for dinner we sat together, three little girls and read the words aloud. These were the first two books I bought when I found out I was pregnant. They're perfect gifts and no child should grow up without them.

5. For a Cause- Her Bad Auction

Her Bad Auction

Supporting HBM's darling nephew, Tanner, who has a terminal form of Muscular Dystrophy, some of the lovely blog mamas have put together an auction full of perfect-gift-giving items up for bid. From diaper bags to First Edition signed books to handmade Christmas stockings and quilts. Check out the auction here. All money will be donated to MD Canada in Tanner's name. The raffle opens this Wednesday. Thanks in advance for your support. Her Bad Auction is for one great cause.



kittenpie | 7:56 PM

OMG, I totally remember the Night Rainbow book now that you mention it! Must seek it out now.

And on bronzers - I would also give props to Benfit's Hoola bronzer for not being sparkly or orange. I also love the pinky and slightly sparkly Dandelion, which is the best fac brightener around. Nice big brushes come with these, too. Purr.

And thanks for spreading the word on the auction too - I'll be posting about it myself in a couple of days.

Creative-Type Dad | 10:19 PM

Jean Paul Gaultier Bronzer for Men?!!

I won't wear it. It won't match my lipstick.

Momo | 10:26 AM

talking about helping life solutions, here is my favourite one: shoot for the moon even if you miss you land among the stars...hmmm
"If it's the last dance, dance backwards"...I will definitely keep it in my mind.