Crazy Model-ish Kids

His blood runs cold
His memory has just been sold

His angel is the
Angel is the centerfold.

Archer's GF hits the big time this week with Cover Girl status:

Like mother like daughter.



Gina | 10:51 PM

I just saw your famous friend on GAP online this very day... how ironic because I wondered... where do they get these cute cute faces for their ads.

Sandra | 4:57 PM

Archer has good taste :)

Hey, I keep wanting to tell you how much I am enjoying your "straight from the bottle" blog. Fab-u-lous.

Happy New Year to the whole GCG family!

Mom101 | 8:50 PM

Oh. Well.

Who knew he was one of those modelizers. Thalia just can't compete.

motherbumper | 6:55 AM

Well that's just too cute for words. I can't blame Archer for loving the famous lady.

Jonathon Morgan | 5:30 PM

Oh, Archer. You're so West Coast, with your big time model GF.

You rock, dude.