MeMe, HeHe, Thank You

Andrea of Little Bald Doctors tagged me a couple days ago and I thought, being Friday and because I'm stressed out of my gourd for several reasons I would post a MeMe/HeHe to announce some exciting news.

So without further ado, Five (More) Facts You May or May Not Know About GGC. (Back in January we MeMe/HeHe'd the first five.)

1. I am leaving to go to Las Vegas in one hour for a weekend-long Bachelorette party for one of my oldest friends and favorite Baby's mamas. I feel like an utter and complete old-fart about it and hope I can keep up with all the ladies.

2. My brain is broken and I cannot think of something cool or unusual about myself to write about.

3. I think its because I still need to get dressed and pack my stuff and I'm still in my pajamas.

4. And also maybe because I have three major assignments due Monday and I have no idea when I will have the time to work on them. (Are there quiet coffee shops in Las Vegas?)

5. I will be blogging for's new parenting site, Babble which debuts the week of December 11th (So soon!). This is not only super-duper exciting but quite an honor as I am blogging beside several very talented authors. This will mean that I will be blogging at GGC a little less but would love LOVE for you to follow me o'er yonder. I am dying for you all to see the content/editorial/design of the site. Think for us knocked-up folk. I've been able to sneak a peek at the mock-up and want to marry the editors at Nerve for creating such a chic, savvy online magazine for the rockin'parents in the hizzouse. Stay tuned, ladies and gents. I'll be keeping you abreast with the latest. Yeehaw!

HeHe, Five (More) Facts You May or May Not Know About Archer

1. His favorite toys are tampons. He takes them out of the box, puts them into the box, takes them out. Don't forget to add Tampax to your holiday list, people. Hours of fun for the whole family!

2. He can say the word "cracker" and find a way to use it in every sentence, for example: gloahskjahdjklacrackerksjhadlkajl.

3. He has touched every sprinkler-head in the greater Hollywood area.

4. He wears his sunglasses at night. (See photo.)

5. He knows how to call me from Hal's cell phone. (Supergenius).

And now I will MeMe/HeHe/SheShe tag Mom-101 and Thalia, MotherBumper and Bumper and Mrs Chicky (and her Chicky.)

The Original Perfect Post Awards

I also would like to thank Bub & Pie and Something Blue for nominating this post for a perfect post, November. Thank you kindly, ladies. Love.

Now I have three minutes to pack and get dressed.



metro mama | 10:08 AM

Have a good weekend!

Mom101 | 1:04 PM

I will do my best not to fail you oh great one! Congrats on your (very) perfect post.

And thalia has the same language. Even the same use of the word crackers. It's kismet, I tell ya!

Chicky Chicky Baby | 2:26 PM

Vegas for a girl's weekend? Bitch.

(That's the jealousy talking.)

I think I am up for this challenge. Btw, I think cracker is one of those universal toddler words, one that is used often and regularly, no matter what language. I think every mother from every nation can understand the word 'cracker' coming from the mouth of a child.

motherbumper | 3:49 PM

Congrats on Babble, I will totally check it out (whoa - I'm totally channeling the 80's). Nice reference to Cory Hart (80's - again) and thanks for the tag - I need inspiration for my first post-NaBloPoMo post.

Anonymous | 3:59 PM

"Think for us knocked-up folk."

Are you pregnant?

Her Bad Mother | 4:11 PM

Nerve! Kewl!

PunditMom | 5:00 PM

Have a great trip! Glad you're spending a lot on Archer's toys! R. always loved anything that could be taken out and put back into a box!

Binky | 6:53 PM

Congrats on the nerve gig! I will be a faithful reader. Congrats on the double-perfect post, as well.

When you said you had some exciting news, I thought either you'd found a publisher for your MS or you were pregnant :)

Chris | 8:21 PM

Congratulations! obviously has excellent taste.

Momo | 12:33 AM

my favourite child - David (my nephew) has a passion for the word cracker too..with only one exception he's named it : CACAITE meaning BISCUITE ( this is the romanian word for cracker!).
the funny part is that CACA is poo...

Leigh C. | 9:05 AM

When my son was seven-eight months old, he used my mother-in-law's walker (she was recovering from a shattered foot at the time)as an infant jungle gym. We'd have to hold him back every time my MIL came into the room, otherwise he'd do the lightning crawl over and pull himself up.

Enjoy Vegas, baby. Oh, and you, too, GGC!

MrsFortune | 6:40 PM

Hey, I'm with anonymous here, are you pregnant! "For us knocked up folk"? Looks like Archer may have to make that one box of tampons last ...

You can bet I'll be reading that other site, excellent!

Anonymous | 5:25 AM

Love this post! When my daughter was about the same age, she got one of my tampons out of my suitcase on a trip and handed it to my mother. She told her it was cotton candy! I'm still trying to figure that one out. LOL

Have a fun and safe trip.

Girlplustwo | 2:32 PM

loved this post. and also love that you took off for the weekend, although perhaps by now you may be feeling a bit hungover....