Weekend Update, GGC Style

I. First of all, I want to give a shout-out to my boy, Chag at Cynical Dad, who masterminded the new GGC design. He has helped with all my tech endeavors and I am grateful for his kindness and genius and friendship. The man is high quality. Fist to the chest, duder.

II. Now for the boring stuff... Are any of you having any trouble with the new format? I have a Mac and Chag represents the PC with pride and we have both tested all browsers (Explorer, Firefox, Safari...) and it looks good on our systems BUT I've heard from certain readers (i.e. my parents) that the format is a little funky on their computers. Anyone else having trouble or have my parents just been smoking a little more of the crack than usual? Let me know.

III. If you are at all interested, I'll be posting links to my Straight From the Bottle posts every week in little tiny font at the bottom of my weekend post. This will make it seem less obvious that I am trying to push Babble.com like a street-pimp. If this is perceived as lame/tacky, please don't tell me. I prefer to be lied to. It makes me feel more secure.

Pacify Me: Sometimes a binky and a blankie are all it takes...
Viva Las Life Change: Shotgun weddings. Jesus broaches. Growing up.
Daycare Le Peu: Because you hate when your baby smells like another woman (especially one who wears cheap perfume).
Childproofing for Mummies: If you are interested in how to childproof your house with maxi-pads and thongs.



Anonymous | 7:52 PM

Diggin' the new design. Lovely.

Another blogger who does a weekly column just writes a post every monday with a link to the column and it doesn't seem too pushy or anything. Not to me anyway.

Anonymous | 8:43 PM

I am having trouble viewing your page and I don't even have a bong. when i click to your page, your post is not visible. I have to scroll down for about, hmmm, maybe a half hour and then it is there. I am of the Macless though so perhaps that is why~jjlibra.


I think it has to do with updating your browser. If you're viewing from Explorer and it hasn't been recently updated the format will be all screw-ball.

Anonymous | 9:21 PM

Nice Job Chag. You make Rebecca's blog look almost as HOT as her!

Anonymous | 9:41 PM

Love the new look and the recent Babble posts. The binky one made me all misty. While I worked through 12 l-o-n-g weeks of horrendous nausea during this second pregnancy, my little man would come into the bathroom and pat me on the back while I hacked into the toilet. Aww. And the perfume post was a hoot. When the baby was just born, I would get all mental because my mother-in-law and step-MIL would funk him with their non-compatible perfumes and stink him all to hell. C’mon ladies. That’s just wrecking a perfectly-good baby smell. Glad the gym nanny ditched the Coty. Phew...

Anonymous | 10:46 PM

well since i can't remember my user name or password to log in at babble (i swear, i really don't have a bong) i will just tell you here that i am cracking up over the nanny post. oddly, my son looks like his step-father and when people hear that they are not related we get the "are you sure?" well, not really but that's a story for when the kids leave the room. now we just go with it. "I know, they have the SAME eyes. looks nothing like me... I KNOW" ~jjlibra

Anonymous | 10:50 PM

I'm sorry Chag and GGC... but I don't like the new design... :(

Too much... text... It's cluttery...

(Loving the Babble posts, by the way!)

A. Nonny Mouse | 5:21 AM

New design is ok. Shows up just fine on my pc with Mozilla.

metro mama | 9:40 AM

Looks good on my PC with Explorer!

ms blue | 9:51 AM

Everything looks snazzy from my screen!

By the way I think your idea of rounding up your babble from Straight From the Bottle is fabulous! Pimp away...

Wendy | 11:46 AM

I am not one for change, but I will get use to it. I am not having any problems viewing it, though.

I am really enjoying your stuff at Babble that I even signed up to make comments. I showed the Childproofing one to my husband, to show him what thongs are really used for. I think I am going to try the maxi pad idea. It has to be better than the thing we bought for the fireplace. Sammy can pull it off and likes to chew on it. I wonder if he will do the same with the pads. At least, they are absorbsant. Now I am get twice as much GGC.

Anonymous | 7:32 AM

To the GGC - having problems with the format on my PC. The posts don't show in the middle column until the end (on the left) of your "mo meaty boys and girls" list. Otherwise fab as usual.

Anonymous | 7:32 AM

To the GGC - having problems with the format on my PC. The posts don't show in the middle column until the end (on the left) of your "mo meaty boys and girls" list. Otherwise fab as usual.

Anonymous | 9:28 PM

I have to agree with anonymus....have to scroll down after the ads to see your posts. then the rest of the content is in the middle column of the page. I have a PC too...not sure why it's different for everyone.