Clarification: Am Not Pregnant. Do Have Morning Sickness

Just got back from Vegas. Read comments from last post. Am not pregnant. Am still exhausted. And a little bit sick. Have bruises all over my body for some reason. Had fun. A lot. Somehow thought it was a good idea to pay $80 for a stretch Hummer to take us from The Hard Rock Hotel to the Wynn which is like three blocks. Not so smart. P.S. I hate Hummers. If I can find any appropriate photos to post on flickr I will. Saw Drea De Matteo walking around with a man who was wearing a shirt that said "Drea De Matteo." Was one suit away from a Royal Straight Flush. Almost cried because of this. My hair smells like cigars. I only lost twenty dollars. And one button. Have headache. Am unable to distribute any more details as not to get into trouble. Am not pregnant. I repeat, am very much not-with-child.

So let me rephrase: Think for those of us who have-at-one-time-been-knocked-up.

And now in typical Las Vegas fashion, I will proceed to take thirteen shots of Espresso and pull another all-nighter... except this time it will be so I can finish my work.



Mom101 | 5:09 PM

Hummer is owned by GM. You love Sean Hannity, don't you.

Anonymous | 6:25 PM

Royal straight flush = royal flush. No need to say "straight".

That said, I love that you played table poker. You rock. Glad you had fun.

Anonymous | 6:46 PM

Am not pregnant either. But, am jealous of your good time. And of your almost royal flush. My heart broke a little for you when I read that.


MGM- Thank you. No wonder the people were giving me the eye when I was like "ROYAL STRAIGHT FLUSH ALMOST DUDE I OH MY GOD!" over and over. I'm such a loser. Oy.

And Sean Hannity rocks my world. Makes me want to pour gasoline all over myself and light a match. Obvy.

Avalon | 6:14 AM

Hey~~ Not to scare you, but if you are feeling crappy and are finding bruises all over, go see a doc. Really.

Leigh C. | 8:12 AM

Hey, we all just had to make sure you were or weren't in the family way once again.

No one wants to be left out of the mass mazel tov-ing if and/or when that happens! 8-)

Binky | 9:04 AM

I get those bruises all the time. Just once, I'd like to know where one of those suckers came from.

Momo | 11:10 AM

I admire that you still can get time for actually intrigue me...thanks, I need it!


Avalon- it always happens when I go out drinking. (The bruises) I think maybe because when I drink I dance. A lot. And I'm pretty sure at one point I was doing the worm (which can be painful in the midst of so many stilletos.)

Momo- Not that I'm any kind of expert on "time for yourself" BUT I think its so important to have some alone/girl/away from husband/away from child time. It's so easy to sacrifice it all and who says we have to? Life's too short. Making time for ourselves is never a bad thing. I think finding time for (to be) ourselves is important for us and for our families.

Anonymous | 12:43 PM

Just reading about Vegas makes me feel hungover. You might want to investigate those mystery bruises.

Also...royal straight flush is a tad redundant. Royal Flush is all you need to say.

Pinterest Failures | 6:11 PM

oy! I'm going to Vegas in February. I'd better prepare...

foodiemama | 8:41 PM

sounds like an awesome time! vegas scares me.

Anonymous | 9:40 AM

I was wondering waht Drea was up to after Joey got canned.

Sounds like a good time was had. I'm going in Feb., though it will be the longest I've been away from the babes (5 nights!) - eeek!