Male Bonding

I have to take a moment to direct all of you to the one of the finest posts by one of my favorite bloggers, Danny at Dad Gone Mad.

Today Danny wrote the most heart-wrenchingly silly post about his son, and public urinals and bare bottoms, so I had to take a moment to pass it on. There is something so heart-wrenching about the moments shared between little boys and their big brothers. When I read this post, I thought, "Life is good. People are good."

I've never been a fan of the "frat boy" but today, I want to hug the shit out of ever Alpha Beta Pheta Theta Zeta that exists. Powerful writing. Priceless moments. Where blogging and parenthood collide.

Bravo, Danny.



Leigh C. | 3:21 PM

I wholeheartedly second that opinion of the Dad Gone Mad post.

These men need to bond in any way possible that doesn't involve raping or pillaging, and if it has to be asscheeky solidarity, well, let it be!

Anonymous | 9:14 AM

That was awesome. I can see my husband doing the same thing. And he's in his 30s.

For some reason, my work has chosen to block Dad Gone Mad. I have figured a way around it, but that sucks, because I'd like to read more. My way around is a bit complicated. Thanks for pointing this out, because otherwise, I don't know that I would have ever gone to the trouble to reroute my way to find it.

Sandra | 10:33 AM

Brilliant post. You are so right. Especially fun to read as a mom of a boy.