Why I Love L.A.: REASON IV

Partying with this guy at the husband's work holiday party. Screw Simon Rex and Ryan Seacrest.

"Look! It's the guy from Borat who was naked and I saw his balls in that one scene!"

Good times, my friend. Jagshemash.



Anonymous | 3:58 PM

You are living the dream, my friend. ;)

motherbumper | 4:05 PM

I'm sure you understand how badly I want to see Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan - what I would have paid to see it at the film fest this year - gah! I swear that is what we are seeing next date night.

Anyhow - damn, he played Jesus on the Gilmore Girls and I've got to imagine that those are hard shoes to walk in.

Wendy | 5:28 PM

I would never be able to look him in the face. I could barely watch the scene in the movie.

I agree, you are living the dream, while the rest of us are boed in Suburbia.

Anonymous | 12:55 AM

Is it wrong that I was aroused by that scene in Borat?

Debbie | 7:47 AM

all this post does is alert me to the knowledge that you have somehow made it past the giant wildebeasts at the door and out to see a film. in the theatre. with popcorn, probably.

*seethes with envy*

Creative-Type Dad | 10:20 PM

Wow- talk about conversation starters...