Archerfilmz: Take That, Bitch!

Maybe this is why I have perma-migraine:

Product placement is gonna cost you, Neal.

(Headbutting is usually not allowed in our household. Swear.)



Scar | 12:19 AM

Omg. I love this video. I hope your head is okay. I'll send some morphine your way stat. xo.

Bluepaintred | 5:17 AM

every single one of my boys was a head basher when they were tiny. honestly i think they love the "no" noises more then the banging!

kirida | 6:07 AM

I'm going to need a steady morphine drip when we get to the head butting stage.

Namito | 6:30 AM

The Impling laughed at this, then started chanting "aw done" at Archer.

She felt your pain, dude.


Anonymous | 6:47 AM

Ha! Cameron does this too, although not quite as enthusiastically...

What a great laugh though!! This brought both boys running to watch...a few times!!!

Anonymous | 6:48 AM

It's amazing how little pain toddlers seem to feel at banging their skulls against something, anything -- almost like they have Homer Simpson's Syndrome. Except, of course, when another kid knocks heads with them; then it's the worst pain in the world.

angie | 9:04 AM
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angie | 9:05 AM

My daughter (13 mos) laughed hysterically watching this. I think she is plotting her revenge on me - with headbutting!

Anonymous | 10:16 AM

That makes MY ovaries hurt -- AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE ANY!

Chris | 10:37 AM

I want to know what Unkey Unkey Boom Baum is.

Anonymous | 10:51 AM

you guys are so cute it makes me want to vomit. but in a good way. i now have perma-dimples from watching that video :)


Chag- Ongy-Ongy Boom-Bomb-Butz is a game I used to play with my parents when I was a baby... and of course, now with Archer. You say "Ongy-Ongy Boom Bomb... (and when you say Butz! You touch foreheads. Or sometimes noses. Or kisses. Whatever you're into at the time...) This video was the result of taking Ongy-Ongy Boom Bomb... to the next level of Butz!


BOSSY | 3:14 PM

Bossy thinks this parenting philosophy makes loads of sense -- after all, who are we if not setting our kids up for the eventual Teacher's Conference?

Anonymous | 3:41 PM

Dude what is with that, my girl just went through the head butting thing. Hurts like hell, but you can not hold back the laughing. Watch out my girl moved on to foot biting. Consider your self warned.

Anonymous | 3:59 PM

I remember the head butting! It seemed like it no matter how hard my daughter would smack us in the head, she always thought it was hilarious and showed no signs of discomfort. Now it's popping us with rubber bands. Heap big thanks to dad for that one!

jaxmom | 9:38 PM

Tonight, when I was putting Jack to bed, he starts sucking my chin - over and over and over. Kids are so strange at this age.

Avalon | 5:39 AM

Love, love, love Archer's laugh!

mad muthas | 7:18 AM

that all looks like tremendous fun - if you disregard the intense pain, of course

Loukia | 8:25 PM

Sooo cute! Only next time I will not watch videos with the volume up when my baby is sleeping in the next room. It woke him up! Archer is adorable.