Photo Of The Week

For more photos of Archer running wild at Shane's Inspiration in our favorite park ever, click here.



motherbumper | 4:49 PM


That was Bumper's reaction (and mine). Cool playground. He looks like he loves the place and knows it well.

The closest playground to us has that neat chopped-up-tires ground too and I love it (saves on bruises). It's better than dirt but is a b*tch to clean out of white tights.

PunditMom | 6:58 AM

I love your photos! Especially the one entitled, "Yield to Nothing!"

Wendy | 7:30 AM

I am very jealous. We dont have anything like that anywhere near us.

Have fun and play for us.

Scar | 12:17 PM

So cute. I miss Archer. And you.

Anonymous | 2:50 AM

That dude's always got the best hats.

PetiteMommy | 6:39 AM

Awww, love the photo.

He always looks super-adorable.

Anonymous | 3:58 PM

Maaan I haven't been over here in too long. Archer is looking grown UP.