HostSecret Week VII


Straight From the Bottle Recaps:

The Big 2-1:
Archer turns 21 months, but when can I retire the "months" thing already? Apparently, the time has come.
Yes. It's True. Moms Like to Dress Up, Too: Right? Right?




Wyvern | 12:01 AM


I was watching the show tonight, thinking again on who I will bring to the award show with me. :)

Let's make a movie?

Wendy | 5:15 AM

Just make sure you bring some excitement to the show. Last night's show was boooooooring.

Whit | 10:20 AM

Thing 2 just turned a year, and I think I'm leaving the months right there.

When people use stuff like 32 months it makes my head hurt.

silver screen pipe dreams | 4:25 PM

me too! I was just wondering what my reaction would be when they called my name and whether to cry or not.
the Oscars to me were what Miss America Pagenst were to some girls.

BOSSY | 4:49 PM

Bossy's handsome baby may be driving -- but he'll always be 204 months old to Bossy.

lmb | 9:13 AM

De-lurking to say OMG I know!!!! By the time I win an Oscar, my whole surprised and beguiling ingenue speech won't come off quite as intended.

motherbumper | 9:20 AM

I've always had a speech ready though I've never been on film. I think you'll win a Pulitzer first though.


I think maybe because when I was little (like everyone) I wanted to be an actress. I did theatre and thought, "hey! I could be a star!"... I think I'm one of twn billion zillion that thought so... Now, I don't even know what I would win. Certainly not anything for acting. Best short subject documentary, perhaps? Who knows. It's just one of those weird dreams that doesn't die, even as one grows out (somewhat) of their delusions.

Domestic Slackstress | 10:18 AM

I let my three kids (72 months, 36 months and 28 months!) stay up late to watch the Oscars. They actually were into it. I kept saying, "Wow. That person's famous such and such ... so talented. I can't believe he finally won. Gawd!" Finally, after my undending, annoying commentary, my six year old/72 month old :) chimed in with, "Do you have to say something about every famous guy, mom? Geez! Can you stop please?"

PunditMom | 7:20 PM

I just want to be watching when you win that award!

Gina | 9:55 PM

You've said it in the past, that each month is a feat, so I don't think you HAVE to retire it. Maybe when they are 3? I don't know.

I agree you'd probably win a Pulitzer.