Yo GGC Rapz Presents: Birth of Slick(ster Parents)

Subtitled: Beat(box)ing a Dead Horse

Because since when is being "cool" so "bad"...?

This one goes out to my boy, James Poniewozik and my other boy, David Brooks. I got nothin but love for you, doods. Thanks for the shout-outs, and when you're ready to come to the dark side that is "alterna-parenting" I'll be waiting. With fist fulls of overpriced 2T denim. And the entire Saddle Creek catalog. And bangs.

I'm Cool Like Dat
Rebirth of Slick(ster) Parents
(original by: Digable Planets)

We like our sleeves cropped straight on all our kids.
Bedazzled pacifiers to help prevent the SIDS.
Us flow a rush when we see toys made of plastics
Wood shit is more expensive but it's sure be much more classic

He rocks the kinks tees, the misfits and the clash
She frequents the fat joints: baby dance-clubs are a smash!
'Cept why is it so fly to stir up all this stupid drama?
Tattoos have none to do with the way I choose to mama.
And since when is it so bad to have a little bit of 'tude?
Does perpetuating "buzz" sting the entire parent 'hood?

I was feeling kinda fresh rollin' deep up in my Audi
With platinum spinner rims (cuz why should I roll dowdy?)
Psh! Dude! Hellooo? I wish! You know I drive a green VOLKSWAGEN!
And my rims are super scratched and my back bumper is saggin.

Now, the puba of the styles like Ikks and shit.
Like ABCD onesies and tees by baby wit
Are (to me) a whole lot cuter than dump truck sweaters badly knit
So we be sendin chunky rhythms right down ya block
Cool be to parenting what key be to lock
We're cool like dat
I guess that's bad (like dat?)
We're moms like dat
We're dads like dat
Yeah, We rock like dat
We rap like dat
And who seriously gives two shits
If we're "cool"...(he's cool)...

We be the crazies posting blogs and raps
when we have some downtime (usually when baby naps)
Me I got a kid but that doesn't make me corny
And my mouth open in pictures? Doesn't mean I'm always horny.

And so what if Dad rocks tees from Urban Outfitters?
While mama goes out for drinks with the babysitter.
And, yes, families represent with the music that they like!
It's okay to spend our weekends singing Blur up on our bikes

Him that's my man throwing rocks in a glass house
May the force be with his daughters or his sons and then his spouse.

So sick and tired of the bullshit and the poo
Represent UPS! And What Will Brown DO FOR YOU?
Truth should be a verb and I'm a parent so I teach
But those ears are out of reach (Yo! Steven Johnson, preach!)

Cause we swing like dat
On the playground like dat
With a boombox like dat
On his onesie like that
We think it's cute like dat
You think we lame like dat?
But who gives a flying fuck because it doesn't matter and has nothing to do with anything and frankly, it's weird that it's become such a hot issue (like that.)

We out...we out



Bringing Up Ben | 12:10 PM

You're the shit (like that)!

'nuff said.

Scar | 12:13 PM

This is amazing. Could you record for my ipod? xoxo.

Anonymous | 1:21 PM

love it!

and gotta give mad props on the blur yo...

love me some parklife : )

B | 1:26 PM


Anonymous | 1:31 PM

RepreSENT, yo. That jam was off the chain. Word.

j.sterling | 3:56 PM

you look so f'n hot in that picture, yo!

Hanh | 3:56 PM

holy shit you are talented.

barbara | 4:35 PM

you are insane in the very best possible way. you totally made my day. i am grinning like an idiot now... xoxo

Anonymous | 8:27 PM

pure genius dood :)


Anonymous | 9:55 PM

oh hell yes :)

ms blue | 10:22 PM

Wow! I bow down to your skills.
You are way cool like dat.

Beat that horse.
Box that horse.
You do it with style!

Anonymous | 8:28 AM

Love it!!!!

Maternal Mirth | 9:12 AM

Holy Flashback, Batmom ... and sooo witty too :)

Debbie | 9:28 AM

holy damn.

that's it. I'm officially you're new biggest, slobbering-est, hottest-for-you-est fan.

that was solid.

barbara | 12:41 PM

i meant to say, insane in the membrane....

Jaelithe | 7:46 AM

Word to Archer's mother.

Raquita | 7:53 AM

dude - I just keep hearing hte horns in the back ground

PunditMom | 8:25 PM

GGC, You are so awesome. I want to have your rapping talent in my next life!


Mom101 | 8:45 PM

Erma Bombeck, eat your freakin' heart out!

Anonymous | 1:03 PM

Right on! Love the kid in his flannel baby clothes and shades!