...Mr. Brooks? I live in Larchmont Village, not Silverlake. But good guess!

P.S. Girl's Gone Child now stands for Girl's Gone COOL (with child)...

P.P.S. My nipple ring is THROBBING right now!

P.P.P.S. Last night Archer and I got drunk together and went to The El Rey to see The Mooney Suzuki. (I totally scored him the most convincing fake ID from Arizona!)



barbara | 1:14 PM

What's so funny about that article is if so-called hipster parenting is so old and tired, uh, wouldn't *writing about it" be old and tired too? Rebecca, let's start a new trend: writing about writing about hipster parenting. We can call it Reflux or some other cool/non-cool name like that. In?

Wyvern | 1:17 PM

I really cannot understand why people are up in arms against "hipster" parents! I find it fantastic that there is a generation of parents who are interested in their children... The indifferent parents (like the ones that raised me), are just pissed off to see that you can be involved in your child's life without meddling or fucking them up.

Why all the hoopla over people who love their kids and dress their babies in something other than overalls and frilly dresses? Shouldn't we be fighting the people who abuse their kids instead?



It's a certain "type" that's up in arms I do believe... I'm still trying to find a "label" for the anti-"hipster"... Maybe the "excuse-me-while-i-remove-this-stick from-my-ass-ter"...?

I wish someone would start a "who-cares-ster" movement. I would, but I'd kind of like to stick it out here on the "hipster" parent side of things. I have a book to promote and I kind of want to hug Mr. Brooks for comparing me to Erma Bombeck (even if he thinks I live in Silverlake.)

That's better than good cover art.

Binky | 2:31 PM

Babble's marketing people are either geniuses, lucky, or both. That kind of publicity is priceless. Eat their hate like love, and make sure to leave some room for when your book comes out!

Amy | 2:40 PM

So glad to see you responded to this. You are brilliant.

Anonymous | 2:50 PM

What is all that crap about dressing kids in hipster clothes? It is far less damaging than the layers of hideous ruffles and fluff my parents put me in. blech.

Keri | 4:54 PM

I'm soooooo jealous! I had a nipple ring (which I got at Venice Beach) but took it off one year to the day I got it which was a couple months before my son was born. As soon as I'm done having kids, I will be getting it back! ;-) Enjoy your "hidden" secret and flashing it at people who wanna see. Hee hee!

Shel | 5:19 PM

parents are parents. some just do things differently than others. why do we have to have all these 'titles' and such?

and he wants to stop all the hype about hipster parents, yet writes an entire article about them? yeah, that did him a lot of good, didn't it?


Anonymous | 5:32 PM

Funny. I wrote about this the other day, and I don' even consider myself a "hipster". It just seems that lately the old fogies in the media have nothing better to do than complain about how we are parenting.

I have a feeling this has been going on forever (just like rebellion.)

But congrats on the publicity! I can't wait for your book. I fully expect babble's hit counters to explode after this.

Nyah. Nyah.

Fairly Odd Mother | 5:37 PM

Yes, I'm sure today's youth will be ruined b/c they wore ironic t-shirts and listened to something other than the Wiggles. How will they ever get over this? Puh-lease.


I don't *really* have a nipple ring. The tatas do not need more attention... I was just perpetuating the stereotype. Hee.

Mom101 | 9:47 PM

Blondemom - do it and I will link to it!

Rebecca, lord, you've hit the big time. Or should I call you Erma?

It cracks me up that he has no reason to ever think you live in Silverlake (ie Silver Lake); he just thinks it sounds cooler than saying Larchmont Village. Maybe you should invite him over for a soy chai and some hummus sometime and he can see for himself.

Keri | 6:04 AM

Oops! My bad. I'm not good at picking up subtle lines like that. Soooo, does that mean you are stereotyping me? ;-)

foodiemama | 8:07 AM

wow...if its not "hipster parents" its soccer moms in mom jeans...all the same when someone is bashing them. and Sufjan Stevens is awesome and my lil dude and i listen to him daily...whats so wrong with good music?
that guy was kind of a dick in his article.

Jen aka Evilynmo | 8:19 AM

I wonder how one becomes a "hipster" parent? I want on that gravy train! Your blog and writing at Babble are great, screw the nay sayers! Keep up the good work =)

Loukia | 9:01 AM

His article bothered me! You rock.

Anonymous | 10:25 AM

Are you preggo,(with child)? Or Girls Gone Cool (with Archer)?

Anonymous | 1:37 PM

I have the perfect name for him and all those uppity people who are looking down on hipster parents right now: Yuppities.

Doesn't matter the age of the person doing the looking down, but if it's anything different than a suburbia, yuppy, golf course on the weekends kind of life, it's "hipster" and part of this thing they have against people keeping their original style. Kinda like the Sanctimommy only not looking down on another mother for their choices not matching the Sanctimommy's, but looking down on a parent for keeping their before child style and dressing their kids in what they deem cute.

And who gives a crap what clothes you put on your baby? Is it really any worse than the 70s disco crap I find myself dressed in when I browse photos of my first three years of life?

pseudostoops | 5:53 PM

Oh my goodness you are so famous!

What, has he run out of things to say about the bobos

Anonymous | 12:16 AM

wow, people won't leave you alone about the hipster thing.....honestly, as an echo parker who most likely would be pegged as hipster the second anyone saw me, i'm fed up with the bitter pigeonholing. one of the reasons i love your blog so much is that you're clearly smart as hell and obviously interested in the human aspect, taking people as individuals (as your book cover post summarized) and looking a little further in. i once read an interview with a distinguished musician from a few generations back and the interviewer smugly asked what he thought about the fact that so many "hipsters" loved his music. his response was "well, there are a lot of deep lovers of music in that community". regardless of fashion or taste, you're obviously genuinely interested in your kid and the world--and for god's sake, that's all that matters. stick to your guns.