HostSecret Week VI


Straight From the Bottle Recaps

The Bitching Hour- Around 5pm, all hell breaks loose. Archer becomes spawn of Satan and cannot be stopped. Our house becomes a war zone. And instead of fighting for peace, I have acquiesced and joined the war.
Under the Affluence- The trials and trivial-ations of living in a very affluent city without a Range Rover, a mansion and fourteen indentured servants.




PunditMom | 1:43 PM

You really need to be teaching a course on this PhotoShop stuff for the rest of us bloggers!


Oh man. I'm such a cheater. I suck at photoshop/anything that resembles photo shop.

My little comic-drawing-photo-things are super easy with MacBook's Comic Life program (it comes with the computer, but you may be able to order it as well?)

You just drag the photo in the little middle thing and click a bunch of options to make your photo look like a comic (or change tints, etc) and then you drag the bubble thing where you need it to go. And then you type in the text and voila!

joker the lurcher | 3:53 PM

the food in the states sounds mad! what is that stuff?

motherbumper | 4:04 PM

CHERRY???!!!! - holy crap. I'm addicted to the sweet potato finger foods but I've never had cherry. We only have sweet potato, banana, and strawberry-apple up here but a friend brought me back a tropical fruit flavour from Florida. Damn Gerber at regionalizing their flavours! Oh and the freeze dried apple snacks - while horribly overpriced - damn DAMN good. Bumper gets whatever mommy can't shove in her own mouth.

Anonymous | 6:26 PM

I'm with ya. L-O-V-E the sweet potato ones. But the corn ones smell like sweaty feet. Or Smartfood.

Fairly Odd Mother | 7:06 PM

Ohhhh, I like the banana ones but my real weakness is Stonyfield Farms baby yogurt==they are made with whole milk and are so ridiculous and totally not helping me stay in my current size jeans. At least those Finger Foods are like eating puffed air.

Momma Bean | 7:37 PM

I love the strawberry-banana! So good, the way it melts in your mouth.


YESSSSS! So good!

Mom101 | 9:33 PM

I am terrified to try them myself, and yet I'll feed them to my kids. What does that say about me?

Off to Babble!

Wendy | 8:11 AM

I was just telling the hubs that we need to consider a Mac the next time we buy a computer.

Just wanted to stop by and tell you I am so loving these secrets. The pictures are great and I was wondering how you did them. Asked and answered.

Jaelithe | 2:50 PM

Hehe! Those ARE pretty tasty. Just the right combo of crispy, airy and sweet. I thought I was the only one . . .

We haven't bought them in a long time, since Isaac stared eating a bit more big-people food. Because, you know, it would be totally dumb to buy them for myself. Totally.

Jeni | 5:39 PM

i love the freeze dried fruits. maizie and i split a bag like it's weed or something.