Photo Of The Week



The Silent K | 5:34 AM


Not now, can't you see I'm busy.
Man, are you ever needy.

(I get this from George all the time too, funny. Then he'll come back begging for smooches later)

metro mama | 5:52 AM

This is what every day is like for me (I wrote about this today). Ungrateful little SOBs, aren't they?

Loukia | 6:25 AM

So cute! Love it!

مارية | 6:43 AM

Ha ha...he's all, "Ew mommy, go away!"

Anonymous | 7:10 AM

Arch! Give Mama her kisses!

(Mister Max does the exact same thing to me.)

Anonymous | 8:35 AM

"Geez lady - quit sweatin' me!"


Judging from the comments, this is a perfect candidate for a GGC Photo Of The Week Caption Contest! I can see it now...

Seriously, though what is he looking at so intently that could possibly be more important than kisses?

Anonymous | 10:18 AM

I know the feeling all too well. I have to tackle for most of my kisses and snuggles these days.

Scar | 10:29 AM

i love it!

Anonymous | 5:24 PM

Off me, mom. I mean, c'mon... Jeezch.

I dread the day my boy won't let me cover him with kisses in public. Sigh.

motherbumper | 6:59 PM

He is so totally perfecting his adoring fans/paparazzi defenses. What a dude.

Leigh C. | 7:04 AM

Child bride is right. Photo Caption Contest! Photo Caption Contest!

He's really working on his "Talk to the hand" gesture and attitude, I think.

Or, to paraphrase what a classmate of the little guy's said to a kid who was bothering her: "Mooooom, get outta my FACE!"

Unknown | 7:53 AM


Anonymous | 12:07 PM

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*Tanyetta* | 3:45 PM

talk to the hand momma! lol. i love it.

PetiteMommy | 5:49 PM

So cute! Mine have their moments too!

Fairly Odd Mother | 6:32 PM

Oh! The hand! You got the hand! My little stinker (just over 2) rubs away my kisses as fast as you can plant them all over his little head. Kiss--wipe away---kiss--wipe away. To get him back, I tell him he's actually wiping the kiss IN, not away. I'm childish like that.

PunditMom | 8:31 PM

When I'm in L.A. in May, can I come by and get a photography tutorial?? Your pics are the best!