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Archer is trapped in the book closet y'all!*

*In case you don't catch the R. Kelly reference I recommend with every core of my being, R Kelly's hour long hip-hopera "Trapped In the Closet." Watch it with your friends. And PLEASE for the love of H, watch the Director's Commentary (R watching his own film on a couch smoking a cigar pointing out "cliffhangers" and loving every minute of it.) Please. I promise it will not disappoint. It's like nothing you've ever seen before. I'm not even going to to try to do it justice by explaining. Go here, now.



Wendy | 9:59 AM

I didnt get it at first. There is not much I get anyway, so I would just chalk that up to me being dense.

However, I remember it being played on a radio morning show and it was the weirdest thing I have ever heard. Isnt there an affair with a little person and then someone getting shot? I might just have to rent it.

After I got the joke, I laughed and laughed. Who is Archer hiding from? I hope one of his many girlfriends isnt cheating on him? That was meant in a baby kind of cheating, you know eating Gerber Graduates with another toddler boy.


Haha! Yes! He caught Zadie RED-HANDED with "Go Dog Go!"

And yes, Trapped in the Closet is the most bizarre viewing experience you will ever endure. And worth every second. We own the beast. It's like watching a car accident but a thousand times worse. In a good way. If that makes sense.

Anonymous | 10:31 AM

Oh man,

Trapped in the Closet is amazing. They have sing along showings here in Boston at the Coolidge Corner Theater and I'm so upset I missed out last summer.

And if you didnt read the first customer review on, do it now. That shit is hilarious.

and fyi, he's currently working on finishing his "epic masterpiece," which after the already 12 parts on that dvd, still remains delightfully unfinished.


The best reviews are the serious ones like "I thought it was okay. My friend has it. It's pretty good..."

The epic masterpiece, I imagine, is going to take a lifetime to really get right. It's going to be hard for "R" to outdo himself after "...Closet."

Kristi Harrison | 11:35 AM

Best song EVAHHHH. Here's my version:

"And then, someone's at the door. What do I do? So I look out the window. Better finda place to hide. Can't fit under the bed. Oh, no. He's opening the door. Better go in the closet. He's in the room. He's talking to my girl. He's going to the bathroom. He's asking if the laundry is done. What do I do? I'm stuck in the closet. Oh no...he's coming this way..."

My husband and I sing this song ALL THE TIME. With our own lyrics, of course.

Scar | 12:50 PM

omg. becca i so just ordered it off amazon. you told me like 50 times to do it but now i officially did. I'm way excited. xoxo

Wendy | 5:40 PM

I am bored, so I decided to look this up on You Tube. You know they have everything. I found this,, some people have a lot of time on their hands. Funny, NO?

Anonymous | 9:39 PM

omg i really just thought it was a joke about tom cruise on south park!!! i just went to youtube and checked it out- is that REAL??? he said yes i said no he said yes i said no.... are you kidding me?????? oh this is the best. thank you!! thank you!! i can't wait to share it with everyone i know!~jjlibra

Anonymous | 10:07 PM

i am up to chapter 9. i had to skip 6 and 7- damn youtube!! the white wife and that accent!!! omg the man is a midget??!!!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!

Scar | 10:38 AM

um. amazing. I just finished watching it. wow.

*Tanyetta* | 10:19 PM

LOL at the midget. i looooooooooooooooved it. i own the dvd. is that sad or what??? LOL

Anonymous | 11:53 PM

You made David Brooks's column in the NY Times...

"There's a column by L.A.'s Rebecca Woolf, a sort of Silver Lake Erma Bombeck. 'Who says becoming a mom means succumbing to laser tattoo removal and moving to the suburbs?')"

Anonymous | 3:52 PM

Director's commentary, really? I need to watch it. I think I only saw the first one, so I'm totally clueless on how his masterpiece turned out. :-)