A Funny Little Valentine...

For my funny little Scarlett. You are my heart. I love you. Be well soon. So we can do makeup. And wear berets. And you can fall asleep on my shoulder. I miss you and I'll be there soon.



And to everyone else, in the spirit of all things loving and heartfelt, please remember to give blood. Whenever you can. Lives depend on it. Thank you.


Scar | 12:26 AM

um. I love you. More than soup cans full of quarters. That's a lot of love dude. And I cannot wait until you come to Memphis. St. Jude won't know what hit them.xoxo.

Amie Adams | 2:52 AM

Great message!!

Anonymous | 7:29 PM

Another photo of you with your mouth open?! Jesus Christ! Shut your fucking trap already, Bec. You're letting all of the hot air in.

Scar | 9:37 PM

FYI becca... i so have this travel plan thing under control. hizzah.

Anonymous | 10:13 PM

my heart goes out to scarlett (she is a beautiful girl and a wonderful poet) and i'll be making arrangements to have someone watch the kids for me so I can go donate some blood. Sending much strength and good wishes her way. you're a great friend bec.

Her Bad Mother | 6:17 PM

I will absofuckinglutely be donating blood. For Scarlett, and for everyone.