Photo Of The Week

My first self portrait. By: Archer Sage.



Her Bad Mother | 3:40 PM

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Very Chuck Close.

Mom101 | 5:33 PM

The composition! The intensity! The color! Why I think you've got a little artist on your hands there.

(And I still want that car seat.)

Bluepaintred | 5:41 PM

what happened to his wee nose, and how come his photos are way clearer then my blurry pics?


Scratched nose = the latest in face-falling souveniers. Sigh...

Wendy | 6:46 PM

I am jealous. I was told that cow print and little boys dont mix.

How can you go wrong with that face? He has a lot to work with.

Scar | 7:12 PM

I want him.I miss him.

Anonymous | 10:38 PM

Wow! He looks like such a BOY here, and not a baby. :)

Woman on the Verge | 5:36 AM

I'm all with aline...looks so much like a little boy. He's such a cute little man