Thing of the Week: Loop Highchair (and giveaway!)

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When they were infants, they spent hours upon hours in their Bjorn Bouncers (we still use and love them, btw) but now that they're bigoldcrawling children, highchairs are where it's at. For meals, obviously, but also after them, when the kids are drawing in the kitchen or dinner's being made or we're all in need of a break of chasing babies around the house. 

We loved our old Svan, which Archer and Fable both used, but we got rid of it before the twins were born, and before I had the chance to even look into which highchairs were awesome (and good with small spaces a la our tiny breakfast nook) Mamas & Papas sent us a pair of their LOOP highchairs to testdrive. (They used to have a cush green upholstery-lining thing, which was cool to look at, but not too practical once the girls started eating with their fingers. Behold:
My favorite part of the highchairs (and why I didn't even bother shopping around) is that they their stands kind of puzzle-piece together so that I can overlap their trays for easy feeding. Because it's hard enough going back and forth between two baby birds, especially in tight dining quarters. Voila: 
It's also super easy to clean (once you take the pretty green things off!), can be adjusted up, down and all around AND it spins around in circles for everyone's amusement. It's also super light (but very sturdy) and reclines. So the girls can laaaaaaayyyyy back. With their mind on their mommy and their mommy on their mind. 
Mamas & Papas has graciously donated an extra Loop Highchair to give away (Thanks, Mamas & Papas!). To win? Leave a comment below...

... I'll choose one winner via next Friday, July 13th. Don't forget to leave your contact info! Good luck and happy weekending!

UPDATED: Congrats to commenter #56, Kristi! And thank you all so much for entering! More awesome giveaways coming around the bend. Stay tuned!



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Unknown | 1:47 PM

am i really the first comment?
i'd love this high chair!

Unknown | 1:49 PM

oh, that is really cute! I have a good friend who will totally need this!

Des | 1:50 PM

My baby boy is obsessed with rice cakes!

Anonymous | 1:50 PM

This high chair is awesome, and I would also love it!

Lauren | 1:51 PM

Fingers crossed!! Favorite food is fruit anything. It doesn't even have to be healthy, I like cheesecake with a big dollop of strawberries or cherries. Fruit salad is my fave, though. Thanks for the opportunity to enter- our bambino would love to win! :)

Jennifer C. | 1:52 PM

my baby is still in utero but i would guess its favorite food is pickles since that is all i ever want to eat, tres stereotypical, i know.

mrs.notouching | 1:52 PM

If I win this I'm going to get preggers again just so I could use it.

Unknown | 1:52 PM


Kailee | 1:54 PM

Cute highchair! With baby number 2 here, we could certainly use a second high chair!

Anonymous | 1:54 PM

Ground control to Major High Chair! The Loop chair is so groovy & sci-fi looking! Our baby is about to start solids & we'd love to win one of these!!!

Ali Tong | 1:54 PM

I would love this! I have a 10 month old baby and a baby on the way! I could definitely get some good usage out of a nice highchair!

Emily | 1:54 PM


jervell | 1:54 PM

Jut the thing for number three on the way! Fingers crossed!

Pineapple | 1:57 PM

That chair would be fantastic in our kitchen! And one thing to cross off of our 'to buy' list.

Ellen | 1:58 PM

Oh my goodness, this would be incredible. We're just now at the stage of starting solids and this would be a great addition!

Julia | 1:58 PM

Your girls are so hip hop. I love it.

caressa | 1:58 PM

Would love it!!

Lauren | 1:59 PM

Hooray Highchairs! I'm all about the small spaces and the freebies and the baby stuffs. :)

Jules | 1:59 PM

Your girls are so hip hop. I love it.

Olivia | 2:00 PM

Just delivered my sweet baby twins 3 days ago and this high chair is awesome!!

EC | 2:00 PM

Our third is about ready to eat and would totally rock in this high chair!!

atout | 2:00 PM

Awesome! I'm pregnant with my first and we're looking for a highchair!

Carrie | 2:00 PM

Those things are awesome! I need one! :)

Erin | 2:00 PM

This is so cute and genius! We have a small kitchen and I bet that Stella would LOVE the chair. I love that it spins and adjusts to different heights.

Kate Dachille | 2:00 PM

Look at those beautiful babes! Would like to win this for my own.

Anonymous | 2:01 PM

This highchair looks much better than the one I have that rhymes with payco. :) Congrats on the house BTW!!! Julie (

Anonymous | 2:01 PM

We would love a new high chair!

Anonymous | 2:02 PM

Would love one of these! Julie Wallin

Ashley P | 2:02 PM

First is on the way! What a High Chair. I like that i swivels, reclines and adjusts. Beautiful family, and a beautiful life.

Anonymous | 2:03 PM

oops here's my email

Bunny | 2:03 PM

Raspberries are my daughter's favorite. This is an awesome high chair.

Lara | 2:04 PM

Would love this for my newest little one arriving in a month or so!

Megan | 2:04 PM

I could soooo use a new high chair. My baby is just starting solids and we're using a Bumbo. It's just not working out that well.

thegoldcell (at)

Tracey R. | 2:04 PM

Ooh, ooh, ooh!!! I've been admiring these in your pictures for months. My little one would love it.

That pic of Revi with her hands over her mouth is soooo adorable!

tbalbo19 (at)

mom2nji | 2:05 PM

I was loving these in your Esteban post! I would love it for Bella!

KPB | 2:05 PM

My baby sister needs one of these after I sat in our childhood one as a joke and it broke.

Save me da money, Becca!

Cassie | 2:05 PM

I've been eyeing that highchair on here for a while now, we have a Graco one that does the trick but is getting increasingly more difficult to clean now that real food is in the mix...

amandabryce | 2:05 PM

What a cute high chair! I love that green! Although, yeah, it would be coming off the instant the kid started feeding themselves :)

{katrina} | 2:05 PM

So awesome!
katrina at love dot com

Annie | 2:05 PM

Oh I want this! It would work perfectly in our apartment.

wyndi | 2:06 PM

Yes Please! For my grandchild....

Anonymous | 2:06 PM

Awesome chair! (

Andrea | 2:06 PM

This would be great!

EB | 2:07 PM

Awesome highchair!

Robyn | 2:08 PM

I had been wondering what king of high chairs they were. Would love to win!


Liz | 2:09 PM

Love the design. We're expecting in October, so would be perfect!

Amber | 2:09 PM

I would love to be lucky enough to win this highchair! Currently expecting and live in a super small space. :)

Clandestine Road | 2:09 PM

This looks awesome. #4's on the way and our current highchair is trashed. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


brittney | 2:12 PM

Expecting our first in Nov. Hoping to win!

jenifer | 2:13 PM

that would match our house! i'd love to win!

Tirzah | 2:13 PM

ooh I totally need a new highchair, ours is quite broken and I am dreading shopping around for another one :(

Anonymous | 2:13 PM

Oooh we would love to win - our 5 month old is about to need a high chair! Cruark(at)gmail(dot)com

Holly | 2:14 PM

Pick me, pick me!!!

Jessica | 2:16 PM

Really really cute!

Amy W. | 2:17 PM

Awesome! I can totally see why you didn't use the green thing though, looks like it would get sticky!

Kristi | 2:19 PM

would love to win this!


Anonymous | 2:19 PM

I would love to win this. It looks awesome and we need a full size high chair!

Kelsey G. | 2:19 PM

OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH!I seriously better win this high-chair. My baby boy is 5 months old and just starting to test the waters with avocado, watermelon and banana. I would love to have this for him to sit in!

Unknown | 2:21 PM

I hate to be the lurker that only comments on a giveaway, but I do love that chair! I'd love to have it for my 11 month old.

And I love the site, of course!

t. | 2:21 PM

I dig it. Awesome. tracy at my gippy dot com

jen | 2:21 PM

Looks great! Could use one in a couple months!
Jennifer huff at gmail dot com

Betty | 2:22 PM

OMG this looks awesome! I'm due with my first in 2.5 weeks, and we haven't gotten around to finding a high chair yet - though it's on the list!!

Holly | 2:22 PM

I've long admired your high chairs in other photos... they look beautiful and functional.

bmislan | 2:22 PM

I would love this for my baby boy due this November!

BettyBecca | 2:24 PM

Oooh! I'm due in September...would love this! BettyBecca (at) gmail (dot) com.

Himena | 2:24 PM

I would love to use this high chair for one of my twins! I have a nice wooden high chair which we used for my son, but when the twins came along we didn't really want to buy another one so we are using an old hand-me-down and the wooden one. Somebody always get the short end of the stick :)

Kellie | 2:25 PM

Starting solids with my first in the next few weeks! We're still apartment living, so space-saving would be great.

christine | 2:27 PM

I need a dining room table chair that spins AND reclines!

Sullivan Family Blog | 2:28 PM

Due with Baby #2 on January 1st!

Anonymous | 2:29 PM

A first time mom here due in October. Would love this!


Morgan | 2:29 PM

My baby is just getting to the point we need to start high chair shopping - this would be wonderful!
mpk042 at gmail

Ms. K | 2:32 PM

I love the 3rd picture posted in this post of Revi. It is as if she has her hand over her mouth like she just got caught doing something she knew was

Victoria Reina Duffy | 2:32 PM

My birthday is July 13- your contest drawing date!

Wishing you all joy in your new home.

Unknown | 2:33 PM

I would love this chair for my daughter- she's starting solids next week!

Amber @ Backwards Life | 2:34 PM

pretty! we sold our lovely Boon highchair then had another babe. ooops!

backwards.amber at gmail

Becky | 2:38 PM

Love the design of this high chair!

Leila Gates-Wai | 2:38 PM

I want! We have one but hardly use it because it's old and just difficult to clean...

Jen | 2:40 PM

Love those high chairs! I'm havin a bebe on Thursday and will eventually need one!

Allison | 2:40 PM

Due 2 days ago with our first girl baby (nowhere in sight). I'll bet once she's cool enough to be born, she'd love to hang in this high chair!

Jenny O | 2:40 PM

The highchair is gorgeous and all but your "rawhide" comment cracked me up more than anything else today.

Frannie74 | 2:41 PM

Love the chair. We have on old enormous one that was given to us.

E | 2:41 PM

Could totally use this!
orangecowchick at hotmail dot com

Anna | 2:42 PM

What a space-saver!

Becca | 2:43 PM

I noticed the high chairs in a previous post and thought they were so cute, and now a giveaway. The baby I am having in nov. would fit perfectly in one of these!

D Sharp | 2:46 PM

What a cool highchair. It's super stylish and would look great in our kitchen!

K├Ąthe | 2:46 PM

We've got a baby on the way!

Cara | 2:46 PM

Ooh! I saw those in the Esteban post & was wondering what they were. We have a tiny house/dining room & the babe will be eating here in a couple months. One of those high chairs would be perfect for us. (

jon plus nan | 2:46 PM

I love it! I have been drooling over these high chairs for my babe for a few months now. Would love to win! (

Unknown | 2:50 PM

Pick me pick me! Baby number 2 arriving in next 6 weeks, old high chair got recalled! Love your blog and all the pics!

sonja | 2:53 PM

I *adore* our Mamas and Papas stroller - I imagine the high chair is similarly made of magic. :)

Analisa McCain | 2:55 PM

Would LOVE one of these high chairs for our little one that's due in December! :)

Anonymous | 3:01 PM

We could really use a high chair-baby girl is officially at the stage where she wants to be with us when we eat!

Casey | 3:02 PM

would love to win... but, girl, I'm gonna need 2 also ;) My twin boys are 4mos going on 14 the way they are moving. I could totally use somewheres to tie them up for a bit ;)

Shelley | 3:03 PM

I would really appreciate this chair! our 2 bedroom condo just keeps getting smaller with all of the baby gear I have been tying to collect (baby boy #1 due november 9th) and it would be nice to have something both beautiful and functional!

Beth | 3:05 PM

First is on the way - would love this!


LiciaLee | 3:09 PM

that is amazing! I am due with number two in a few months, and not sure I am ready to move number one into a booster seat yet. I like the high chair... LOL. LOVE the green too, its my favorite color. :D alicia morris 2008 @ gmail . com .....:D

D.S.B. | 3:09 PM

We haven't got a highchair for our four month old yet. Love those!

Natalie | 3:09 PM

I love this highchair! Great giveaway that I'd love to win!

beyondconfessions | 3:10 PM

After 10 months my second hand highchair is not looking so great. This one looks awesome, would love it! Xoxo

Anonymous | 3:11 PM

twin girls on the way! i know they'd love this!

Nanette | 3:12 PM

Love these!

nannersp at gmail dot com

OneRadMother | 3:12 PM

Love the high chairs - they are fabulous!

MyMegan | 3:13 PM

adorable. would love it!

Shelley | 3:16 PM

Ooo so very pretty! Love it!


Very Bloggy Beth | 3:16 PM

Pretty fancy high chairs you ladies go there. We've got our hand-me-down Chicco, but BOY has it been through the ringer.

Michaela | 3:16 PM

Love it!

MissMolly | 3:16 PM

I would love to win this!

Anna | 3:19 PM

Would love it, thanks! #3 would love something of his own, not the one he's currently using that's falling apart!

mwilson | 3:21 PM

so adorable!

Anna | 3:22 PM

Would love it, thanks! #3 would love something of his own, not the one he's currently using that's falling apart!

traberlee | 3:22 PM

super cute high chair!

C | 3:24 PM

This high chair is adorable and would be perfect for my son with severe reflux. We too use that Bjorn bouncer religiously. That upright position is perfect! Cori dot wren at gmail dot com

janna | 3:25 PM

how COOL~

Trivia Cindy | 3:27 PM

awesome! They are lovely

Susan | 3:30 PM

My niece needs a high chair as she is starting to crawl and the bumbo just is not doing it for her any longer.

Emilie | 3:30 PM

I noticed the high chairs in your previous post actually! This is timely because I am actually shopping for one as we speak - my little one is 3 months old.

skis_atomic at yahoo dot ca.

Celi | 3:33 PM

Would love this for my ill man!

apreciado15 at gmail dot com

Unknown | 3:34 PM

Baby #3 needs this!

Sarah | 3:35 PM

Would be a fabulous chair for my mom to use while watching my baby girl!

S | 3:40 PM

Beautiful chair! I could definitely put it to good use.

KateH | 3:41 PM

I have a best friend who just had a new little boy a month ago (baby Jude) and I would love to win it for them! When their 3 year old son, I'm sure a fun and useful high chair would be a great gift!

SharonT | 3:42 PM

This would be great for us; we have #2 on the way and have gotten rid of all previous things baby.

evsmarie | 3:42 PM

This looks amazing! I would love a reason to get rid of the gross hand-me-down that currently resides in our kitchen.

Ashley of Lovelock | 3:42 PM

Um, please! Trying to adopt again (5th baby, yah!) and this would be uhhmazing!

Kimberly | 3:44 PM

That high chair is awesome! My son would love it!


Brandy Serrano Gallegos | 3:48 PM

I was just admiring your chairs on your last post :)

ste | 3:49 PM

I never used a highchair myself, only the booster seats, but I would totally give this to my friend who is expecting her first little one! They are very cute and perhaps had I known about them, I might have changed my mind!

chayna rae | 3:51 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amy | 3:58 PM

I am adopting my first baby who is due in just a few weeks! This would be awesome for him!

Rachel | 4:02 PM

We totally need this! 2 babies under 17 mo and we don't own a high chair! :)

Anonymous | 4:03 PM

With a baby due in one month (!) we would love this chair! Especially since it will fit in our super tiny dining room.


kelly | 4:04 PM

I don't typically like to move things INTO my studio, but I TOTALLY NEED THIS. Room would be made... SO cute!! Absolutely Perfect.

Cave Momma | 4:07 PM

Love those! My BFF could really use one for her new babe.

Christina | 4:08 PM

I just had my first baby and could really use this!

Rachel | 4:09 PM

I have seen this chair in your previous posts, looks fantastic! They make great products!

Unknown | 4:11 PM

This high chair is so cute! I know our baby to be would love it!

k5brown | 4:12 PM

Loop is is my favorite color!

Libby | 4:12 PM

I am pregnant and would love not to think about choosing and shopping for a high chair :-).

Liz McCracken | 4:15 PM

Due with a baby girl in September! Pick me!

Molly | 4:17 PM

Oh man how very very cool! I was just looking at high chairs today for my babe who is ready to eat solids. Thank you!!

Molly | 4:19 PM

oh crap my email is

Laura C | 4:24 PM

I need this!

kgavzy | 4:24 PM

Love that it adjusts up and down...

Alyson | 4:25 PM

Too cute!

chayna rae | 4:27 PM

i'm on my way to being a first time mom, would love the high chair!!

Clarissa | 4:28 PM

This high chair is so rad! We have a teeny tiny dining area and this would be just the ticket for our babe who will be eating solids soon. Too soon!

Adina | 4:29 PM

I have a seven month old, and foolishly, have yet to buy a high chair (whoops). Somehow, I thought, I don't know, that the bumbo would be sufficient, or that the baby would eat in a chair(?) Wrong. Anyway, the high chair is beautiful and we (well, he) would make good use of it!

Jo | 4:30 PM

My mom waited 18 years in between daughters, I'd love to win this high chair for her and my baby sister!

Allye Crosby | 4:30 PM

Pregnant with my first and would love this rad chair for my girl!

Jenn | 4:31 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lindsay | 4:32 PM

Yay! I would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

Jenn | 4:32 PM

Comment! jenn at

Anonymous | 4:36 PM

Your babies are just adorable! And love the high chairs too :)

Unknown | 4:40 PM

waaaaaaaaayyyyy cuuuuuute and way nicer than the Ikea one we're using. Wo knew high chairs could ve so fancy?!

Gina | 4:41 PM

Those are such unique high chairs!

Sara | 4:44 PM

This looks like an awesome high chair :)

Kayla | 4:45 PM

I have been dying to get my hands on one of these, it would just be too amazing!!! Practically drooling over the damn chair every time I see it in your pics! I will now cross fingers, toes, and eyes.

Rachel | 4:47 PM

The girls are adorable and the house is beautiful! Pregnant with my second and this chair looks awesome!

JT | 4:50 PM

I would love this high chair for our tiny house with my first baby due in a few months. I have been following your blog for a few years, but then became obsessed with re-reading all your twin pregnancy posts when I became pregnant with twins. I was devastated when I lost one of my twins at 14 weeks, but still have one healthy kiddo on the way who will need to eat (in this high chair)! Pick me please! And thank you for putting your beautiful pictures and words out into the world!

callmejt (at) gmail (dot) com

JosiePosie | 4:53 PM

I love this highchair, from the color to the design to the cute babies in the pictures :)

sara wolf | 4:55 PM

Great giveaway!! I love this high chair, it would be perfect for my son! Love all the neat features and the fun color :)

Tilly | 4:56 PM

Seriously?! That chair would look lovely in my home ;)

Teaguen | 5:00 PM

I would love to have one. Doing foster care for babies and could really use one. Love your blog!!

kelli | 5:01 PM

I would love to have one of those!!

kristentheowl | 5:05 PM

This would be awesome for our sweet little girl.

Kelly | 5:08 PM

What a neat chair!!

Kelly O | 5:09 PM

I would love to have that high chair!

Kelly O | 5:10 PM

I would love to have that high chair!

Karyn | 5:10 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Martha | 5:12 PM

Really nice high chairs! I've always admired the Svan too but these seem very versatile.

Natalie | 5:12 PM

Very cool, I would love to win the bean a chair!

Karyn | 5:14 PM

We're expecting our first, and this highchair looks awesome! Now if only you could guarantee that our kid will come out as gorgeous as yours are... :)

karynlthurston at gmail!

Erin @ WriteTasty | 5:15 PM

What a great highchair! I would love to win it and have a real highchair

A | 5:16 PM

Love the look of this one! Baby #2 is due in two weeks, and we are in the market for a high chair!

Kari | 5:16 PM

They look so great (the chairs too). I would love one-- we just found out we are expecting our first in March!

cd0103 | 5:19 PM

Would love it! My neighbor could use it in a few weeks.

The FragJohnsons | 5:22 PM

Ooh, I would love one.

carriefragnoli (at) yahoo . com

Kristen @ | 5:24 PM

So cute! Would love one!

elizabeth | 5:25 PM

same thing going on here... we have a 9 month old self feeder.. wild wild wild woman! we'd love to try this chair!

L.L. | 5:30 PM

Would love this chair - the green is hot!

Hyatt | 5:31 PM

We need a second highchair, this would be so cool to win!

Anonymous | 5:32 PM

Just foound out I am having Number 3 and this would be a great highchair to have for my little one.


littlemissmoffittscreations(at)yahoo(dot)com | 5:33 PM

We love our Svan too, but it has seen better days. This would be great for our new baby girl! | 5:34 PM


Erin | 5:36 PM

Baby #2 is on the way, and I hate the highchair we have now. Would love to win this!

Mad Max and Family | 5:37 PM

awesome chairs ... and great photos!


madmaxandfamily at gmail

Heather | 5:38 PM

This would be awesome! I have twin girls also (three months old today!), and I'd love to pop one of them in it in a few months. They would look extra-cute in that thing.

Anonymous | 5:39 PM

Expecting boy and girl twins this November! Definitely could use this!

Meghan | 5:43 PM

Seriously awesome looking highchair!

Megan | 5:45 PM

I love that the base doesn't take up tons of room too!!

meekasmommy | 5:46 PM

My daughter LOVES food of all kinds (eats more than I do, some meals!) and would love this fabulous place to sit while stuffing everything into her face :)

Jos | 5:47 PM

That high chair looks amazing!! I love how incredibly different your girls are. :)

mkleblanc | 5:48 PM

Our new baby was due today (nothing happening yet...), and we haven't picked a high chair. Would love this one! :-)

Barb | 5:51 PM

We need a high chair so badly! Wonder if I'll be the lucky one??

Audrey | 5:53 PM

This chair looks amazing! The one I had for my baby never worked well as he was always trying to stand up! We moved to a booster seat fast but for baby number two this will be on my list!
A blog for stylish moms despite all the spilled milk!

Anonymous | 5:56 PM

Would love to win!!!
tiffanyneufeld at yahoo dot ca

Lucia | 5:58 PM

Would love to upgrade our highchair!

Katie | 6:03 PM

My birthday is July 13, I'd love to win!

Trixana | 6:04 PM

We are just about to start solids! This high chair would be perfect for our baby girl. BTW Esteban is beautiful (<===brown noser, but really it is)!p

Abby's Mum | 6:07 PM

Awesome highchairs! My 8 month old loves loves LOVES his mum mums :) messy but delish!

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