Thing of the Week: Loop Highchair (and giveaway!)

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When they were infants, they spent hours upon hours in their Bjorn Bouncers (we still use and love them, btw) but now that they're bigoldcrawling children, highchairs are where it's at. For meals, obviously, but also after them, when the kids are drawing in the kitchen or dinner's being made or we're all in need of a break of chasing babies around the house. 

We loved our old Svan, which Archer and Fable both used, but we got rid of it before the twins were born, and before I had the chance to even look into which highchairs were awesome (and good with small spaces a la our tiny breakfast nook) Mamas & Papas sent us a pair of their LOOP highchairs to testdrive. (They used to have a cush green upholstery-lining thing, which was cool to look at, but not too practical once the girls started eating with their fingers. Behold:
My favorite part of the highchairs (and why I didn't even bother shopping around) is that they their stands kind of puzzle-piece together so that I can overlap their trays for easy feeding. Because it's hard enough going back and forth between two baby birds, especially in tight dining quarters. Voila: 
It's also super easy to clean (once you take the pretty green things off!), can be adjusted up, down and all around AND it spins around in circles for everyone's amusement. It's also super light (but very sturdy) and reclines. So the girls can laaaaaaayyyyy back. With their mind on their mommy and their mommy on their mind. 
Mamas & Papas has graciously donated an extra Loop Highchair to give away (Thanks, Mamas & Papas!). To win? Leave a comment below...

... I'll choose one winner via next Friday, July 13th. Don't forget to leave your contact info! Good luck and happy weekending!

UPDATED: Congrats to commenter #56, Kristi! And thank you all so much for entering! More awesome giveaways coming around the bend. Stay tuned!



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MichelleL | 10:11 AM

My baby girl is 3 months and we are starting to shop for high chairs!!

Mrs. Z | 10:18 AM

Haven't even started to look into a high chair yet for my two month old. This looks great!

Double J | 10:21 AM

Please! The amazing wonder chair. Hope I win.

Anonymous | 10:22 AM

With a baby due August 15th...this would be awesome!

Warrior Woman | 10:30 AM

My friend is preggo with twins and would love one!

Unknown | 10:49 AM

That highchair is amazing. You can't beat stylish function.

Anonymous | 10:50 AM

Love that chair!

ell_soprano | 10:56 AM

I would love, love to replace our big 'ol Graco with this chair. I looks like it could scoot right up to the table instead of sitting out in the middle of the dining room waiting to be tripped over!

Unknown | 10:56 AM

Would love to win this! Absolutely adorable chair for my little Emma :)

Unknown | 11:06 AM

Yay, I could use a highchair. One we have is horrible! | 11:10 AM

Those look awesome!

Anonymous | 11:11 AM

Awesome high chair and that's just one of the many things I still have yet to buy for the baby that will be here soon!


Anonymous | 11:17 AM

Oh we SOO could use this!! We have our fourth on the way (which was not planned, ergo we have NO baby stuff!! Argh!) Anyhow, thanks so much and love all your babes btw, they are so picture perfect and you never cease to make me lol ("mind on their mommy and their mommy on their mind - haha) :)

Adventures of The Parch Family- 3 little birds | 11:23 AM

Hi there!

Had to use my now two year olds high chair to use for my twin boy (i have 7 month old B/G twins) so we are in need of a 3rd!

Hook me up! :)

Lindsay | 11:30 AM

My Jude desperately needs a highchair upgrade, fingers are crossed.

Esther | 11:35 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Esther | 11:36 AM

thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Here we go | 11:42 AM

is it to late to enter?
I love this!

Marisa | 11:49 AM

Ooh, yay, would love to try this high chair out ...

Kate Giovinco Photography | 11:51 AM

Very cool and would be perfect for small space at beach house.

jesse k | 11:52 AM

We have a wooden one from the 1st two kids and it is a pain to clean, this would be great for our newest, who is close to starting solids!

Anonymous | 11:57 AM

Ahh, cute! It would be SO nice to have a highchair, ha.

Erica | 12:08 PM

would love to win this for a friend. she was borrowing a lot of baby items for her little one, due in 6 weeks. the lender of the items just found out she is also expecting and needs everything back. so now the friend is scrambling to fill in where items are missing. something like this would just make her day!

ST | 12:09 PM

It looks like a very cool design

Jayna LG | 12:11 PM

Cute highchair!

Unknown | 12:23 PM

I'm due October 5th...we would love this high chair. The twins are adorable.

Unknown | 12:23 PM

I'm due October 5th...we would love this high chair. The twins are adorable!

Amber P. | 12:24 PM

This chair sounds much spiffier than my current highchair. I'm sure baby 3 would appreciate the upgrade when she starts on solids :)

Sarah | 12:54 PM

Love this! Pick me pick me! sarah_bananas(at)yahoo(dot)com

SKhan | 12:55 PM

Oh my twin 8 month olds would love those high chairs.

Unknown | 12:55 PM

Too cute! I love the blog and I love the high chair. Our chair now is of the "massive piece of plastic" variety...because you know you need one more piece of hulking equipment in your life.

V | 1:02 PM

ooh la la! Pick me please!

Heather | 1:03 PM

With our first baby on the way...this would really come in handy.

Yoga Susie | 1:19 PM

Would love to win for baby #2 so he doesn't have to have hand me down EVERYTHING! susiefishleder at gmail dot com

Katie | 1:28 PM

I love the design! So cute!

Lauren | 1:29 PM

We've never purchased an actual high chair, just a strapped in booster--but this is one chair that is functional and great looking. I can see keeping it for ages, and a great way to immobolize a very active 1 yr old.

Mary | 1:34 PM

I want this, it's so cute!

irelassred | 1:37 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
irelassred | 1:38 PM

Wow! My first baby is going to show up sometime in the next 6-10 weeks, & it would be very awesome to have this high chair ready & waiting for him!
It looks very cool & sounds very practical.
My favorite food? Hmmm....I love food in general but tis the season, so I'll go with heirloom Cherokee tomatoes, fresh & lightly salted.
My email is
kelli d phillips at gmail dot com

fabulousmrsg | 2:27 PM

I have a little guy who is getting ready to start solids in the next few weeks-this would be perfect!

Juliazenaide | 3:26 PM

Just had a baby! Would love a high chair!
juliazenaide at

Unknown | 4:39 PM

Have a friend with a baby on the way!

Anonymous | 5:13 PM

That looks amazing! I need another high chair (3 under 3).

Annie | 5:16 PM

My baby boy just started solids. So far his favorite is fresh figs.

Anonymous | 6:22 PM

Expecting our first and have been admiring your high chairs since you first posted photos. Hip hip!

Heather | 6:30 PM

Oh, I Would love to win this! We do foster care and are very much due for a new feeding throne :)

Mandy | 6:49 PM

My baby boy who is due to arrive in November would love that highchair!!!

Jill D | 7:39 PM

Would love love love this high chair for my little one. We also got rid of our other.

Anonymous | 8:05 PM

My DREAM high chair. Hubby's Air Force salary would never allow it though :P I have a 5 month old son,Indie, who is just getting into solids. It'd be perfect to slide up to our kitchen nook, we have serious space issues in our eat in kitchen!

Jana | 8:11 PM

We have a 6 month old and are on brink of high hair territory! I would love to win this!


Unknown | 8:17 PM

Winning would be lovely =) Especially with a new baby on the way.

alyce | 8:45 PM

I would love to win. And thanks for the review of the chair. Looks lovely.

Laurah | 9:11 PM

Loooove this high chair! It's modern and fun and the fact that it spins around is an awesome bonus.

Tasha Imajin | 10:07 PM

My 5 month old just started on rice cereal and we could really use a high chair! This is great! (tasha dot haley at yahoo dot com)

Nancy | 10:36 PM

We are about a month away from needing a high chair to fit in our itty bitty dining room. I would love this!

Rachel | 11:10 PM

So cool and super stylish! I would love me one of those... :)

Chantel | 5:28 AM

This highchair is gorgeous and so practical for day-to-day feedings. It would be perfect for my nephew, who is just starting to eat solid food!

Cecilia Marzo @Sacred_Mama | 6:33 AM

Our son just starting eating solids, this would be an awesome highchair for him. =)

Love your site!

leah | 6:37 AM

My favorite food is bacon whilst the babies are rockin' yogurt.

LauraMae | 6:40 AM

I would looooove this highchair! Thanks for the opportunity to win one--handyL{at}

LauraMae | 6:45 AM

What a fabulous giveaway! Thank you!!!

Anonymous | 6:55 AM

I want

lauren-emily | 7:04 AM

We are trying to save money for our seven month old's high chair. would love love love to win this.
lauren {dot} emilymcmanus {at} gmail {dot} com

Meghan | 7:51 AM

Oh man ... we've used the same crappy (used, used, used) Chicco for our first 2 and now that no. 3 will be eating solids in a couple months (and we moved to a new -amazing- house a month ago) a new high chair would be SO AWESOME!

Meghan | 7:52 AM

dangit! Contact:

Shawna | 7:57 AM

This is a really cool high chair. And I totally need another one as we have one twin in a high chair, and another twin in a bumbo trying to hold him down... lol!

Caityo80 | 8:09 AM

Love the modern look and easy to clean features on these chairs!

HaleyIRHC | 8:34 AM

Ok, so here is my weird connection to you and why I would love this highchair (two would be great!). I ready your posts a few years ago and "rediscovered" you right as your twins were born. Just a few days later, I learned that I was also having twins, to add to my 4 and 1 yr old girls. My twin boys were born this past March. It has been great hearing about your family and seeing how you've been handling their first year. I even ended up with Bjorn bouncer and Ergo because they seemed to work so well for your girls (and, my boys love them too). Congrats on your new home, we also just moved! So strange how my life has been following yours! These high chairs look perfect for my Howie and/or Charlie! Good luck with your new baby, EJL...

Anonymous | 9:11 AM

My sweet girl is three months but will be ready for some real food before I know it!

Unknown | 9:21 AM

I would be super stoked to get one!


jennifroment @ gmail dot com.

Liz | 9:59 AM

oh i'd love one for my little girl.

vmac | 10:22 AM

I am due August 8. I would LOVE this chair!

Katie | 10:36 AM

This is a beautiful highchair. I am about to birth my 2nd babe. I am scared shitless. New babe is a girl.

Kirdy | 11:07 AM

LOVE the high chair! Love your girls!

B | 11:27 AM

Would love to win this! My 3rd child is due this winter and this high chair would be perfect-

Jenn | 11:45 AM

what an adorable high chair. we are pinching pennies for our own esteban one day, so i would love a fantastic chair!!

Lyzzette | 11:55 AM

These are awesome!! and yay on the new house !!

mjb | 12:21 PM

This is such a beautiful chair!

In Due Time | 12:40 PM

That's a really cool highchair. I can't believe how big the babes are getting, though! :)

Beth | 12:54 PM

That is a fantastic looking high chair! How nice of them to do a giveaway!

FSURia | 12:59 PM

Awesome! Would love this, and hopefully Liam would love it too!

Abby | 1:11 PM

First baby cming in September and i heart the high chair!

mileena | 1:29 PM

adorable high chairs!

Erin | 1:31 PM

I would love a new highchair!

kahunter | 1:36 PM

My sister is having a baby this fall. I would love to give her this high chair.

Erin | 1:37 PM

I would love a new highchair!

JachiCue | 2:36 PM

Oh this would be awesome!

Lisa Young | 3:09 PM

I need a new chair for my surprise baby due in November! I love that it reclines so she can lie back and watch me cook!

Lisa Young | 3:13 PM

I would love this high chair for my little surprise baby, due in November! She can recline back and watch me cook her food.

HappyFish | 3:38 PM

I would so love to win this!

Mindy | 6:49 PM

I would love this! I have a kiddo on the way who will need it sooner than later ...

Unknown | 7:15 PM

Ooh! I am pregnant with number two and would adore one of these! Here's to hoping the signs are pointing at me!

Kayla | 8:46 PM

I forgot to leave my info!!

squeakie | 9:56 PM

I have been wondering about these amazing chairs the girls have been photographed in! My 6 month old will be starting solids this month, & this would be a stylish way to do it!

Diane. | 10:38 PM

those high chairs are amazing! i would love to have one for my messy eater ; )

Diane. | 10:38 PM

that is an amazing high chair! i would love to have one for my messy eater ; )

Anonymous | 10:43 PM

Love those high chairs! FX!!

Hannah | 2:54 AM

Looks a brillant high chair for my son, looks really comfy unlike his high chair at present.
Wish i had done more research before buying the high chair he has now!


Anonymous | 3:19 AM

Amazing-have a 5 month old little girl called poppy who has just started solids. She sits in her bumbo at the moment so a high chair is next on the cards-this one would be fab! xx

linz_788 | 4:30 AM

I didn't know you could get such stylish highchair, would take pride of place in my kitchen diner if i won my son one! :)

linz_788 | 4:37 AM

I didn't realise you could get such stylish highchairs, it would take pride of place in my kitchen diner if I won one for my son :)

Unknown | 4:56 AM

This would be perfect for bean arriving in a few weeks :)

shannon waugh kowalski | 5:42 AM

We are graduating from the bebepods this week to highchairs, this would be awesome to win!!

TriciaR | 6:09 AM

Our babe is on the verge of starting solid foods, and we are on the lookout for the perfect high chair. Maybe this is it?

Dara | 8:17 AM

I've been eyeing those for quite some time. I LOVE that they don't take up as much space as the traditional chair!!

Brooke | 8:19 AM

This is the coolest high chair I've ever seen!

Anonymous | 8:23 AM

This would be great for my 6 month old who's about to start eatin solids!
Brookewyeth at gmail dot com

Lianne | 8:26 AM

I've been eyeballing this high chair for forever for our new arrival!

Meagan | 8:56 AM

Oh la la! I would love!

TheScientistsWidow | 9:56 AM

With a five month old who just started eating last week, this would be PERFECT!

Shera | 10:56 AM

That would be sooo much better than the 80's monstrosity currently residing in our kitchen!

carri z. | 11:01 AM

having our FIRST babe this fall
AND just bought OUR first LA home.

congraTS on all of it.

Rochel S | 11:06 AM

Love the look of this high chair! Especially since its easy to clean! Thanks for the chance.
rufful at gmail dot com

Anonymous | 11:14 AM

Would LOVE this highchair!! Twins and a spare. We could really use this!! PICK US!!

Anonymous | 11:25 AM

My lil Lali would looove this chair! !!

Unknown | 11:26 AM

Oh my gosh. We dont have a highchair and i love your products. This would be so helpful for our new addition, our little boy. Love the design! so cool.. and extra bonus.. the colors match our kitchen. Hah!
I hope you choose our comment to win. <3

Laurel | 11:32 AM

Wow, this high chair makes me think we might have to have #3 after my 11 month old moves to a booster!

Laurel | 11:34 AM

Whoops, my e-mail is

Cathy C | 11:39 AM

I would love to have this for my grandson!

Anonymous | 11:46 AM

With baby #2 here in less than a month, we'll eventually be needing a high chair! This one is so nice - practical and stylish. Thanks for such a great giveaway!


DCD | 11:46 AM

Want it.

dana | 11:50 AM

Would love to win!

dreamerpix | 11:53 AM

would love to win! :D

Kat | 11:54 AM

We need a highchair for baby girl # 2! | 12:00 PM

Love it, need it, want it, give me that chair!:))))))

Natalie | 12:01 PM

Wow - nice high chair! I didn't even know Mamas & Papas made high chairs! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous | 12:10 PM

I have been using the Mamas & Papas sitting chair to feed our baby ..I would love this and get great use of it! I love all their products!!

Miranda W. | 12:19 PM

Thanks for the chance!!! Just had our baby and don't have a highchair!!!

Miranda W. | 12:21 PM

Forgot to leave my email!!!!

Thanks for the chance!!! Just had our baby and don't have a highchair!!!

Anonymous | 12:24 PM

love the pics! would love to win!

Crystal | 12:26 PM

What a great highchair!

JLin | 12:45 PM

would love to win

WEI | 12:47 PM

Hope I win this high chair!

Ren | 12:48 PM

pick me I want to win this

shar | 12:49 PM

Brilliant chair!!

Lindsay | 12:53 PM

I'm pregnant with my first baby and I'd love to win this!

Nicole | 1:11 PM

I would love to win this for our 3.5 month old. He's older brother is only 20 months so we could definitely use another one!!

Anonymous | 1:19 PM

i would love to win the high chair....could really use a new one.

Alyssa | 2:00 PM

Awesome high chair Yes please!

Christina | 2:09 PM

I would love to win this highchair for my baby boy, it looks and sounds amazing! Thank you

another measure of success | 2:23 PM

I would love to have a secure place to put my wiggle worm.

idahorhodes | 2:39 PM

love the blog! would love the high chair too! sounds like we gave birth around the same time! my sixth child was born 9-23-11! fun times can i say!

Anonymous | 2:55 PM

Unexpectedly expecting a third child. I got rid of all of my baby stuff as my boys are 7 & 8. This highchair is gorgeous and we are sorely in need of one. In case you select me, my email is and my name is Sarah Stevens

Val | 3:52 PM

Oh, man. This would be useful.

Anonymous | 4:00 PM

What cuties ,The mama's & papas baby snug seat is the best. I am paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair ,my 6 month old Alena is ready for this awesome chair. It would help her mama too by being sturdy and at wheelchair level so i don't have to sit her on the table in her baby snug seat.My email is Thanks for being such a great company.

Catherine | 6:24 PM

*hooray* This would be a well received gift for first time parents who are due in Feb. 2013. pick me! pick me!

Jessica | 7:05 PM

our 6 mos old is just starting to try out foods and this chair would be amazing!

Anonymous | 7:37 PM

Love this high chair and we will be needing one soon!

kristinc | 7:51 PM

giveaway? free? can't beat that!!!

Frugal Chic | 8:51 PM

I'm expecting my firstand this would be an awesome item to get us going with getting ready. I love the colors.

Anonymous | 9:01 PM

I saw this IRL and thought it could be a green bean mess. Love the rest of the features though. Gratzi!

Melodeep | 9:14 PM

Sweet! I know we'd have fun smearing avocado all over that bad boy!

margo B. | 9:18 PM

Love the look of this high chair!!! the little sweeties are beautiful also;) It would fit perfectly in my apt. kitchen and even free up some space- current looks like an elefant;) My child loves to nibble on blueberries

Melodeep | 9:25 PM

We'd have a great time smearing avocado all over that bad boy!

Cylence | 12:54 AM

Oh this would be perfect for the 1st little one, arriving soon! So excited!

Lauren | 5:38 AM

Highchair would be great for our baby that will be here in 2 months!

al_arely | 6:06 AM

i would love to win, i dont have a highchair

nicole | 8:26 AM

Congrats on the new house! I would love to win the high chair for my friend who's expecting her first baby in September. Thanks, Bec! xo.

jdavissquared | 9:19 AM

I'm expecting my first in November, and this would be awesome!!!

Anonymous | 11:07 AM

I would love this for our new babe.

Anonymous | 11:08 AM

I would love this for our new babe.

Anonymous | 11:09 AM

We would love it for our new baby girl coming soon.

Unknown | 12:02 PM

I am in to bright colors and this work match my lime green and turquois kitchen

Jordan | 12:17 PM

Our baby is due in september and this is the last thing still on our list. After shopping and shopping, this first time mama needs a break! A highchair off the list would be magical!


Amanda M | 1:04 PM

These look great. We'll be needing a highchair pretty soon I guess, amazing how fast this all goes!

hellocupcake | 1:09 PM

This chair is great!

timetolookup @ gmail . com

Meagan | 5:48 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meagan | 5:49 PM

I would lovvvve this!! We got rid of our highchair after our last daughter and ....SUPRISE! We will be needing a new one... My kids all loved strawberries the most.

Cameron | 6:48 PM

Awesome! Those look so cool!

ursy | 6:54 PM

i love this highchair!!!!!!

Elizabeth | 8:56 PM

I am expecting a baby and would love this highchair.

Pretty In Prada | 10:04 PM

I'd really love to win this highchair! <3

Valentino | 10:39 PM

As a new parent, this chair will be all sorts of help with our little tyke, not to mention a great position for candids!

movado_perfect at

Anonymous | 1:33 AM

i would love this!

Little Brim Baby | 4:48 AM

My seven-month-old son just started on solid foods and a new highchair for the kitchen would be so nice!

littlebrimbaby (at) gmail (dot) com

Christine | 7:15 AM

would be a blessing to this broke mama!

lonek8 | 11:39 AM

I'm sure I'm too late for the giveaway since I'm catching up on way old posts (haven't read any blogs since I had my baby six weeks ago!) but these highchairs are fabulous! I wish i had made it in time to be entered, but I think I'll just have to buy one anyway for the baby!

Cory | 5:18 PM

I would love to win this for my daughter!

Cory | 5:25 PM

Oops forgot my email:

Unknown | 9:19 PM

Was the winner announced on Friday? Did I miss it?

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