Thing of the Week: Loop Highchair (and giveaway!)

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When they were infants, they spent hours upon hours in their Bjorn Bouncers (we still use and love them, btw) but now that they're bigoldcrawling children, highchairs are where it's at. For meals, obviously, but also after them, when the kids are drawing in the kitchen or dinner's being made or we're all in need of a break of chasing babies around the house. 

We loved our old Svan, which Archer and Fable both used, but we got rid of it before the twins were born, and before I had the chance to even look into which highchairs were awesome (and good with small spaces a la our tiny breakfast nook) Mamas & Papas sent us a pair of their LOOP highchairs to testdrive. (They used to have a cush green upholstery-lining thing, which was cool to look at, but not too practical once the girls started eating with their fingers. Behold:
My favorite part of the highchairs (and why I didn't even bother shopping around) is that they their stands kind of puzzle-piece together so that I can overlap their trays for easy feeding. Because it's hard enough going back and forth between two baby birds, especially in tight dining quarters. Voila: 
It's also super easy to clean (once you take the pretty green things off!), can be adjusted up, down and all around AND it spins around in circles for everyone's amusement. It's also super light (but very sturdy) and reclines. So the girls can laaaaaaayyyyy back. With their mind on their mommy and their mommy on their mind. 
Mamas & Papas has graciously donated an extra Loop Highchair to give away (Thanks, Mamas & Papas!). To win? Leave a comment below...

... I'll choose one winner via next Friday, July 13th. Don't forget to leave your contact info! Good luck and happy weekending!

UPDATED: Congrats to commenter #56, Kristi! And thank you all so much for entering! More awesome giveaways coming around the bend. Stay tuned!



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Amy | 4:58 PM

Wow! I sooooo need this! We are in the middle of moving and this highchair would be great in the new kitchen!

Leahelenoelle | 5:05 PM

Those are very cool!

Anonymous | 5:09 PM

My four month old is starting to get reeeal interested in food. Setting up a highchair for her is right around the corner and we could so use this right now!

Sarah | 5:18 PM

Me likey!!

Jennifer Turner | 5:34 PM

First time commenting on a giveaway! Love your blog and this chair!

HAS | 5:39 PM

I have admired your babies' high chairs ever since you
posted a pic. So cool looking.

We have a Chicco for the oldest, a Svan for the youngest, and a third baby due in September. It would be so fab to win this for our next baby!


Brita Mess | 5:42 PM

Yeah for functional and beautiful high chairs!

Unknown | 5:55 PM

My husband and I could use that in a few months! We are woefully unprepared for our first child!

Anonymous | 5:55 PM

I would love a highchair and my husband said just get one that doesn't have Winnie the Pooh on it.

Anonymous | 6:04 PM

Since we got rid of everything after our second baby, this high chair will be perfect for our third "surprise"! The only thing I seem to be able to tolerate at this stage of my pregnancy is peanut butter and chocolate. Won't this kiddo be surprise to not get that combo straight away!
Siobhan @

Courtney Groeneveld | 6:11 PM

I would love this! Our highchair for our firstborn was functional, but my mom bought it for us used and now after storing it in her basement since J's been done with it it's all moldy so . . . yeah, we definitely need a new one.

Fave foods? Lately I've been super into tomatoes (in season from the farmer's market) and Entenmann's raspberry danish. J's favorite snack is raisins, cheese, and pretzels with hummus.

John | 6:16 PM

Fingers crossed. I have twin girls and would love a loop highchair. Thanks!

withlittlelungs | 6:18 PM

i've been eyeing this chair since the girls started using them. SO cute. Would love one!

colby | 6:32 PM

we SO need a high chair and i hate researching what i want. this would make it super easy.

Jules | 6:38 PM

My brother and his lady recently found out they are expecting....and due the day before my wedding. I would love to win and be the cool auntie who can gift them a kick ass high chair (and is it selfish to think how could it would be to get this as a handmedown after?!)

Anonymous | 6:40 PM

This Mama and Papa looove that chair!!!

Nkena Patrice | 7:14 PM

Um... yes please! The hand-me-down highchair I happily accepted from a well-meaning friend is sooo disgusting it may be giving my 8-month old scurvy or some jungle disease or something.

Amby | 7:16 PM

Super cool!

Blair | 7:32 PM

That high chair looks awesome! I have a niece that could really use this! Thanks!

Katie | 7:32 PM

I totally need this chair!

Anonymous | 7:34 PM

Not your average high chair! Perfect for the new one on the way!


Anonymous | 7:35 PM

Looks like a great chair.

Kacey Haffner-Bruce | 7:39 PM

amazing! love your sweet little family and watching it grow.. I am an identical twin and its neat to see how different they are growin up

Jme | 7:40 PM

I would love to win! I've been searching for the perfect chair and I think this might be it!

Suzanne | 7:42 PM

This would be lovely, since green is the favorite color for both the hubs and myself (and as God is my witness it will be Baby Norah's as well!)

Tj And Amy | 7:55 PM

This high chair looks amazing!!! I have 2 kids that really need to be in a high chair so this would help us out more than you know! Thank you for the chance!!

Sarah | 8:10 PM

I need this high chair because I love it. End of story.

Spectekula | 8:13 PM

Baby is on the way...and we live on Maui - where the baby gear is SLIM PICKINS. spectekula at gmail dot com

Jamie | 8:14 PM

I'd love to win a high chair for our new little one due next winter!

Sarah | 8:26 PM

Pick me. Pick me. My daughter would love this!!

lindsay | 8:44 PM

High chairs are the best invention since fire. We'd not have a relaxing bite without them. :)

Deidre | 8:47 PM

I have an almost 2 yr old in a high chair still, and am looking for another for my 6 month old! i would love this one!!

Andi | 9:01 PM

Oh shit. Our baby will be eating food soon. Thanks for the reminder. Lobsterandi at the gmail . Com

Heather | 9:07 PM

Ooooh sweet chair!

CallieAnnie | 9:46 PM

My baby just tried organic squash last week. We rely on a play gym for baby entertainment, so having a highchair to put him would be great.

jade | 9:55 PM

yay! here's to crossing the fingers :D


Alissa | 9:55 PM

I like!

jade | 9:57 PM

yay! Crossing fingers

Napavalleymom | 10:14 PM

I'd love this Loop highchair from Mamas & Papas for my baby. She'll need one soon and big sis isn't quite done with hers. Which, by the way, isn't anywhere near as stylish and practical as this one. So please, pick me! I'll be waiting at!

Mrs. Chaney | 10:46 PM

What an awesome chair! (wong jk at gmail)

Milla | 10:50 PM

I need a highchair so badly for my seven month old! And I love mamas and papas, they made my favorite stroller!

lacy | 10:53 PM

I love the "space age" look of these chairs. But they also seem super comfy!

Annie | 11:06 PM

what a fun high chair!!! awesome!

Zoƫ | 12:49 AM

My Bebe will be 5 months on the 14th.... She is SO interested in learning to eat, so this would be perfect timing! Fingers crossed! Otherwise it's probably going to be a $20 Ikea Antilop for us! :)

waiting for kittenheart

Doggerina | 12:52 AM

I'm going to a baby shower for one of my good friends on July 22nd. How great would it be to give her this! :)

Sarah | 2:44 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah | 2:46 AM

Just had my second child a month ago, and would love to win this high chair for her!

Cherie | 5:12 AM

Looks like a great little high chair. Of course would love to win it! We have been feeding bub in his swing but finger foods should start soon so will be needing a highchair.

Vanessa | 5:16 AM

Oh! so cute and mondern ;)

lauren-emily | 5:23 AM

Oh we would love this. We are using a bumbo for our seven month old. We don't have money for a new high chair so this would be perfect!

Lauren dot emilymcmanus (at) gmail dot com

Anonymous | 5:48 AM

Those are so super cute!
jphelan at vaultcommunications dot com

Rebecca | 6:42 AM

Fun! Do they make an adult-size version?

Jessica | 6:50 AM

My 5 month old is ready to start the wonderful adventure of eating. We would love that high chair!!

Althea | 7:09 AM

I so need a new highchair! Having this second one via c-section on Tuesday!!!

Unknown | 7:15 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
laura | 7:17 AM

Oooh. Love the green! And the design!

Anonymous | 7:17 AM

Oh...could really use this since my babygirl is about to turn 6 months and we are starting solids soon!

me | 7:28 AM

This would match my 3-month old perfectly.

blake familia | 7:47 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
blake familia | 7:50 AM

Small spaces, adjustable, spinning, cute to look at (especially with a Bo or Rev)? Sign me up!
Esteban is beautiful by the way, Congratulations!

Melanie | 8:03 AM

Love this highchair!

sabrina Richmeier | 8:38 AM

I Love this high chair!! First time mama to be!!

Leah Laurie | 9:03 AM

We would die for a new highchair! We're currently using a hand-me-down ikea one. It's super basic (which we don't mind) but it's missing the safety lap strap, so we have to keep our eyes on Jack (8 months) at ALL times. We're just waiting for him to learn how to climb out of it - eek! LOVE your blog!!! Contact email is leahandleroy(at)

Heather Bauer | 9:09 AM

I was JUST researching high chairs! It would be a dream to win :)

Anonymous | 9:10 AM

These look great and my boy is just about high chair ready!

Ariel | 9:22 AM

If I win this it will be traveling to Asia for a new baby in the family

Jamie | 9:28 AM

Expecting our first, this would be lovely! Congrats on the new home, lady - so excited for you!

Clover | 9:44 AM

My 6 month old twins would love to fight over this :)

Jen | 9:55 AM

You're girls are Cute City!!
The chairs are awesome too!

Anonymous | 10:10 AM

awesome high chair!

LoloMyDear | 10:14 AM

Hubby and I are planning for baby #1, and in a small apartment, this would be a great first addition :) Thanks for the giveaway!

Ka Smith | 11:17 AM

raisins no doubt!

I would love this high chair for my 3 weeks old baby (:

My contact email is

Fingers crossed!

Karen | 11:18 AM

super cute! a friend of mine just had a little guy and this would be great for feeding! fabulous

clemadoll | 11:22 AM

Ahhhhh I'd so love this chair for my Leonardo!!

RASHEL | 11:51 AM

I would love to win a new high chair. We're getting ready to have baby #4 in few months!!

Joe, Angel, Silas and Veda | 12:27 PM

I think I conceived last night....and would love a new chair! btw, im obsessed with your blog/house/writing/kids, etc. Nice work!

Hot Stuff | 12:27 PM

I've been trying to find the right high chair -- would love to win this one! :)
nikkidoo at hotmail dot com

Anonymous | 12:35 PM

very cute chairs! We are having our third in January and I may have gotten rid of a few too many baby things before hand. Oops!

Kendra | 12:37 PM

My first son is 2 months old and this would be fantastic to win! :)

Anonymous | 12:59 PM

This highchair would be perfect for our third son who will be starting solids soon. Fingers crossed!

olliegraphic | 1:14 PM

Perfect timing! Elsa just started solids a few weeks ago. Until now I've been feeding her in a bumbo chair on top of the table, but she's this >< close to out growing it!

Polly | 1:59 PM

amazing future machine i need i need xo funkiepj at yahoozie dot comz

The Hojo Family | 2:18 PM

I love this! And would definitely come in handy since we are expecting another little one! I found out I was pregnant with this one (SURPRISE!) 3 days after I finished giving away our last baby item!!!

(Monica Hojo)

Heathrow's World | 2:25 PM

Super cute! Love it!

Courtney | 2:41 PM

We would love a high chair! This one looks great.

Jeni | 3:05 PM

Expecting my first the end of August. This high chair looks awesome!

Tracy | 3:12 PM

This is the BEST giveaway!!! When I found out I was pregnant with baby #3 I knew immediately which highchair I had to have because of your blog. I had no idea how functional they were but loved the way they looked! Thanks for the chance!

mommaruthsays | 3:22 PM

Amazing! Who knew high chairs could be so awesome? And companies, too! :)


georgia | 3:33 PM

Would love one for future babies!

Sarah | 4:19 PM

I love this high chair! We are moving soon with our 3-month old boy, and reading about your move has reassured me that all will go well.

Annie W | 4:30 PM

$359! WOO! My 8.5 month old would be eating in one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in the house!

Merci Beaucoup.

aw | 4:45 PM

This would be great timing for us, and it's so cool!
ourfriendalabee at yahoo dot com

TheGirl | 5:04 PM

i have two kids and have never had a real high chair. my daughter Arya would love it!

missamandabear | 5:44 PM

Super cute... Would love one!
amanda.norvell at

Ida Mae | 5:59 PM

high chair? Yes please!

ec | 6:04 PM

I've been eyeing these for awhile now. love.

Cara | 6:05 PM

Super cool -- would love this chair!

Kate | 6:29 PM

would love to win this! need a second high chair (ugh) badly! kateferg7 at gmail dot com

lins | 6:33 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
lins | 6:34 PM

Super cute! I would love this in our dining room!

Anonymous | 6:43 PM

So cute AND functional! We could really use this for my 7 week old, we don't have a high chair yet tho it's on the agenda to get one soon! jackie copeland at gmail dot com

Emily | 6:46 PM

I didn't use a high chair for my first (just an adjustable booster-type seat that hooked to a regular chair), but this would be nice for baby #2. She'll be starting solids in about a month or so, so winning would not only be well-timed, but awesome, as well!! :)

Anonymous | 6:58 PM

Oh wow, this looks just so cool. Me me me!


tallgirlame | 7:01 PM

My daughter is expecting her first child this December!! An amazing high chair for an amazing new baby would be amazing!! :)

Lori | 7:10 PM

Great highchair!

Laura | 7:24 PM

High hair please!

giranimals | 7:34 PM

These highchairs look amazing! I love the versatility and the chic look. Baby #4 (due in 10 weeks) will look good in one of these!

Meg | 7:45 PM

In need of a high chair. And a styllish one to boot!

The Jowers Family | 7:47 PM

These are awesome! Getting ready to start foods with my third princess, and this would be fab!!

kmjowers at gmail dot com

Breanne | 7:56 PM

Love it! Thanks for the giveaway :)

bmweida at yahoo dot com

Stephanie | 8:12 PM

Looks like a cool high chair. I could totally use this as we have a small kitchen and dining room. Thanks!

sarahhill | 8:31 PM

I love it, functional and tasteful at the same time.

norah | 8:31 PM

Sign me up!

Ashley | | 8:42 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley | | 8:43 PM

DANGIT! I meant to include my email. Arlo's birthday, yadda yadda...


Ashley | | 8:43 PM

DANGIT! I meant to include my email. Arlo's birthday, yadda yadda...


Anonymous | 8:47 PM

Love Esteban. Love this highchair. Can't believe my sweet babe is almost ready for solids and would love to win it. Thanks for sharing your life.


Mel | 9:00 PM

I was considering one of those space-saving booster chair thingies - not anymore! We would much rather have this high chair.

The Wannabe Redhead | 9:11 PM

Commenting. I think my best friend would love this! :)

Kell | 9:11 PM

Can we win all the way from Australia? First bubba on the way!

The Wannabe Redhead | 9:11 PM


Celina | 9:12 PM

I have a third on the way and would love a new highchair that is easier to clean!

Julie | 9:17 PM

Really need a highchair, and these look so lovely and compact! (The baby is due in September.)
Thanks! Julie

Jessica Wiese | 9:22 PM

I would love to win the awesome high chair for my little man! It looks so comfortable, easy to use and easy to clean!!

wiesefamily at hotmail dot com

vickichristine | 9:55 PM

if i won, i wouldn't have to spend hours and hours on amazon reading high chair reviews! yeah!

lauren | 10:13 PM

Those look awesome. With baby #2 on the way in a few months, we could definitely use it!

Leila @ Spinach and Skittles | 10:43 PM

Ooo Friday the 13th, eerie.
Anyway, that is a pretty nifty highchair. I'd love to win one :)
spinachandskittles @

Anonymous | 11:08 PM

Thanks for the chance to win - your girls are too too cute!

Laurie | 11:24 PM

This would be the perfect gift for an expecting friend, and green is her favorite color!

Nicole Marcks | 12:23 AM

I love this highchair! Was just lusting after it in ur previous post. Catching up on my GGC whilst a flood warning and crackling thunder rage outside. Perfect reading for a 3am storm watch. Grouchymarcks (at) gmail [dot] com

Nicole Marcks | 12:29 AM

Love it! Grouchymarcks (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous | 2:18 AM

My 1st great-grandchild is due in one month, what a great gift this would be!

Anonymous | 2:21 AM

Wow! I don't know how to use this comment section. . . I am "anonymous" who is having a great grandchild next month!

Anonymous | 3:35 AM

I literally just added a mamas&papas highchair to my registry last night...this morning check your blog...I'm convinced it's a sign! :)


Jimmy | 5:43 AM

PICK ME! Just had a baby girl a week ago - this highchair would be awesome in our 600 sq ft apt (with a toddler to boot)!

bek77 | 5:45 AM

Cutest high chair ever!!

bek77 | 5:46 AM

Cutest high chair ever!!

Unknown | 5:57 AM

our second child is using her oldest cousin's highchair, clothes, and toys - all ten years old. We love the hand-me-downs, but I would also love to give her something new and fancy like this highchair.

Brooke | 5:57 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brooke | 6:00 AM

We have two highchairs that are not awesome, so this would rock!

Nol's Mama | 6:04 AM

Wow. This highchair makes ours look terrible! I would love an actual stylish piece of baby-furniture for once! (

Lindsey L | 6:05 AM

Love the high chair! Love.

klg | 6:15 AM

This chair looks awesome! My brother and sister IL could really use this.

Anonymous | 6:19 AM

oh yes please.

Anonymous | 6:20 AM

I would love to give this as a gift for a baby shower!!

All your children have the most beautiful eyes : )

Steph | 6:21 AM

We're expecting our second any day now, and this would be great!

(tragicallyordinary (at) gmail (dot) com)

Lauren | 6:32 AM

I'm due in 3 weeks with our first (a boy!) and I haven't purchased a high chair yet. This would be awesome!

Anonymous | 6:34 AM

I would lovea highchair that is easy to clean!!

Jen | 6:37 AM

with #3 on the way, we are in the market for a new high chair as well...the downfall of donating baby gear

Sarah Lewis | 6:37 AM

I would love to win this for my bff who is expecting in August!!

CWarnahan | 6:44 AM

Would be perfect for the little man I'm expecting in September! Thanks!

callahan dot casey at gmail dot com

Lindsay | 6:55 AM

This would seriously MAKE MY DAY! Expecting my first and really need a highchair, especially one as cool as this. *fingers crossed*

Meghan | 7:04 AM

This would be an awesome chair to have!!

Anonymous | 7:05 AM

That thing is genius! (

Anonymous | 7:37 AM

We have a baby coming in September and I would LOVE to put him in such a neat high chair!!

Biondini | 7:39 AM

I am in desperate need of a new highchair! -

Beth | 7:44 AM

I want this! Thanks!

Jillian I. G. | 7:49 AM

my baby is due on Thursday and I adore the green....

Birdie | 7:50 AM

I L-O-V-E your blog and have been in awe watching your babies grow!! I have a little 15 mo old munchkin (my first) and I have no idea how you do it! Keep the beautiful words and pictures coming :)

Maggie | 7:51 AM

Those look so great! I'd love to have one.

katie Chapman | 7:51 AM

I need to replace my WHITE highchair that is so dirty!

Abby | 7:52 AM

I would love to win! Crossing my fingers. abby.may at

anouk | 7:56 AM

I spent hours looking for a high chair with my friend who is working on baby #2 the other day. This one would be great!

Call me Kate | 7:58 AM

Phat. Green is my unborn baby's favorite color!

Haley | 8:01 AM

Love it! Looks like a great highchair!

kati | 8:02 AM

Oh, wow. My 5 month old is desperate to put anything that remotely resembles food into his mouth. But, he doesn't find our booster seat comfy at all, so he's in need of a throne for his eating pleasure.

Amber and Chris | 8:03 AM

Love to have this for our new baby!

Erin | 8:04 AM

Super cute - Looks like the perfect solution for our tight dining quarters!

Erin | 8:04 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carrie | 8:08 AM

When I saw these high chairs in the introducing Esteban post I thought they looked cute and modern. Would love to replace my outdated high chair with one of these!

Dranrab | 8:15 AM

How cool! Our babe isn't due until October, but we've been looking into highchairs.

Maggie | 8:22 AM

Great giveaway! This would be great for my best friend who is expecting her first a the end of the summer!

teh_Duchess | 8:25 AM

Our first baby is due in October and I'm so overwhelmed by registering, it would be WONDERFUL to just have this decision made for us (and with such a great review, it also be a godsend to have such an awesome product to have on hand!).

Tasha | 8:31 AM

wow. this is amazing. I would love to win this.


chisparoja | 8:31 AM

I have been jealously eyeing this highchair in your posts for months! We are stuck with a not so user friendly or comfortable hand me down - YUCK! Here's wishing me luck! ;) semantics at gmail dot com

Pansy Lane | 8:35 AM

Oh wow, that thing is gorgeous! It would be awesome for our small space. (

hattie | 8:38 AM

My sister-in-law would so very much love this. They have their first baby on the way!

Tara | 8:42 AM

This high chair looks AMAZING! My one year old would look so cute against that comfy green cushion :) Fantastic giveaway.

Hailey | 8:47 AM

I would LOVE to win!


Unknown | 8:48 AM

Love it! You amaze me!

Anonymous | 8:54 AM

wow, what an awesome looking high chair!

Anonymous | 8:58 AM

my brother is expecting his first in november! this would be an incredible baby shower gift :)


Gabrielle | 9:01 AM

Those look great. I'd love to win one for my chunky baby boy!

Sarah | 9:01 AM

I love your giveaways - this looks like a good one! Thanks for the chance to win. :-)

B and A's Mommy | 9:07 AM

We were given a highchair as a hand-me-down for our daughter and were really excited about the vinyl covering. Unfortunately, the tray leans forward and she's too short when strapped in (which is not optional!) to reach the food that rolls to the front. I've been searching for a user-friendly chair and reading reviews. Crazy how much time is spent reviewing baby items! Oy!

Issas Crazy World | 9:11 AM

I love the look of these. I'm trying to have another baby, so I'd love to win one.

Sara | 9:20 AM

This is so incredible! Way better that the one I used for my first baby. #2 needs this!!

DeathMetalMommy | 9:23 AM

We have recently been surprised with our fourth child and will need a good high chair. With this one, we will have four children under 5. All our stuff is ragged out!

Bri | 9:28 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bri | 9:29 AM

Love it! NEED it!

Great Googely Moogely | 9:29 AM

absolutely a great highchair! Thanks for another great giveaway!

Megan | 9:29 AM

would love a new highchair, especially one that's so fab!

Jenjive | 9:41 AM

Thanks for your blog - it is inspiring and your kids adorable.

Jenjive | 9:42 AM

Thanks for your blog - it is inspiring. Your kids are really cute. I'm about to have my first - a girl and you give me courage.

Cara | 9:55 AM

Love this highchair!

ErinG. | 9:58 AM

Am high-chair shopping now, so the timing of this post is perfect!

Anonymous | 10:04 AM

Wow already 597 comments...I hope to win for my sister and her new baby Gatlin.

Danielle Hodgkin | 10:04 AM

We are expecting our first little babe on NYE and I have gotten so many great tips on baby products from you!

Katie | 10:04 AM

Hooray for a great high chair!

Justine B | 10:05 AM

Um....those high chairs look awesome! I'd love to win!

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