Thing of the Week: Loop Highchair (and giveaway!)

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When they were infants, they spent hours upon hours in their Bjorn Bouncers (we still use and love them, btw) but now that they're bigoldcrawling children, highchairs are where it's at. For meals, obviously, but also after them, when the kids are drawing in the kitchen or dinner's being made or we're all in need of a break of chasing babies around the house. 

We loved our old Svan, which Archer and Fable both used, but we got rid of it before the twins were born, and before I had the chance to even look into which highchairs were awesome (and good with small spaces a la our tiny breakfast nook) Mamas & Papas sent us a pair of their LOOP highchairs to testdrive. (They used to have a cush green upholstery-lining thing, which was cool to look at, but not too practical once the girls started eating with their fingers. Behold:
My favorite part of the highchairs (and why I didn't even bother shopping around) is that they their stands kind of puzzle-piece together so that I can overlap their trays for easy feeding. Because it's hard enough going back and forth between two baby birds, especially in tight dining quarters. Voila: 
It's also super easy to clean (once you take the pretty green things off!), can be adjusted up, down and all around AND it spins around in circles for everyone's amusement. It's also super light (but very sturdy) and reclines. So the girls can laaaaaaayyyyy back. With their mind on their mommy and their mommy on their mind. 
Mamas & Papas has graciously donated an extra Loop Highchair to give away (Thanks, Mamas & Papas!). To win? Leave a comment below...

... I'll choose one winner via next Friday, July 13th. Don't forget to leave your contact info! Good luck and happy weekending!

UPDATED: Congrats to commenter #56, Kristi! And thank you all so much for entering! More awesome giveaways coming around the bend. Stay tuned!



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Anonymous | 6:10 PM

Looks comfy too! I would love to win one for my little bean. Thanks for the opportunity!

Carol G | 6:10 PM

I would love to own a real high chair. My first two babies used only a hippo

Lauren | 6:14 PM

Love the modern look of this high chair and the super cute girls ;-).

Lin | 6:16 PM

So pretty!

Michaela | 6:22 PM

Our current highchair is pastel pink plaid- I seriously need this in my life!

Kinnison Bryan | 6:31 PM

#3 has surprised us...only months after giving away because we were d.o.n.e...but anyway...we'd LOVE to have this highchair!

Lauren | 6:33 PM

Looks like an awesome chair, I would love to win it for our baby on the way!

Melissa | 6:41 PM
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Zink's | 6:42 PM

Right now my baby is still breastfeeding, I can't wait till she can try some solid foods.

Anonymous | 6:43 PM

I'm due September 3 and haven't even looked at high chairs - I figure we've got some time before we need one. Would love to win, this one looks fantastic!

Mlharris (at) gmail (dot) com

Kasie | 6:44 PM

First baby due January 29, I'd love this!

Anonymous | 6:45 PM

We just had our first grand baby and my daughter could use a high chair. She is 23 and just starting out. By the way the twins are beautiful. Well all of your children.

Barbarian Librarian | 6:46 PM

me! both my best friends are pregnant!

Aliesha | 6:47 PM

I've seen those chairs in your pictures before and thought they were awesome - how fun!


Kate | 6:49 PM

I know a little boy who would love to ruin that there pretty green lining and fling some spaghetti around.

Unknown | 6:51 PM

would love this high chair for our little one! thanks for the great review and tips for use!

Unknown | 6:56 PM

Very cute!

Awesome Mom | 6:57 PM

Those are much cuter than that one I have. I would love to win one.

r | 6:58 PM

This highchair would be awesome in my dining room/office, as it's pretty cramped in here. I'd love it for baby #2 who just joined us 5 weeks ago!

Mia | 7:03 PM

This would be fabulous for my friend Steph :) Mia DOT cupcake AT yahoo

tandrejack | 7:04 PM

We know many folks that would love this!

Micha | 7:08 PM

I've wanted this high chair from the moment I googled it after I saw it in one of your first posts that had it!!!

Tonya | 7:10 PM

THis high chair looks totally awesome! I'd love to win! I'm currently pregnant with # 4 and could use some new gear!

Myra | 7:11 PM

We have a cloth-covered chair that I HATE. Didn't they test that thing? Surely my children are not the only ones who smear food all over the cloth. Anywho, I would love one of these easy-to-clean chairs! Thanks!

Michelle | 7:15 PM

A height adjustable high chair sounds awesome, since the hubs is over a foot taller than I am!

krista | 7:19 PM

this would be a great replacement for the ikea highchair we have. my baby is a little too "bouncy" for it already and he's only 10 months.

wowen | 7:20 PM

i would love to replace our old chicco with this one

MelMom | 7:26 PM

Very cool... I don't yet have a high chair and it's almost time for one :)

kellybelly | 7:28 PM

Oh, I would love to win this! I'd never get one otherwise!

Julia | 7:29 PM

I love your website and am so happy you bought a house you love. We are renting in Capitol Hill, in D.C. and really *hope* to buy something soon so I admire you all's move. My 8-month old is still on the boob but enjoys trying some new foods so this highchair would be wonderful. My contact is julia.mitchell[at]aya[dot]yale[dot]edu

April H. | 7:29 PM

I'd love this for my 9-1/2 month old son!!

Meg | 7:31 PM

Love this! I wish I could ditch the smelly cover on my present high chair, but I can't so I just wash, wash it again. And sponge, and wash, etc. YICK. My baby's favorite food is roasted bananas with roasted blueberry and peach. She's meh about food (so far) but this had her at the first taste. But it is sooooo blue!!
meg at staloff dot org

Lindsay | 7:32 PM

Love the highchair - Pearson would look so cute in it!

Valentina Harper | 7:37 PM

WoooHooo! I'm having a girl in a few weeks... I would love to win the chair :)

jessica | 7:37 PM

Love this...and your babies are cute too:-)

Heather | 7:39 PM

The stackable trays are genius! And the fact that the chairs recline, in the event of a post-lunch snooze, is fabulous too!

aok | 7:39 PM

I just got our highchair out of storage and it is covered in mold! I need this!:)

aok | 7:40 PM

I just got our highchair out of storage and it is covered in mold. I need this!:)

Arnold | 7:42 PM

Oh by gosh by golly - I have a third kid and the high chair we had for number 1 and number 2 is missing. I always admire those rad chairs if yours !

aok | 7:42 PM

I just got our highchair out of storage and it is covered in mold! I need this!:)

ehennagin | 7:43 PM

Ooooohh, good looking and super functional! Love this highchair!

Cristi.Knight | 7:43 PM

Your babies are so cute, I don't know how you handle 2 at the same time, you are one amazing mama!


I'm due in Feb! This would be awesome for my little jellybean :)

Laura | 7:44 PM

looks like it would fit my little chunk :) creating4kids @ gmail.con

aok | 7:44 PM

OOPS. I thought it wasn't working. SORRY! I am too tired from nursing through a growth spurt the past few nights.

Anonymous | 7:45 PM

I don't know if I'll love this chair or not. But I do know that we officially cannot afford baby furniture, and that trying to feed my 10 month old while he's sitting on the floor is probably going to cost us our deposit.

Jennifer | 7:45 PM

Wow! We're expecting our 1st baby. This would be awesome!

Unknown | 7:48 PM

Awesome! Expecting number 2 this winter and could definitely use this.

HLEure | 7:48 PM

I would love one of these!

Unknown | 7:49 PM

We definitely need a new one. The current one hooks on to the table so we can now only fill glasses half full in preparation for the kids after dinner dance parties.

Katie | 7:50 PM

Awesome! Expecting number 2 this winter and could definitely use this!

Unknown | 7:53 PM

I have a freshly baked baby and we don't have a high chair yet, so I would love one! :)

Teresa | 7:53 PM

This high chair would be awesome in our tiny quarters as well! Thanks!

Lanie | 7:54 PM

Pick me. Pick me! :) expecing our first child in december.

Lanie | 7:56 PM

I dont think my comment posted.. pick me! :)

Michelle | 7:58 PM

Would love this for our house, we've been feeding Tate in the Bumbo and are in desperate need of a high chair that would work with our tall table.

laura sina | 8:04 PM

oh gosh, what an amazingly awesome gift this would be for my expecting sister! :)

Kate | 8:04 PM

Funky and it!

katepeaslee at gmail dot com

D | 8:06 PM

This chair looks amazing. Pls enter me.

Unknown | 8:16 PM

Would love to win this high chair for my 5 month old daughter!

Unknown | 8:20 PM

Would love to have this for my 5 month old daughter!

Anonymous | 8:20 PM

That right there is a pretty sweet high chair.

Unknown | 8:23 PM

awesome! i would love to win this for my niece.

Angelyn | 8:23 PM

Yes! Love it.

Hahne | 8:26 PM

Just found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago. Guess it wouldn't hurt to toss my name in for this obviously super cool product. :)

Holly A. | 8:28 PM

Oh! too cute!

Lindsey | 8:33 PM

Love it! I HATE our high chair and we are expecting #3, winning a new high chair would be stupendous lol

Netta | 8:36 PM

This highchair is so yummilicious. My sweet Ella Ruth would LOVE ( so would her mama and papa). Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

Rachel | 8:36 PM

My sis and sis-in-law have babies coming in September, so I'm all about any baby-thing giveaways!!!

Megan | 8:41 PM

Just had a baby on Wednesday. This looks perfect for when she gets a bit older

Claire | 8:41 PM

so long dirty booster.

Simplifiedesign* | 8:41 PM

I've seen those high chairs in your pictures and always thought they were so cute! I would love to have one! I'm scheduled to be induced on July 11th with our first baby - a little girl! We are so excited! Love you posts!! You have a beautiful family!

Tara Vuono | 8:46 PM

Ooh, love these!!

Melissa K | 8:53 PM

I keep going back and forth between a seat that hooks on to the table and an actual high chair. This would make my decision much easier!

[LJT] | 8:53 PM

what an awesome high chair!
ljotritabaugh at gmail dot com

Kristen | 8:56 PM

Baby girl is due any day, maybe Friday the 13th will be lucky for us!

Natalie L. | 8:59 PM

26 weeks pregnant and planning ahead! I would LOVE this High Chair!!!
Thanks :)

Anonymous | 9:06 PM

I am in love with cold melon at the moment Jeannie bruce

lunafina | 9:08 PM

Pick me pick meeee!

M | 9:09 PM

Would love to win this for my baby boy due next month!

Anonymous | 9:19 PM

What a nifty looking chair. Our little guy is about to start solids, it would definitely get much use!


Unknown | 9:21 PM

LOVE this high chair and could really use it!

demdreamweaver | 9:27 PM

love this chair

demdreamweaver | 9:28 PM


Shiloh w | 9:28 PM

Oh I would love to win this! My house is smoke damaged from a fire and my son's highchair is one of the many things I need to replace.

Nysha | 9:35 PM

I just got guardianship of my grandson & am currently using his extra car seat as a feeding chair. He doesn't complain, but it would be better for him to be able to feed himself.

TJ | 9:39 PM

Um yes please - these are awesome!

Sarah | 9:54 PM

Winner winner winner :-D

Whitney W | 10:05 PM

I need this so bad! We live in a small house and have 11 month old twin boys and I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with number 3 (talk about surprise)!! This would be such a blessing to us!

Whitney W | 10:07 PM

I would love to win this! We live in a small house and currently have 11 month old twin boys and I am 27 weeks pregnant with baby number 3 (talk about surprise)!! This would be a huge blessing for us!

Melt Momma's Heart | 10:09 PM

Yes please!

K | 10:09 PM

We'd love to turn cookies in this high chair!

Here's hoping!

Jen | 10:12 PM

umm, I could totally use one of those. My baby bird, Avery, is 4 months old and just rocking the rice cereal. It's a slow, and messy process.

Jana | 10:42 PM

Ive been envious of your high chairs for weeks now. We currently own a Peg Perego one and its a pain in the butt to clean. I would love something easier.

Email :

Mrs Duba | 10:43 PM

I'm pregnant with my first and comparison shopping all this baby stuff is super overwhelming. I'd love to cross this high chair off the list!

Jana | 10:47 PM

Ive been envious of your high chairs for weeks now. We currently own a Peg Perego one and its a pain in the butt to clean. I would love something easier.

Email :

Jana | 10:51 PM

Woops didn't mean to post twice!

Powtera | 11:09 PM

very cool - love that you can overlap them too!

Diana | 11:13 PM

What a cool highchair! Love...

Diana | 11:14 PM

PS -

Susan M | 11:40 PM

Yes , please!

Emily | 11:53 PM

Oh I am desperate for one of these highchairs! Emily (

Unknown | 1:09 AM

I so desperately want a new high chair for our new little one! Love this!

Annie | 1:13 AM

Would love to take this to my next baby shower!

beyond | 1:34 AM

oooh, nice!

AUSAcara | 2:29 AM

Love the pictures of Rev in her high chair at the top! Gorgeous.

AUSAcara | 2:29 AM

Love the pictures of Rev in her high chair at the top! Gorgeous.

read this mommy | 2:41 AM

I would love one!
amanda dot r dot jamieson at gmail dot com!

Elisa | 3:56 AM

These are super neat! Our little one is due in October. How very stylish they would be, hah.

Laura | 3:58 AM

I'm just about to start thinking about getting a high chair for my 3 month old baby boy!

Jenski | 4:34 AM

That high chair is supremely more awesome than the ancient one I bought at a yard sale and tried to cover myself.

L | 4:39 AM

Your girls are getting so big!

Jackee | 4:54 AM

Adorable girls in adorable high chairs!

Jackee | 4:55 AM

forgot to leave my email cuz I'm smart like that.

Anonymous | 5:11 AM

I would love to win this!
kristin dot fradette at sympatico dot ca

Anonymous | 5:13 AM

First baby due in 5 weeks, would LOVE this.

Molly | 5:46 AM

We could use that high chair! I have 7 week old twins boys, Gus + Charlie :)


Katie | 5:49 AM

so cute! i'd love to win it. :)

Whitney and Steve | 6:04 AM

Please randomly pick me! Our wee one's thighs have outgrown her bumbo and we have yet to buy her a high chair!

LeighAnn | 6:16 AM

I am going in to have my twins via c-section on the 7th, this Monday!! This would certainly come in handy :)

Laura Ann | 6:17 AM

I have been looking and looking for a new highchair and this is perfect! I hope I win!! :)
LOVE your blog by the way! I read it every day!!

Amy Elizabeth Berg Powell | 6:30 AM

Love the Loop!!

Noelle Spooner | 6:33 AM

What a great chair! I'd love it.

nmg915 | 6:34 AM

Those are great! Thanks for doing the give a way :)

bethany | 6:36 AM

So cute! Would love to win!

Dianne | 6:50 AM

My sweet James totally needs this awesome high chair!

cassandradawn | 7:01 AM

I still haven't gotten a high chair for my little one. This would be perfect!

Unknown | 7:10 AM

Very cool!

Unknown | 7:10 AM

I'd love the highchair!

Knit and Purl Mama | 7:20 AM

What a great product! Thanks for the contest!

Laura | 7:23 AM

I was wondering about those chairs!!! I would be super-excited to have one of these for the upcoming little one.

Jinxy | 7:41 AM

Those are crazy stylish high chairs.

meg | 7:44 AM

we are in the market for a new chair and thanks to this review I will put this one at the top of our list! thanks!

amanda | 7:45 AM

since baby #1, we moved and ditched our high chair. baby #2 is baking, but we'll need one someday!

Unknown | 7:46 AM

Awesome chair. Thanks for a great giveaway. I really enjoy reading your blog. Your honesty is so refreshing:-)

Mommy Anderson | 7:53 AM

Never even seen those high chairs before! I'm completely smitten! PLZ CAN HAS ONE? :)

Mary | 8:00 AM
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mary | 8:03 AM

I am in need of another highchair to be sure. The almost 3 year old is tiny and still using hers for every meal while the 8 month old has nothing to call her own. These ones look awesome! Mary dot i dot phillips at gmail dot com :)

Virginia-Ann | 8:18 AM

Never heard of Loop, but with 7 adults and one child we need a great highchair that does not as we currently have, take up a chair or worse yet a ton of space in our limited space! This would be beyond a awesome win at this point. Thank you for the contest and your awesome blog...

Jennifer | 8:19 AM

Would love to win this highchair!

vibegrrl | 8:25 AM

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! (the highchair is cute too ;) ) We're in the market for a highchair and I've only just started looking around... lara at dua dot org is my info...

Amber | 8:39 AM

Love this chair!!! No baby on the way yet but next year is the plan!! We have a tiny little house and it would be a perfect addition to our kitchen!! Can't wait to see who wins!

Anonymous | 8:42 AM

This highchair sounds AMAZING! My little girl will be here anyday now and will need one... eventually :)
Thanks for the giveaway!

Maria | 8:42 AM

My twins will be ready for high chairs in a few short months (time flies!). I'd love one (or two!) of these for my smallish kitchen. I used to live in London and Mamas & Papas was all the rage with UK mamas.

Amber | 8:45 AM

Ooppss... The contact is

Stephanie | 8:49 AM

Love it!

My baby loves anything I put in her face - but mostly avocados.

Anyavieve | 8:52 AM

Becca, Thank you for this super awesome giveaway! Love your book and your blog, your sharing your life with the world takes courage I admire deeply. You go girl!

KatieO | 9:05 AM

Love the style of this high chair! Gorgeous! (my email is in my profile:))

Chantal | 9:05 AM

Do they make these chairs in extra large? I'd love to laaaayyyy back after a big spaghetti dinner. Or, imagine how handy they would be around the Thanksgiving table!

Stephanie | 9:06 AM

I would love that!

EricaJ | 9:13 AM

So cool!

EricaJ | 9:14 AM

So cool!

Unknown | 9:21 AM

I need this. Luck be a lady!

Sarah | 9:29 AM

Looks awesome. Congrats on Esteban by the way. So happy for your family!

Liz | 9:40 AM

My sister is pregnant, this would be a great gift!

Anonymous | 10:18 AM

Now that's a high chair I wouldn't mind having in my house! It's super cute!

Bana | 10:28 AM

Would love this for my 6-month-old (plus my 30th birthday is on July 16!).

Unknown | 10:32 AM

I need a chair for my 3 month old! This would be amazing.

Unknown | 10:40 AM

yes please! it looks perfect for my messy eater!
Ashley Reid

Anonymous | 10:48 AM

Oh, I would so love to win this. My babies are only 13 months apart and we need a second highchair asap :)

Heartj1633 @ hotmail .com

Mar | 10:50 AM

a highchair would be awesome!

Julie Presley | 11:01 AM

Accidentally forgot my son's old and broken high chair at Babies R Us during the trade in event and have been using a hand me down booster seat that is such a pain... Also, trying for another Babe so... *fingers crossed*

julie underscore presley at hot mail dot com

Donna | 11:02 AM

I noticed them in your last post! Our daughter just started solids, and this would be perfect!

Erin K. | 11:08 AM

Oooh I love it so much! My little one needs a high chair, too!

Anonymous | 11:11 AM

Love, love, LOVE this highchair!

Jadeb | 11:16 AM

so cute!! i'm due in august with my 2nd baby and would absolutely love one of these chairs...

Jenn | 11:46 AM

This would be awesome for baby #3 since mom and dad already gave away all the kid tools! I channeled you in my first sono bc I'm a twin, aunts are twins, husbands mom is a twin and his p grandpa is a twin...I was going to need an imaginary support group if there were 2! Only one and ready for the ride! (and need a highchair!)

Lisa | 12:00 PM

My bebe and I want to be in the loop, too! Please pick us.

Piper | 12:03 PM

The high chair would be fantastic. We have a little one on the way!! Either that or it's a watermelon since I can't stop eating the stuff. Thanks for the contest!! piper.t.anderson at

Lisa Morgan | 12:13 PM

Nice! Would love to have this high chair for our yet to arrive baby!

Anonymous | 12:28 PM


s.n.schwartz at me dot com

Kate | 12:49 PM

Think they'd throw in a 2nd for another mama of twins? :)

Anonymous | 1:06 PM

My twinsies have just started solids, and we've only got one high chair! We would love love love to add this badass unit to our dining room scene. Props for the Gin and Juice reference, by the by. I'd expect nothing less.

Anonymous | 1:10 PM

Would love to win this! Baby boy could use a high hair.. Perfect timing!!

Anonymous | 1:11 PM

I would LOVE to win such an awesome high chair! We're in the process of moving right now (I know you feel my pain) and would love to have this little dandy in the new house!

Anonymous | 1:13 PM

I totally need a high chair for the new bambino! This one looks awesome!


Brookel | 1:28 PM

Wow, those highchairs look amazing! And, as always, your pictures are beautiful and those babies are just too cute for words.

OL | 1:49 PM

Love the red eats... what was it?


Meg | 1:59 PM

I'm due in early September & think that looks pretty neat!

myyasmom at yahoo dot com

Ann | 2:00 PM

I love it! Looks great and is functional--can't ask for more than that!

Anonymous | 2:03 PM

I'd love to win this! My little guy won't need a high chair for a couple more months, but this one would be ideal for when he does! haute.prinkus [at] gmail [dot] com

Krista Jo | 2:34 PM

39 weeks on July 13th---coincidence??
Would love the chair!

krysta | 3:18 PM

My little guy is five months old and just starting to eat solid foods! This would be the perfect high chair for him!!! (

Overflowing Brain | 3:26 PM

That's the one piece of baby stuff we don't have yet!

Anonymous | 3:32 PM

My bff had twins on 2/27 and we've been following along for tips since you were pregnant.

Hoping she only has to buy one!

Terra | 3:35 PM

I have an almost 4 month old who would love that chair! jntoxford at gmail dot com.

Anonymous | 3:38 PM

My bff has twins born on 2/27 that would love these! It would be awesome to only have to buy one! You know how that goes.


Deb and Mike | 3:44 PM

What a gorgeous high chair! And EVEN more gorgeous babies...they are exquisite.

Deb and Mike | 3:48 PM

p.s. Rebecca: My email is

Krystal | 3:54 PM

Those are some GROOVY highchairs! My almost 10 month old little lady is really out growing the Bumbo dining style :P Would lo0o0ve one of these! Thanks for the chance :D

Anonymous | 4:05 PM

Super cute chair.

caitlacybecker at gmail dot com

Unknown | 4:05 PM

I could definitely use this high chair!

chaosgoddess04 at gmail dot com

Betsy | 4:05 PM

Love the look of that chair!

Jessica V. | 4:06 PM

I would love one of these chairs for my baby coming this winter!

Gracyn | 4:08 PM

I would LOVE this highchair. Ours is old and not cool! :)

eliza | 4:14 PM

Love it.

Leah | 4:22 PM

That high-chair looks amazing!

Nissa | 4:44 PM baby girl will be starting solids in a month...I would love this so much!

Amy | 4:58 PM

Wow! I sooooo need this! We are in the middle of moving and this highchair would be great in the new kitchen!

Leahelenoelle | 5:05 PM

Those are very cool!

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