GGC Mamma Does Preach: Mother(s) Against WalMart

As a California city-dweller I know very little about the WalMart shopping experience. I have never shopped there or driven past the store in my daily life. One of the many luxuries of living in the city is that there is little room for corporate battleships to park their ugly asses. And when it tries?

I know a great many of you and I know that you are very active politically and have your own personal causes, but if you are looking for a new one, please look into Wake-up WalMart. You can find information here and/or here This isn't a political battle. This has nothing to do with liberal and conservative thinkers. This has to do with maintaining our democracy. This is a battle every consumer is just to fight. This has to do with strip-malls stripping our communities of soul and character, not to mention rights and ethics. For more information, go to: Think before you save a few dollars. You get what you pay for, people.

The bastards at the top want us to think we're at the bottom, but au contraire. WE're the ones who do the shopping. WE're the ones who make the choice to forgo the behemoth and take our business elsewhere. And WE're the ones that can make a change. Pass the word.



Anonymous | 7:04 PM


Alisyn | 7:11 PM

FUCK Wal-Mart.

I've never crossed their picket line, and I never will.

Mom101 | 6:05 AM

THANK YOU!!! I've been boycotting them and domino's for years (the latter of which will be on my blog very soon).

Anyone who thinks Walmart saves them money doesn't have the whole scoop. Look up the CA congressional report on Walmart which proves that their practices cost taxpayers TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS per employee to pay for their benefits (which should be covered by the company). So while their CEOs make millions, it's because they've passed the burden onto us.

Amen, sister.


Amen, sister. Good for you. Too many people brush off the issues that directly effect their well-being and that of their country and kids. Ignorange is blissful only for the downright dumb.

Anonymous | 4:34 PM

:sigh: We are part of the working poor and honestly cant afford to shop anywhere else.....

Anonymous | 5:24 AM

Girl. Peace. I refuse to go. And dominos - the same. My prof in college was boycotting them back in the day - and we used to make fun of him - and now we get it.

It's craziness...