GGC's 100th Post Festival De La Lurker

Here ye! Here ye! Girls Gone Child proudly presents: The 100th GGC post!

So the goal is this: One hundred posts from me = One hundred comments from you. I don't even know if this is possible or if I even have one hundred readers but if I do, I promise the hippest-hoppest GGC Rapz yet. And yes I know I'm a one trick pony.

Introduce yourself. Where are you from? Do you have a website? Shoe size? Joke? Can I take your order? Bueller?


P.S. thank you all for reading.


Anonymous | 10:21 AM

whooo hooooo! I am first, I am first to comment on the 100th post!

See, procrastination can get you great things!

Congrats on 100... and here's to the next MANY 100s.

Anonymous | 10:27 AM

I wish you:

$100 for every page of your new book
100 days with great sex and lots of sleep
100 kewl hats for Archer


Anonymous | 11:09 AM

dawn, fullerton, ca.
can i get a deluxe grilled cheese, seasoned fries, and a side of ranch dressing.

Diana | 11:25 AM

I hated the "routine blood work" as much as you did. My son has never smiled at a nurse since then.
In fact, he's always on the verge of tears as soon as they come near him.
Loving your site, looking forward to a hundred more posts!
oh, and mega mom- great joke!

Amy | 11:36 AM

Hi there! I've been lurking for about a week or so, left you a comment two days ago. I'm a mom who never, ever expected to stay home and you and your girlies here inspired me to start blogging about my adventures in the not-so-big-city and our imminent move to Urbana, IL so my husband can get his doctorate. Now we'll both be unemployed .. wheee! Visit my blog anytime and please spread the word. is keeping me sane these days. And as you said, on the Pointy Toe Shoe Factory, what is a writer without a reader? Your blog is too cool for school.

jdg | 11:52 AM

try offering them money. they'll come out of the woodwork. trust me.

Mom101 | 11:56 AM

Lurker? HA! I have never been known to lurk anywhere in my life, at least not where I could instead be spouting verbal diarrhea that only my mother would want to read, and reluctantly at that.

Happy to be part of your centipost celebration. I will even come back and post forty more times if that helps you make your quota. I'm there for you.

Oh and congrats. You don't look a day over 20 posts.

Kristin | 11:59 AM

Another lurker coming out...
Kristin from Colorado. Personal trainer turned new SAHM to Logan.

Congrats on your 100th! I've been reading your blog for months. Your "Dear Archer, Six Months" post totally made be bawl. I loved it!

Anonymous | 12:01 PM

I love Archer, and I love this site!

I'm Lilli.. I am 20.. and I am from Texas (of course, you already know this). I wear a size 8ish-9ish shoe, and I have a website, but it is so wayyy lame compared to yours, I'm not giving it to you! :)

Oh, and I love you! Congrats on your 100th post! Love!


Wow, thanks guys!!! This is great fun. All sorts of new sites to visit. Hooray!

Mom-101- Thank you for offering your services and you bet your ass I'm taking you up on it. This way I don't have to comment 40 times on my own thingy -- Phew!

Anonymous | 12:23 PM

Yeah, I'm kind of the anti-lurker (as in can't keep her mouth shut) but I think you know that already.

So if we give you our shoes size does that mean you'll send us SHOES?! (6.5)

Anonymous | 12:34 PM

Yo! My name is Amanda, and I am the one fascinated by Archer's baby bling onesie. I have fantastically large feet (size 12), and I am currently six months pregnant and praying to sweet baby jeebus that my feet don't spread during this pregnancy, otherwise I'll have to wear men's flipflops for the rest of my life.


For all of those interested in where Archer's baby bling onesie came from, see the following link:§ion=4&subcatID=14&pname=My%20First%20Bling%20Bling%20Baby%20T


kiwidebra | 1:10 PM

OK, I think you know who I am, but for the other peeps on here, I live next door to GGC, size 10 feet, and occasionally write on my blog Write Write Baby (which you will find conveniently linked to by GGC ;-).

My favorite "kid's" joke? A little Native American boy goes to the chief of the tribe and asks how he picks the names for the kids. The chief says, "Well, I go out into nature and the first thing that I see is what I choose, like Babbling Brook or Wind in the Trees. Why do you ask, Two Dogs Humping?"

Congrats on 100 posts! And I was feeling proud of getting to 10...

Lumpyheadsmom | 1:16 PM

I'm from Washington DC via MN
yes I have a blog. Doesn't everyone?
My shoe size is 5 1/2 wide. Seriously.
Isn't my shoe size joke enough?
I'll have a vodka martini up, two olives

Mimimom | 1:34 PM

It's good to be #18! I'm Mimimom - aka - Jesse. I always post as mimi because my girlfriend used to call me mimi when we went out and I was ah-hem, a little north of tipsy . . .anyway - just love your posts - so much fun - thanks for writing! I'm inspired as a new blogger:
I would love to get some comments and any words of wisdom for the crazy act of parenting!

Anonymous | 1:43 PM

A mommy-to-be lurker here. GGC, I am Meredith's soon to be sister- in-law (I think we've met?), she introduced me to your blog, Babycenter and hotmommadrama, needless to say I am addicted to all 3. Love your blog and thanks for all the insight into the crazy world of motherhood. I am lacking a website but I am sure that will change once the babe arrives...shoe size, not so much, lovin' the 8 mos. knocked up swelling phase!

Tink | 1:51 PM

Just stumbling in... But I'll participate. Happy 100th Post! What do we win? Is there at least cake? :)

ms blue | 2:17 PM

Cheers to you! Here is to hundreds of more...

Anonymous | 3:24 PM

Leah from Berkeley, here. Fairly new reader and more than happy to delurk. Shoe size: Perfect 10, baby!

coolbeans | 3:29 PM

What was the question? Oh! You want us to talk about ourselves? Hooray!

Hi, I'm coolbeans. I'm from a TopSecret Location. I have a website and a shoe size. I don't have a joke. I would like the boneless wings - mild. Extra celery and a Long Island Iced Tea.

Thank you.

Anonymous | 3:39 PM


You know that I have a blog, but my shoe size is 8 1/2.

I'll have Pad Thai with extra peanuts.

MrsFortune | 4:03 PM

Hi, I'm Cori. I enjoy naked windsurfing, long walks on the beach ... oh wait, I mean ...

I love your blog Rebecca!!! Happy 100th. Par-tay. I'll take some sushi and a stiff drink.

art-sweet | 5:50 PM

I don't remember how I got here, but you're funny. Congrats on reaching 100.

I have a blog.

And I like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain.

I think I have half a brain.

I wear a size 8.

Anonymous | 6:30 PM

I am a size 10.5! Big foot, they call me.

I love reading your blog. You're quite entertaining, and you have one of the most adorable little guys on this planet.

- Shannon (from Canada!)

dvl | 6:55 PM

i'll confess... i didn't want to let you know i have you on my rss feed reader because dana said it would make your head swell up.
yup, i'm totally falsely blaming dana for my lurking. heh.
when can we all have drinks again?

Blog Antagonist | 7:37 PM

Hi there,

I'm a fairly new reader with Flinstone feet. My husband often jokes that we should remove the floorboards from the van and save on gas.

Congrats on 100 posts. That is truly momentous. I hope you make your comment quota.

Your blog is not stupid. ;?)


Anonymous | 7:51 PM


As you said, I should start a blog, but every time I read yours (or mom101, or reluctants, or cynical dads, or citymama, or uncensored) I get insecure and think, "I could never be that funny!"

You are fucking hilarious.

And better to be hilarious than the girl who freaked everyone out because she considered eating her placenta. (Sorry Kristen!)

You have often been the highlight of my day. Thank you!!

the stefanie formerly known as stefanierj | 8:15 PM

I'm down with GGC, yeah, you know me.

Happy 100th, baby girl. I've been pimping this blog since it was in its 20s, yo.

As Dolly Parton said in Steel Magnolias, "Well, honey, sure, I'm a size six, but a seven fits so nice that I always buy an eight."

Anonymous | 8:40 PM

Name: David
Occupation: Blogger's Younger Brother/ Graduate Student
Location: Beantown
Shoe size: 14. Beat that blogging world!
Website: none. sorry yall.

And I'll have a Single Malt on the rocks and some of Nana's mac n cheese.

Congratulations, big sister. Haven't missed a post yet.

Cristina | 9:46 PM

Trying to help you get to 100 comments...congrats on your 100th entry.

By the way, I'm new to reading your blog. Where do I go to read more about the new and improved titty-flashing, all-nighter? Just kiddin'. Cute blog you have.

Awesome Mom | 10:16 PM

Congrats! Here is a joke that I got from a Baby Einstine DVD.

Why did the bee go to the doctor's office?

She had hives!!!

My shoe size is 9.

Anonymous | 11:22 PM

De-lurking! Good luck on your 100. I'm sure you won't have a problem. Your blog is awesome! It's part of my daily coffee/breakfast ritual. Anyways, Amber, 26, from Reno/Tahoe, NV, 7.5 shoe,

Joke: There was a mamma mole, a papa mole, and a baby mole. They lived in a hole outside of a farm house out in the country. The papa mole reached his head out of the hole and said, “Mmmmm, I smell sausage.” The mama mole reached her head outside of the hole and said “Mmmmmm, I smell pancakes.” The baby mole tried to reach his head outside the hole but couldn't because of the two bigger moles. The baby mole said, “The only thing I can smell is molasses.”


And I'll take an order of Pad See Ew and Spicy Fried Rice.

Thanks! Keep up the awesome blogging!

Anonymous | 5:36 AM

Doing my part a day late. Congrats on the 1ooth.

Amy | 5:44 AM

Here I am again, thought it'd give you a giggle to know my sister called me to tell me you commented on my blog. She was so excited she could barely get the words out.

I'll have the filet with shoestring potatoes, please.

Anonymous | 6:20 AM

hi, congrats on the 100 posts! love reading your blog (esp bc our boys are the same age - my 'lil tyke was born 4/05)...

yes, i am a lurker, occasional commenter. grayelephant here. (user name bc i love elephants - they are so strong, intelligent, magestic, powerful and so cute... i think they're amazing!)

i'm writing in from nyc (i lived in your neck of the woods for 4 years for grad school, but now i'm back in my hometown).

no website bc of A) paranoia and B) laziness to maintain one.

shoe size: 8.5

i'll have a thai iced tea, no ice.

Kat | 6:59 AM

Been reading for a while now - delurking for your 100th! Kat from upstate NY. Shoe size 8 1/2. Cheers on your next 100!

Anonymous | 7:28 AM

Number 41 for my Bex, you can get 100 no problem!
Miss you.

Anonymous | 10:40 AM

Yippee!!!! Congrats!!! I'm here - reading - always - shoe size is 7.5 - isn't that interesting? lol.. that's all i got - peace out baby..

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah | 11:32 AM

Hello. Sarah from Sarah and the Goon Squad just outside of D.C. doing what I can in your quest for 100 comments.

Anonymous | 1:14 PM

Congratulations on your 100th post. I love your blog. I live in Houston, TX..originally from the UK..and am not a mum yet, but hope to be soon. Hubby and I are loving the trying. :-) Your son is adorable, and just about 1 month younger than my darling nephew. Keep them coming and good luck with your book!!!

Chris | 1:25 PM

If you make it to 100 comments, can you do your rap to the tune of an old RUN DMC song?

Anonymous | 1:44 PM

Can we comment more than once just so we get blessed w/ another rap?? :D


okay chag! i had an llcool j song in mind but run dmc is much cooler. maybe some public enemy?

Anonymous | 2:19 PM

The foot: 8 1/2 wiiiide
The blog:
The praise: Congrats on the big one-oh-oh, and thanks for writing! I'm in the pre-production stages of motherhood (i.e. lots of hubby-prompted "when are we going to start a family?" conversations), and I consider your blog pre-pregnancy educational reading material.

Chicky Chicky Baby | 2:41 PM

Okay, I've been trying to congratulate you on your 100th post all damn day, but friggin' blogger is not cooperating! I was going to order something ladylike, like a glass of pinot noir, but I'm so ticked off I'll have a shot and a beer instead. And keep 'em coming. I need to fill myself up all the way down to my size 9 shoes.

Here's mud in your eye... um, I mean, Here's to 100 more!

Anonymous | 3:00 PM

I'm your husband. And to think I was responsible for 50% of that human. I guess I might not be, since I was involved in his creation for approximately 17 seconds.

Mel | 3:53 PM

Coming out of lurking to help you get to 100.

From CA - currently displaced in podunk Colorado.

I will take a grilled cheese from In 'n' Out pretty please.

Happy 100!

Anonymous | 4:27 PM


I love love LOVE your blog and your little guy is TOO cute!

I just started blogging - mostly to keep family around the world in the loop during this, my first pregnancy. if you are interested.

Congrats again and keep up the great work!

PS - shoe size: 10
Favorite lame joke of the moment: "What did the farmer use to fix his pants? A cabbage patch!" Thank you, I will be here all week, try the veal.


I have to say, as a fellow size 10 shoe I am pleasantly surprised and excited that most of my peeps have large powerful feet as well. Can I get a wha?wha? Can we start a shoe exchange? Ha!

Chris | 7:09 PM

PE would be much cooler, GGC!

If I leave this comment 44 more times, does that count?


yeah. at this point, i'm throwing the rulebook away. 100 posts or no, i'm rapzing, goddamnit.

kittenpie | 7:44 PM

out of the woodwork... #57.
Fave GGC post: actually from Childbearing Hipster, about the 16-year-old in your head. I have one too.
shoe size: 8
order: one extra hour per day, please. Or a volunteer maid. Anyone? Anyone?
joke: I'm a fan of the situational pun, so you have to give me something to work with here.

Anonymous | 8:38 PM

I am reluctant to de-lurke but I will cuz I love your rapz (and blog). I have a 6 month old Sabastian and was turned on to you by one of your friends (Sarah). Live in carlsbad (ca). Normal shoe size 7: after pregnancy 7 1/2. I am a stay at home mom and want to hear more rhymin!!! Please give me something to read during naps :-)

Anonymous | 9:12 PM

This is the mom of your hood giving you a shout out for 100 awesome posts. Here's to 100s more (clink, clink, look into eyes, cheers!) My drink of choice, a scrumptious virgin chi chi with a little umbrella and a large slice of pineapple on the rim (I know, I'm still a cheap date!) Shoe size, same as yours, sweetie. Like mother like daughter. And the joke, "What's black and white and "read" all over?" Answer: YOUR BLOG!!!

hugs and kisses to the munchkin.

Anonymous | 9:34 PM

I am the GGC dadmeister.
You know where I'm coming from.
Shoe size: 12 1/2 (son - you win)

What's the longest word?
SmileS - because there's a mile between the S's

A rap I wrote about teenage angst when I was 13:
It's hard out there with your pimp-les
Making life anything but simp-le
Trying to get the girls with braces and 4 eyes
Makes you want to go to school in complete and total disguise
It's hard out there with your pimp-les

To complete my rap history:
When I was rapping at your high school, I was the big daddy wrapper and momz'mom was the candy rapper.

Keep up the great rapport with your blogter friends and fam!



mo-wo | 10:29 PM

Nice to read all these comments... especially nice to find signs of Hal. I do wonder if he gets as sick of 'don't do that Dave' references as I do Gillian's Island ones.

Let's say I had considered calling my blog the professor is maryann.

Just for your 100th a delurk and 'defrock'.

Anonymous | 5:55 AM

I live in Aiken, South Carolina and have a 16 month old named William. I've been reading for a few months. I think our lifestyles are probably worlds apart (LA and small town SC) but I really enjoy reading your site, and seeing your boy's sweet outfits and hats. He's a cutie. He reminds me of my son in that he looks more like a little boy than a baby (maybe it's all the hair). Keep rappin'!

Shoe size 6
Favorite joke: Where did Napolean keep his armies? In his sleevies!

Christina | 4:39 PM

Location: Ohio

Shoe size: 10

Favorite joke: What do having sex in a canoe and American beer have in common?

They are both fucking close to water.

scarbie doll | 6:55 PM

OK, I'm late it seems, but why the fack not delurk?

I'm from Toronto, Canada

I wear a perfect size 7, but I have what my friends call ET toe (second toe longer than big toe)

I like alcohol in general, but have a slight preference for vodka/sodas with lime or champagne cocktails.

Congrats on 100! Oh, and your baby is damn cute.

Anonymous | 8:44 AM

Congrats on 100. :)

This is actually my first time reading you, though I've seen your blog plastered on blogrolls all over the blogworld.

Nice place you have here - you're in my bloglines. I'll be baaaaack.


Anonymous | 7:39 AM

(as i was thinking of something to write, i noticed that my comment is the 68th. so close to eliciting a butthead chuckle, oh well.)

yo raps be tight like this whitey's tighty whities. mah shoe size be 9.5 double e, as in double fat goose. mah favorite joke is the last mc i iced on the mic, yah heard!?

here it be to u and da boyz. xoxoxo, yo.

jess | 12:59 PM

thanks for your awesome blog. i am blogrolling you today.

here's my stats: jess, 23, mom of 5 mo. old Royce and photojournalist/snowboard instructor/SAHM.

my dirty joke: kid goes in for a haircut and is nervous so the barber gives the child a cookie. towards the end of the haircut she starts crying. the barber asks, "what's the matter little girl, do you have hair on your cookie? she answers, "no you pervert, im only six years old"

Sandra | 1:37 AM

Okay so I am waaay slow on this. Great rap two posts up by the way. Loved it!

I'm from Toronto and where asice 7 1/2 shoe but prefer flip flops.

Congrats on 100 posts! (well more now. yes I am slow). Great blog.

Heather | 7:32 AM

Just pumping up the comment count. Love your blog.

-A | 5:16 PM

I'm almost positive that I am delurking- I've lost track of who I've commented on, but I don't think I have here.

I've been lurking for a while, don't know who I originally came through but know that I've visited many times.

Shoe size: 7.5 or 8, depending on brand, style and condition of my ankle!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah | 6:28 AM

72 isn't bad. (well, I guess 73 now).

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah | 6:28 AM

Do you want me to do 26 more?

Anonymous | 8:34 AM

Can I get 75? Do we have it for 75? Sold to the blogger The Silent K.

Carrie | 10:47 AM

I am not as whitty or as well written as most of the other ladies. I spent my days in Milford, PA but will soon be moving to Maryland. Born and raised at the Jersey Shore... that is right... the Shore. I wear a size 9 shoe.


Wow! It looks like we might make 100 after all or is that an obnoxious presumption...?

Liz | 8:27 AM

I'm here from Mom 101. Looks like she has good taste in blogs!

Anonymous | 8:00 AM

I was just going through your back log...I figured I could contibute on your way to 100 comments.

Anonymous | 9:16 PM

I'll also help you to reach 100. I'm Wendy from St Louis, MO. Shoe size 10 and I would love a cup of coffee, thanks.

Anonymous | 12:43 PM

Hey. I see that you didn't ever reach 100 comments even though I am sure at least 100 people were reading. I love reading your posts and have just started reading from the very beginning... you are simply fascinating