Girl's Gone Facelift

As you can see I look a little different. Thanks to Reluctant Housewife I have a smokin hot new banner, and I toned ma'template down to match. I have also added a few extras in the sidebar including a Best of...

Thank you, Chag for offering your expertise. I ended up winging it, and ignoring the six or so lines at the bottom of my sidebar, I think I worked it out. (BTW, any idea as to how I remove those lines would be appreciated. Hee.)

Thank you again, RH, and expect your GGC Rap in the next couple of days.

Peace in the Middle East,



Kristi | 6:25 PM

Oh yeah, baby. Lookin good! Except your side bar has slumped to the bottom.


hmmmmm. firefox it's fine. explorer it's waaaaaay down where. Anyone know how I can fix this? Sorry, I'm a bit slow.

Kristi | 6:48 PM

You can try the Google Blogger Help group. I don't have a clue, really. I think it could be a number of problems. They are very friendly and quick with helping. Unless Chag know what to do!


Hmmmmm. OK. Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!!!!

Anonymous | 6:56 PM

Looks great, GGC! I'm totally digging it.

*Tanyetta* | 7:13 PM

looking good momma! by the way there's a shout out to archer on my page! love it love it love it.

Anonymous | 7:20 PM

Looks fabulous!


so i'm finding more flaws with my first html experience. how do i get the banner so it fits in the box? And... doesn't turn into a jpg when you click on it? Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag. Just kidding. Anyone?

P.S. I'm so glad you all likey! Hats off to RH!!!

Chris | 7:52 PM

Email me your template.

BTW, L-O-V-E the Best of Mix Tape! May have to steal that idea!

musicmantra | 10:31 PM

great new look, if u need some help fine tuning the sidebar so that it comes back on top in explorer ie if u haven't got help already I would be glad to help, email me.

Anonymous | 6:07 AM

You're welcome! I'm so happy you like it. I pity you trying to come up with something from my blog...I'm afraid you might fall asleep before the rap is done ;)

As far as the template, it looks good! I'm going to send you a banner with a border because the fact that the girl's legs are cut off is bothering me. You pick the one you like best.

Also, I'll send you the instruction sheet I've sent to others in the past. I'm no HTML expert (which is why I use Typepad) but it seems to have worked for them.

Mom101 | 9:45 AM

I'm llllovin' it. Big fan of the clean template myself (as you might have garnered). And yet your personality still shines through. RH rocked it.

MrsFortune | 10:21 AM


Love it!!! RH did a terrific job! Looks awesome ... I just might have to bogart you ... just kidding.

But if you figure out how to solve that sinking sidebar problem let me know because I'm having the same problem.


I think it works now. Thank you to Cynical Dad for his assistance and expertise. Love!

Anonymous | 2:07 PM

Wow. I love it. I feel a blogging movement - ala vintage chic.

Totally tubular.