GGC Rapz: It's Hard Out There for a Wife

With much controversy surrounding the Oscar-winning, Three 6 Mafia's "It's Hard Out There for a Pimp," GGC presents, an illustrated rap:

"It's Hard Out There For a Wife."
(Reluctant Housewife, this one's for you.)

It's hard out there for a wife (this i know)
SAH, married with kidz is a tough life (this i know)
Yeah it's hard out there for a wife (this i know)
Holdin' it togethez can bring quite a lot of strife (this i know)

We got station wagon payments and mad co-pays for the 'Trician
We got kids that pull our hair while we be baking in the kitchen
Changing diapers, bathing babies, and our tits be like fast food
We gots to keep our minds in order and our bodies in the mood.
Done seen wifeys pull their hair out
Done seen wifeys just break down
Done seen wifeys run a screaming
Down the lamp-lit streets of town

Keeping pretty out in public, workin' part-time on the side
Walking dogs and burping babies from the backseat of our ride.
Being married with a kid or two is real rough on the back
But finding time for a massage, for real, girl, are you wack?

Martha Stewart is a felon
and Desperate Housewifes rock the mike
But fuck those stupid bitches, that aint really how its like.
Terri Hatcher isn't married and Martha Stewart lives alone
With a staff of eighty pool boys and a platinum mobile phone.
Done seem Mommies calm as cucum's,
Done seem Mommies hard as pavement,
Done seem Mommies who got peed on
Work it like a fashion statement.

It's hard out there for a wife (raise the roof)
Staying home, married with kids is a tough life (new baby toof!)
Yeah it's hard out there for a wife (no self-tanner)
Holdin' it together can bring quite a lot of strife (thanks for the banner.)

Word to the mothaz...



MrsFortune | 2:39 PM

Oh my gawd you are so funny. :)

jess | 3:07 PM are good...
like all the links too, makes for click-happy fun

Anonymous | 3:15 PM

Okay - that beat Dolly Parton - and considering that the Pimps did as well, that may not be saying much - but IN MY BOOK, DP should have won and therefore, YOU WIN.

Phew. Long way of saying that you are truly the queen of song parodies. Weird Al - move the f over. GGC is INDAHIZZZOUSE.



Ok, so...

Real quick, I would like to thank the "80 pool boys" for their creative facial hair and speedos, (Meet me at the YMCA, later boys...) and also God.

*Tanyetta* | 4:25 PM

first and foremost i'd like the thank GOD! hilarious. why is it that they always say that. hilarious! cool rap!
GGC need a rekid deal with the quickness fo sho! i love it love it


Ah, yes. I think it's because God rewards all those who pimp, play, perform and produce so it's only right to give the ol' guy a fist to the chest.

Either that or it's code:

"I'd like to thank God Almighty ..." really means, "Afterparty at Jon-Jon's pad! And don't forget the mounds of cocaine and truckloads of bitches."

Anonymous | 5:27 PM

I'm honored to have my name associated with this, your best work yet.

To paraphrase the venerable R. Kelly, "GGC is a G, no doubt"!

Stacy | 5:37 PM

Love the rap and the new look. You too funny!!!

Anonymous | 9:52 PM

Rebecca, if I haven't told you before: you are crazy talented. You need to get a record deal soon. You live in LA... where are the talent scouts!? Work your way to the top... won't take long... I give it 2 months! :)I'll tell all my friends to buy your cd (you'll go platinum with that alone)! Love you!

Anonymous | 10:25 PM

This is too funny!! I think it should be put to music and played in the midst of every spousal argument!

Done seem Mommies who got peed on
Work it like a fashion statement... lmao!!!

Anonymous | 4:57 AM are FLIPPIN hilarious

Chris | 7:38 AM

You got skillz, girl.

Chicky Chicky Baby | 11:33 AM

Move over Helen Reddy! Us Mama's don't need your "I am Woman" as our anthem. Now we have this fabulous piece of work.
Bravo! Uh, I mean Yo, This is Crazy Fresh!

Chaotic Mom | 12:40 PM

REALLY good. Wow! I don't even know what to say, the rap is running circles in my noggin'...

Mom101 | 2:59 PM

You are insanely talented. In fact, what the hell are you doing online writing parody songs? You could be the next Weird Al, make a million!

Sylvie | 11:32 AM

I am CRYING WITH LAUGHTER! That was so awesome!

Anonymous | 3:35 PM

that shit's too funny, girl!