My First Poem: GGChildhood

Being that my entire teen-angst oevre has been publicly viewed for the past ten years, a constant reminder of forlorn teenage heartbreak, "it's just not fair"ness and the constant "picking up of pieces of my former self" and the "mirrors, mirrors, everywhere", etc.

It sucks to be "that girl who wrote all of those sucky love poems in CS4TS" so I'm going waaaaaaaaaay back. Inspired by the posts of Mrs. Fortune and Reluctant Housewife, I present the very first poem I wrote in first grade. Pre-angst. Pre-middle school. Pre-boys. Pre-puberty. Pre-everything. When life was simple and quiet and I had imaginary friends and a pet rat named, Kevin.


Bye: Rebecca W
Age 6

The sky shines brite like candil lite.
the good things like the wings of horses,
That makes them all so grate and small and sends them a joyful day.
The moon is out like the trout
everything is sleepy
I think I saw a animile paw sounding like a saw
so if you ever see it watch out?

*spelling and punctuation authentic to piece.

Do you have a first poem? A teen-angsty piece to share? Is your child old enough to have their own? I'm MeMe/SheShe/HeHeING all y'all. Dust your diaries and spill the words... Word.

And in other more recent literary news, I finished my manuscript last week. Muchos gracias to this man. If any of you are looking for an editor... The great American novel, anyone? The great universal parenting book? Poetry anthologies about death and the cute skateboarder who plays guitar in the school quad circa 1989?

Write on,



Anonymous | 12:22 PM

Aww...You and precious!

Your writing at 6 reminds me of something by William Carlos William, or is Whitman? No fair!

In any case, congrats on finishing the manuscript!

I'm having a martini tonight in your honor.

Anonymous | 1:09 PM

GGC ~ I knew you were already famous. Dammit. All this greatness surrounds me. ack.

And seriously, I'm so blogily proud of you that you have finished your manuscript. What an amazing accomplishment. The only thing I've finished these days is a whole chocolate cake.


Mom101 | 2:01 PM

So talented! For real! A chicken soup con-tri-bu-tah and everything. I'm proud to know ya.

you have inspired me, and my mother is digging up my early poetry journals as we speak. prepare to be AWED.

And RH, I'm thinking more ee cummings, no?

MrsFortune | 2:07 PM

Hmm, I'm gonna have to go with Ogden Nash meets ee cummings meets ... AA Milne? But I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the punctuation.

Congrats on the manuscript!


Thank you!

Stacy | 5:58 AM

Congrats! What is your book about? Ah, either way, I'll be the first in line to buy it! Hey, I linked to you in my post today!

Anonymous | 6:12 AM

Wait a sec, GGC! You know I think you're a great writer and I always enjoy coming here. So the poems from your youth were totally enjoyable. But you're not going to give us the backstory on that angst-ridden motorcycle shot? Surely there's a story there, no?

As for my own teenage angst poetry, I don't know where it is but I'm sure it's probably heavily influenced by lyrics from the Replacements, the Cure and Bauhaus. Some things are better left in the past. And my poetry is definitely in that category.

Chicky Chicky Baby | 6:47 AM

Congrats on finishing the manuscript! And I second MetroDad's request for the backstory to the motorcycle picture.

Table4Five | 7:04 AM

That's a pretty good poem for age 6. "The moon is out like the trout"-that's imagery!

Found you through a comment and a link and another link!

Anonymous | 8:37 AM

i loved the little poem you wrote as a kid!! it was so cute... and so is that adorable pic of you with your pet rat!!!

and yeah, i third the request for the backstory of that bad-ass pic of you on the motorcycle!!

also, that's fantastic you completed your manuscript. damn, what discipline!!



Yes, the motorcycle picture. Ninth grade. Me and my best friend did a photo shoot with all of our attitudes. We had "bitchy pose" on my friend's dad's motorcycle. (you can't tell because the jpeg is so small but i'm flipping off the camera =bad ass) We had "model pose" "free-spirit pose, hahahahaha "intelligent pose. We even posed in my friend's mom's underwear for one shot, etc. Every photo is labeled and signed by us and we drew beauty marks on our faces so you KNEW we meant business.

Those were the days...

Anonymous | 10:24 AM

hmmmm, I have to confess to being a late bloomer in the self-expression space. And, poetry was never my thing.

but maybe, if we are lucky, I can find one of the old notes that I passed between a friend in high school, if i recall they were pretty freaking funny... in a high school bitchy kind of way.

Anonymous | 12:28 PM

You've inspired me! How fun. I have a first poem I'll post too, just gotta dig it up. I think my favorite part of your poem is that last line!

Congrats on your manuscript!