Ten Months, Two Teefs, One Boy...

The Gratuitous Ten-Month Letter & Montage:
(click larger to view new teeth)

Dear Archer,

Today you are ten months old. That's right, you have hit double digits. You are growing into a toddler, even though you are not yet toddling. Your favorite thing to do is look out the window. You like to kick your legs out of your stroller when we walk down the street. You like to play with spaghetti and finger paint with whipped cream. You like when I perform puppet shows with my feet and you nuzzle my socks with your face. You can kiss now. Extraordinary. You lean over with your mouth wide open and slobber on my nose or my cheek or my lips and make a mamamamalajklsadjlka sound. You like to be read stories but only at bedtime. Any other time you try to eat the books and though your teeth are tiny, they are very strong. Very strong indeed. You aren't afraid of people anymore. The other day you smiled at a baby girl and tried to pull her hair. You looked coyly away when she waved at you and said "Hi, baby." You can crawl now, which is exciting. (Just kidding. You're not even close but it's totally fine. Take your time, little dude.)

You talk to every object and toy. Your favorite food to eat is avocado, which is adorable and a little bit worrisome. You have the early signs of expensive taste. I'm afraid you got that from me. You mimic us and can shake your head for five minutes straight. You like to have screaming contests so I seldom have a voice, hoarse from screech-communicating with you for an hour. You laugh when I cross my eyes and you stick your tongue out when you're excited. You smear your hands in my food at restaurants and hum along to music in the car. You can give me five. You are learning how to give me ten...

...Happy ten-months. Yup! Very happy indeed.



Anonymous | 1:28 PM

sweet. we're only 3 months ahead of you. sweet, isn't it?

Carolyn S. | 1:44 PM

Your little one is flirting already. He'll be charming the skirts off the ladies in no time. Was that inappropriate?


haha! nothing is inappropriate anymore.gg

Diana | 2:13 PM

hehe my son went to Chuck-E-Cheese with my sister and she told me he was grabbing all the girls and hugging and kissing them. So maybe one day they'll get together and pimp the town, huh?

Anonymous | 2:21 PM

That is so sweet. Expensive taste AND a flirt, huh? My boy is the same way:)

Anonymous | 2:30 PM

Uh...I'm afraid I may have a crush on your son.

But I suspect that I'm too old for him. And it probably doesn't help that I'm married.

Chicky Chicky Baby | 2:43 PM

Oooh, I think Chicky Baby is in wuv with Archer. Would he consider a older woman... by one month?!

Anonymous | 5:33 PM

So, he's definitely done with the hats?


It depends. He has his days. It's okay actually because the only hats that fit him are 2T hats for young men. The noggin is just a little enormous for his hat collection. He looks like a trucker when I try to fit them. Ha!

Mimimom | 6:44 PM

He is so cute - and into so many of the same things that my son, Miles is (almost 11 months). It's amazing how certain baby behaviors are universal(the slobbery kisses, of course). Does your son point a lot like mine?

Amy | 7:10 PM

What a cutie-pie. He has a great grin. Avacados, eh? My wee one cried when I gave them to her and then cried when I ate it.

Seriously, such a sweet face. You can see he has a sweet nature, too.

Mom101 | 8:18 PM

Your love letters to Archer are my favorites of all your posts. It seems like yesterday that you did the nine-month one, wow time flies.

and what a fine looking husband he'll make for Thalia.

Anonymous | 1:53 AM

happy ten months from me and zoƩ !

Anonymous | 3:54 AM

look at 'em chompers! omg, he is just so CUUUTTE!!! his smile can melt any heart!

Anonymous | 8:17 AM

Double digits! Congrats to you and Archer... and watch out for those teeth. : )