GGC CrIBZ! With Archer Sagebrush

Yo Ma Peeps. My name is Archer and Welcome to my Crib in da Hollywood flats.

First of all, dis my favorite place to chill. I like to watch birds and the trees outside. Once in a while, character actors. You know how we do.

...The REAL magic happens here, in my plush bling-bling bathtub you heard? Yeah. This is where I get cleaned up nice for da club. I know I got my clothes on but I'm not about to pull a Mariah Carey here.

Follow me and I'll show you where all the magic happens. This is my ride. Only room for one, so ladies better back up off me.

Where my frogs at? That's right. We about to make it into the west wing: My nursery!

As you can see, I like to chill out and sit on the floor. I can't crawl yet or anything like that so I usually just sit here for hours and talk to myself or rhyme about Enfamil and my drum...

And with looks like these who needs friends, anyway?

Where was I? Oh yes, my wardrobe. Fashion is very important in my household so I try to keep the threads nice and organized. My mom is pretty nuts when it comes to what i be wearing out of the house...

...Especially, the shoes.

A nursery aint a nursery without a vintage bookshelf stocked full of literature. Knowledge is power, peeps.

A nursery aint poop unless it's stocked with real expen$ive artwork! This one was a Sothebys Estate-auction purchase. Sweet deal.

The magic happens here: My changing table. In fact, it happens several times daily. Sometimes I just chill here with my Momz standing very close by.

...Because every little man needs his moisturizer (and this shoe I refuse to let go of)

And lastly, the most important part of my crib would probably have to be MY CRIB. This is where all the magic happens... for my parents.

This is my mobile cuz, you know, I like to have a good time...

I like to pull shit, sometimez, you know.

Damn. I fell. I gots to practice that, later...

So now you've seen my crib. Hope y'all come by and visit me sometime. That would be nice. We could sit on the floor and stuff, or whatever you want. Just don't crawl away.

So now I'd like for you, baby friends to show me yours! What? I wanna see your Cribz... If you in my blogroll I'm she-she, he-he-ing you. Serious. Wait! Where you going? Peeps? Aw, shucks, guess I'll catch you on the flipside...




Anonymous | 4:57 PM

Oh my lord. That is f'n hilarious. He is so freaking cuttttteeeee... You are killing me. :)

Anonymous | 5:19 PM

Can you guys be any cuter!!!!! Hot damn!

Anonymous | 5:35 PM

My son needs that shirt!

Funny post!

MrsFortune | 5:42 PM

Hey, when's he gonna do an episode of Pimp My Ride? Love that show. :) He is so cute. you could just put up random pictures of him and I would still continue to read your blog.

Chris | 6:45 PM

Loved your commentary. And the pics, too! He looks like a serious gangsta in the last pic.

Mom101 | 7:50 PM

Thalia is in love. She told me. It sounded like "aiiieeeeiiiieee" but we all know what that means.
I guess I have to show you her messy room when she gets over her cold and is ready to entertain visitors. You'll be the first invited guest.

And hell, I'm impressed: that's the first LA pad I've ever seen with awesome floors and no wall-to-wall carpeting.

Anonymous | 1:46 AM

girl,.........that´s GREAT !!!
fantastique !!
i´m gonna have to copy you...

Stacy | 7:42 AM

So adorable!!!!!!

Jess Riley | 9:27 AM

That was fantastic!!! Cute AND funny!

Where can I get a shirt like that?


I got the shirt at a boutique here in LA called "Puppies and Babies" You can buy it at But they don't have adult sizes unfortunatley.

Anonymous | 11:52 AM

rolling - this made my day! Could he be any cuter???

kiwidebra | 12:08 PM

As soon as Baby Girl can crawl, she's heading next door to Archer's pad. We're still working on tricking out her crib - which I suppose would include actually buying a crib someday...

Alisyn | 1:50 PM


Um, can we come live at your house? It's so clean and cute.

Anonymous | 4:55 PM

That shirt is the shizzle.

the stefanie formerly known as stefanierj | 5:29 PM

LOVE this. If we had more than 2 rooms, I would totally copy you and make this a new meme.

Yawl the schuh-nizzle, babeeee!

*Tanyetta* | 6:00 PM

that was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! very creative and i love the shirt!

Anonymous | 9:31 PM

OMG, he's starting to look like a little boy! (me squealing) He's gonna be a heart-breaker that one.

mo-wo | 10:03 PM

Hey Archer-baby. Come on to my house. My Momz might cook up us some pancakes and we can read good book or have a ball. I think I need some of your fashion help, I mostly wear my Dad's shirts or my favorite ladybug housecoat.

Call me.
Miss Fancy

TM | 4:56 AM

That was really funny! I wish we could get those T-shirts around here! ( son is a gangsta`too....)

jess | 10:00 AM

love it! you are going to crack him up by showing him your post in 15 years. of course in 15 years he'll think everything is so lame. better show it to him before that...thanks for taking the time to create such an original and funny post.

selzach | 10:35 AM

I'm laughing so hard. Archer is such a cute lil gangsta.

Peanut says Archer can come hang with him anytime. Just be sure to bring a spoon. Better yet, bring two - one for each hand. Cuz we're all about the spoonz.

Herself | 10:51 AM


btrute | 4:23 PM

GENIUS! So much more interesting than the Mariah Carey episode..loves it!

Anonymous | 5:24 PM

Those pics couldn't be any cuter.
What a bad-ass Archer is. Love him!

Anonymous | 6:31 AM

Hilarious! That was great! I can see Archer's little mouth saying just about everything you said. He's such a little thugster!!!

Sorry, my daughters not much of a gangsta bitch.

musicmantra | 3:36 PM

awesomely cute cute cute..

Anonymous | 10:57 PM

I used to be in the foreground of your life... Now I'm banished to the background of the last picture.
Woo(l)f Woo(l)f, I remember it well...

islandarts | 4:59 PM

Oh my GAWD that is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I've got to get one of those shirts for my little guy, fo shizzle!

musicmantra | 5:25 PM

have to add to this archer, i saw richard branson's crib on mtv at night the same day and his crib compared to ur hmm does not just measure up ;)

kittenpie | 6:21 AM

could your little man *be* any cuter? Loving it.