Hot Momma Alert!

My girl at Hot Momma Drama Gossip recently posted the following pics on her Mommarazzi blog. Is it just me or do these pics inspire pregnancy-lust in you as well? These bitches are just way too cute.


Luciana Borrosomethingsomething carrying Matt Damon's spawn:

Angelina carrying Brad's too-good-to-be-true, don't-even-need-to-list-last-names, sexy-spawn:

Gwen Carrying "what has he done lately?" Gavin Rosdale spawn:

If you haven't already checked HMD out, do. She's funny and has the best celeb gossip site around. Plus, she's pregnant with babe #2. Perez Hilton, eat your heart out.



Anonymous | 10:17 AM

My eyes are burning.


I love that site btw...

Alisyn | 7:23 PM

*Love* HMD.

Love pregnant Gwen Stefani, because even though she's doing a good job of hiding it, you can tell she's getting just huge.

Love Lucy and Matt cuz they seem so down to earth.

Angelina looks so badass, and her/their kids are so gorgeous. I love seeing pics of them.

I'm such a celeb baby whore! It's sad!

Anonymous | 7:33 PM

I don't normally get jealous over supermodels/actresses (because why bother?) BUT Heidi Klum not only looked gorgeous on Project Runway she was also THE most energetic pregnant woman I have ever seen. erg

My fav are the Gwen pics. I not only love her anyways, but she's almost as big as I was.


Totally. I was a house as well and seeing Gwen Stefani pack the pounds makes me happy as a clam.

MrsFortune | 5:05 PM

Um, heloooo? That first one is ME, not Luciana Pavawhatsername. Sorry!