Dear "Placenta-Eating" Googlers,

Thank you for happening upon the GGC. I had no idea that Tom Cruise planned to eat Katie's Plac-sack until all y'all googled that shit and found me. In fact, T-delish is probably macking some nutes(nutrients)steak as I type. Mmmmmmm. I know! Anyway, if you are *interested* in placenta eating, go here. My girls have plenty of recipes, etc so you can have a Placenta-bake of your own! Totally.

I also would like to thank the Drudge Report for exposing all to the placenta-eat-a-thon. Kick ass.

And to whoever was searching for "Tom Cruise Eats Son's Placenta," Katie had a baby girl, Duh. And to the person who was searching "Tom eats human placenta" I'm not positive *it* is human. Perhaps, mineral?

Anyway, in case you were born on Neptune (and can somehow read blogs from your oxygen dome) Katie Holmes had her Hebrew-named Scientolgista this morning.

Mazeltof to the happy family, and/or may Mars be with her!


-picture stolen from Hot Momma Drama. Say, word.


Stacy | 6:41 PM

Sweet! I didn't know TomKat had their little scientolgista. Thanks for the update.

Anonymous | 7:08 PM

I hope she chews her placenta pizza with her mouth closed (you know the whole silent first week thing and all). :)

Angel Baby | 7:31 PM

Honestly, is Tom really going to eat her placenta? That would be the most radical thing to hear in celebrity news in a long time... Shake it up a little more Tom!

They were talking about that possibility on the radio too... is placenta-eating a scientologist thing?


I want photos. A placenta-eating Tom Cruise is good times. Sadly, I don't think he will be eating the thing, probably just another publicity ploy. (His publicist must hate him.)

I betcha Tomkat will end up wearing her plactastic as a space helmet or something. That's so of the future...

Anonymous | 6:51 AM

Do you know what the name means?

Erin M | 7:27 AM

BWHAHAHAH Free playboy spam on a post about placenta eating.. i figured placenta eating would be enough to shrivel any erection!


HAHAHAHAHA! Placenta eating = XXX Hottness.

Oh and Suri is Hebrew for princess. Snicker, snicker.

Mom101 | 4:49 PM

Gross. Grossgrossgross GROOOOOOSSSSSS. Blech. Gross.

kissyface | 4:55 PM

How like a Narcissistic Tom to eat what the mother is supposed to replenish her body with. I read that "Suri" is Persian via Hebrew (there were a lot of Jews in Iran).