Where is my Mind?

And I'm not talking about the Pixies song...

We just arrived in San Diego for Passover Seder and Easter brunch. East-over or whatever... Peaster? Anyway, after three hours of traffic we arrived. We unpacked and ooooops, FORGOT Archer's suitcase. No clothes. No diapers. No nothing. The kid has the clothes on his back. He's like a small college student pulling a weekend study session in the ENC.

Not surprising I remembered to bring seven of Archer's hats. That was all. Dude has a hat for every hour and one shirt to last three days.

"Whatever you do, just focus on the kid from the neck up, mmmkay?"

WTF? I suck.



Anonymous | 11:40 PM

Oh dear. Well, that's why Targets are a blessing in disguise.

Anonymous | 3:32 AM

PMSL!! Well as long as Archer has his headwear, thats whats matters!

kittenpie | 8:49 AM

Yesterday we went to my dad's for brunch and apparently forgot to restock the diaper bag, so we had only one diaper. After having changed it at her request, she took a massive, um, well, it can only be described as a dump. So we had to leave in a hurry to rush home and change her again. Then, not to be daunted by this experience, I discovered when out to dinner with the in-laws that night, that we had forgotten the diaper bag entirely! Luckily, it was not an issue... Where IS my brain, anyway?

Anonymous | 11:19 AM

Hey, I have done this too! We went away for a weekend to a friends cottage and I packed lots of stuff for myslef of course, books, yarn, etc... and completely forgot to pack aidans suitcase. I left it in the entrance of the house and forgot to put it in the trunk...

Yes, quite embarrasing.

I'm sure Aidan didn't notice. Archer probably didn't notice much either...

That is... um, Well, you did buy more diapers right? Ha.

Karen | 11:24 AM

Hey, at least you brought Archer. And he has to have his head covered at the Seder, right?

Ahhh, kids who need new stuff and Grandma. They go well together, at least when we travel to my mom's house...

Merry Peaster.

MrsFortune | 2:44 PM

Hey, a hat is a key accessory at any peastover celebration, no? And no diapers? That's why they sell em for $27 at convenience stores.

The word verification thingy right now says "oopff" which I thought was quite a propos!

Dawn | 3:24 PM

AS long as you don't drop him on his head, you're one step up on Britney Spears

*Tanyetta* | 1:31 AM

I'm up the hill from you. Archer and DJ have the same taste in cool clothes sooo holla back if you need something!

Funny you should mention forgetting things, I bummed a diaper from a mom today at the mall (had a diaper bag but...yeah you guessed it, no diaper inside) she gladly offered me her daughter's PINK pull up! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.

We moms have to stick together, if you need something you got it! Lemme know!

Her Bad Mother | 12:30 PM

Totally did exactly the same thing a couple of weeks ago on the Royal Tour. Had to buy new clothes. Sad, really.

Like you, however, I was all on it with the hats. Always the hats. Don't know what's up with that. Head fetish or something.

Mom101 | 1:50 PM

Oh my God, this is my worst fear. But the truth is, if you're going to forget anyone's clothes it's better that it's his, right? I mean, he won't sweat in them, and if he does puke on them, at least he can run around naked while you toss them in the wash. Can't say the same for the husband, right?

Anonymous | 9:14 PM


Target, baby. Target.

Stacy | 10:36 AM

LMAO!! Now that's what I call a mommy moment!!