Mammarazzi to the Rescue

This week I, Archer...

Tried on the sweater my Auntie Roo knitted for me... Fine craftmanship, eh?

Picked Zadie's nose. (What!? Mommy picks mine, psh)

Rocked out on drums. (When I rock, I drool and throw-up all over myself)...

Got a new hair style... (Step back, Maddox)

Called my Bitches on my Celly...

Wrecka, wrecka, wreck!



Anonymous | 6:10 PM

He is so stinkin cute :)

Chicky Chicky Baby | 6:43 PM

I love that picture of Archer and your dog! You can pick your dog, you can pick your nose, but who says you can't pick your dog's nose.

Anonymous | 7:40 PM

Well he's got the cute market cornered - DANG!

the stefanie formerly known as stefanierj | 8:53 PM

Can I have a soda with that? I need something to wash down the cute.

Anonymous | 8:58 PM

I am so horrible about taking pictures of the Bean... and I have a baby book to finish. I might just start "borrowing" yours and pasting Bean's head in the appropriate places.

Chicky | 10:07 PM

Archer man is soo cute! Connor always picks up the phone and calls Archer, but his assistant never puts him thru...typical LA

musicmantra | 10:17 PM

aww very cute pics, logged in after a while but love to read ur blog and archer rocks :)

Mom101 | 10:43 PM

That drum pic? That's the keeper. You can see exactly what he's going to look like at 16 and let me tell ya, he's going to break a few hearts.

Anonymous | 5:55 AM

Who is this Auntie Roo and where is her knitting blog?


"Hit the drum, It's fun!"

We have that drum too....

Christina | 5:55 AM

Love the sweater! And that's a pretty wild new hairstyle.

The kid is just too stinkin' cute.

Her Bad Mother | 7:22 AM

I drool and throw up when I really start rockin', too. But I don't do that anymore. 'Nuff vomit in the house already.



Roo is my little sister. She's a knitter as well! How saweet is that sweater?


I'm so glad to hear yer a puker too. Power!

Anonymous | 8:31 AM

Hi becs! Yay the sweater looks so good on him!! I especially like the first pic of his little back. I want to eat him up! :) love to you all. kisses on archer's forhead.

-auntie rachie roo.

Anonymous | 9:48 AM

LOVE the sweater. Too cute!!

But not as cute as Archer!!

Call my bitches on my celly I'm laughing inappropriately at work again. I'm so gonna get busted!!

Thanks for sharing the adorable pics!!

Stacy | 10:18 AM

could he be any cuter???

MrsFortune | 10:42 AM

That is an incredible sweater!!! Those trains must have taken a long time!!!

Lumpyheadsmom | 11:43 AM

Very cute.

(Play the drums, everyone, play the drums!

Ah ha ha, ah ha ha

More! More!)

The Leap Frog drum makes me want to gouge my eyes out, but the baby loves it. Here's hoping Archer can make it cool.

ms blue | 2:08 PM

That sweater rocks! He's so handsome and musically talented too! Possibly the next Keith Moon?

Anonymous | 2:09 PM

So cute! And did you ever imagine in your pre-baby days that you would WILLINGLY pick your child's nose? Somethin' to ponder. Yep.

j.sterling | 4:36 PM


jdg | 4:38 PM

I like archer because he's not one of those fat babies. he's a little man.

Blog Antagonist | 5:54 PM

He is scrumptious. What an expressive little face he has!!

cmhl | 6:15 PM

what a cutie!!

Unknown | 11:43 AM

Beautiful beautiful little man. And so cool with his hoodie too. LOVE his name!