Picture Me Rolling

The kid still aint crawling. He isn't scooting either. He isn't pulling himself around or pushing or wiggling or gliding. No. Instead he has taken the road less traveled. The road less comfortable, less socially acceptable, the road less upright and unpredictable: the road via rolling.

He wants a toy? He flops on his chest and rolls over to get to it. He wants mommy? He's a rolling to her. Cooper the dog? Rolling. Cheerios? Rolling. His bouncy car with three radio stations, stick shift (real men drive manual) and flashing blinkers? Rolling.

It's kind of odd and I'm wondering if this, perhaps like the separation tantrums and the only eating avocado is a sneak peek into a future bright with rebellion and anti-ness. Next it's tattoos, piercings and mosh-pits. FINALLY, someone I can relate to.

It is true that nobody walks in L.A. And we don't crawl either. We don't scoot or glide or meander. We don't do anything the normal way, the proper way, the by-the-book way. Aha! But we roll. We sooooo totally roll.


*Photo found when googling "babies who roll." Awesome.


Anonymous | 11:27 PM

No, I think you two rock! Lovin' it! You'll have to post pics when you guys get your matching tatoos.

Anonymous | 3:40 AM

hey, my baby George doesn't crawl yet either. Everyone is always asking me if he crawls yet.


I'm not worried. He'll get around to it. He creeps and rolls. He is almost 9 months old.

Anonymous | 4:57 AM

He's rollin! it's perfect - dude, he's too cool to scoot - way too cool to army crawl - he is taking his own sweet time - i told you, my son didn't WALK until 18 mos! WalK! I had given up!!! Now he outruns me in every sitch...hang in there babe...

Anonymous | 5:50 AM

Roll Out
Roll Out
Put the top back

I'm feeling a GGC rap coming...

Anonymous | 5:57 AM

2 out of 5 in this house were rollers (beginning at about 5 months old), one couldn't even roll over consistently until she was 9 months and the other 2 were your average 7 month crawlers. Rolling seems like a very respectable (and normal) alternative means of locomotion.

Karen | 6:02 AM

I'm with Wendy - the girl didn't walk until she was 18 months. But first there were her other "didn'ts." She didn't crawl until 11 months, didn't pull-up to stand until 14 months, and didn't talk until 23 months.

But as it turns out, she's a completely normal 4 year old now. This babd mommy was certain there was something wrong with her and would never have guessed.

Roll away the dew, little man Archer, roll away.

Emily | 6:20 AM

[first must comment on the photo for a sec....WTF?!?...ok, better]

Hey, my oldest rugrat never craweled. EVER. She rolled for a while, then did the GI Joe on her belly crawl-like thing, and finally just walk walked.

Crawling is for the ordinary babe....which you so, obviously, do not have.

Christina | 6:21 AM

Roll on, little dude.

Cordelia didn't crawl until she was 10 months old. She didn't roll, either. Until that point, her preferred method of getting around was to howl and wail until someone picked her up and moved her. Diva in training.

Sabrina | 7:00 AM

They all do things at different paces so don't fret too much!

That's a neat little contraption in that picture.

Anonymous | 7:14 AM

Archer is such an LA baby!

It's hard not to drive yourself crazy by worrying about the milestones, but what everybody is saying is true. They all reach them at their own pace. Which is highly frustrating to us.

Guess they're preparing us for tweendom.

Awesome Mom | 7:24 AM

That is good that he is rolling, it strengthens his back muscles for other things like sitting up. My son rolled a lot before he did his monkey crawl.

Her Bad Mother | 10:30 AM

Archer is so totally and clearly a man who knows himself and his preferences. Doin' it *his* way. Awesome.

(But WTF is that thing in that picture? Is that a carseat glued to some sort of kiddy tank base? Is that what qualifies as a pimped-out ride in Middle America or wherever it was that photo originated?)


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It looks like a kid in some sort of homemade carseat-convertable wagon. It does look like a tank though. OH GOD. It makes me laugh. I click. I laugh until pee happens. Funny shit out there. Good times.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It looks like a kid in some sort of homemade carseat-convertable wagon. It does look like a tank though. OH GOD. It makes me laugh. I click. I laugh until pee happens. Funny shit out there. Good times.

Angel Baby | 11:00 AM

It's SO LA I can't believe it. He's rollin' with his crew...



P.S. See photo on right, the kid is SO EXCITED to be cruising at .001 mile and hour. And awaaaaay we goooooo.

Stacy | 11:27 AM

He's so "Clueless," rolling with his homey's!!

Mimimom | 12:03 PM

Rollin', rollin' rollin', keep those doggies rollin' rawwwwhiddeee!
He roll like dat fo'shizzle! like dis and like dat, like dis and like dat . . .
I'm thinkin of LA songs for your little man . . .

Unknown | 1:01 PM

yup, my boy slithered aroun he house commando style (clothed commando style, mostly) until he was 14 months old. and then you *really* can't keep track of them.

Blog Antagonist | 5:21 PM

My oldest son, who is now 11 did this. He wouldn't sit up and I was beginning to think he had some sort of obscure jelly spine disease. I finally figured out that he didn't WANT to sit up. HE wanted to MOVE baby. That should have told me something, I guess. He does not have jelly spine disease, and he learned to walk in a developmentally appropriate time frame. He is still largely uninterested in sitting though SIGH.

Chicky Chicky Baby | 5:59 PM

Crawling is waaaay over-rated! Chicky Baby has been crawling for the past 3 months and I really miss my couch!

A little off topic, but that baby tank-thing is a little, um, scary.

Mom101 | 6:21 PM

I'm with Kristen - rap about it! All I can think of is the Rawhide themesong.

Amy | 11:52 AM

Emmie didn't crawl until she was 10 months old, and then she could only crawl backwards.

I admit it - I miss the non-crawling. And she still can't roll over very well! She looks like a turtle on it's back.

Archer, little man, likely one day you'll just up and walk.

Anonymous | 6:31 PM

If it's any consolation, I offer these two comments

1) My first didn't do anything but SIT THERE until she was almost a year. Then she just walked. No crawling, no nothin. Just sittin'........then walkin'.

2) That rolling thing is quite clever. I would imagine that's just a sign of how smart he is. :)

Cristina | 4:09 PM

i've got a roller too! No biggie. I think it shows they will find creative ways to get where they want to go. Roll on!

ninepounddictator | 8:57 PM

Ok, I've never heard of a rolling baby...but I think your child is onto something...in fact, who doesn't love to roll? I do...I think your child is a genius! I'm going to try and get my child to roll more often...