Feastover/The Curious Incident With the Babe and the Accessories:

Can I please have a kiss, please Mr. Fish? Msch. Msch. Msch.

Noooooooo, but SUNNNNNGLLLLAAAAAAASSSESSSSSS!!! Ahahahahahahahahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa...

And then with the earrings:

I'm so happy. Isn't this great? Doot. Doot. Dooot....

Um.... Fish? Can you ease up off me, dude?

I want Eaaaaaarrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggggggg!!! Ahahahahakshjkadjkakjsl!

The Curious Incident With my Parents Being Awesome:
(Okay, not that curious)

Sorry about the mediocre costuming, little buddy. Next time I will remember your bow-tie. Dar, d-dar, dar, dar.



Mom101 | 9:17 AM

Do they have some sort of bloggy contest for best photo essays on the web? Because you would win gold silver and bronze. No...on second thought you would win a three-way tie for gold. No crappy silver medals for you!

Anonymous | 9:44 AM

You (okay, and Archer too) are mesmerizing. However, it's about me today and I feel so awesome cuz I think my shades are kind of like yours.


But seriously, freaking cute.

Anonymous | 10:20 AM

So cute. So cute I can hardly stand it. I especially love that last photo of the two of you: gorgeous. (And Archer looks like he's gleefully plotting his next move...)

Christina | 10:33 AM

I love the last pic of the earring series - Archer looks like he's thinking, "Oh, sorry, were you using that?"

OK, your mom looks fabulous for being a grandma! And I love her hat.

Karen | 11:20 AM

It's too much. And I have to say, I love pictures of other people's kids. I love watching families have happy times together. Forget the curiosity factor on the highway, I would slow down in a restaurant to look at you guys.

Too cute.

Anonymous | 12:11 PM

You rock those bangs like nobody's business.

Anonymous | 12:29 PM

i think the boyz gone bequiled by his momz. love u all, e.c. granny

Anonymous | 12:55 PM

Love Love Love those pics!

kittenpie | 2:37 PM

I fully recognize the glasses move. It's crazy how we mamas receive a regular one-baby beatdown from such tiny people. I think they know the weak spots.

Her Bad Mother | 5:06 PM

What kittenpie said about baby beat-downs: spectacle theft is the mildest of the beatings. Boob kicks and hair yanks and nipple chomps and what my Husband calls purple nurples are the worst.

But back to Archer... Is it weird if I say that he has a particularly adorable head? Cuz he does. It's all perfectly round and lovely and pegged by those sweet little ears.

(I can't think of a line to close that ode to his head that wouldn't invite gross jokes so I'm just going to trail off here...)


Hahaha! He does have the greatest head. I'm not biased. He looks like a perfect pumpkin-face. And, yes. I have scratches down my neck at all times ffrom the lil dude. The kid's hardcore.

Chicky Chicky Baby | 7:22 PM

Wow. How's your ear?
Cute, cute, cute! Archer, I mean. Although, I'm sure your ears not bad either its just not my thing. :)