Tag Team Back Again... MeMe-HeHe Time

I was tagged by my lovely friend at Kittenpie, and am fashionably late as usual. I answered the same MeMe a few months ago (with ten facts instead of six) so here are the next six random facts about Me and the Arch-ster.

Six Random Facts About Me-Me

1. I had a fake I.D. in highschool that said I was 28 and 5'2 with brown eyes and brown hair. In actuality I was 16 and 5'8 with green eyes and blonde hair but never once was turned away. Oh yeah, and the I.D was eight years expired. I used the I.D. until I was 21 and haven't really been to a bar since. Now when I do, I feel really old.

2. (More on Snails) When I was little I wasn't allowed to have a pet so I kept about a dozen snails as pets in a tank. I named them, fed them and took them out to play. Once the boy across the street put salt on one of my snails and sizzled him to death. This is my worst childhood memory.

3. While traveling in Europe I went to Church as much as possible. I really enjoy listening to sermons in a language I don't understand, it allows me to translate as I wish and the boys choir always makes me cry.

4. The only sport I am somewhat good at is Bowling. The don't call me "XXX" for nothing. Wha, what?

5. I once found a dead girl in the alley behind my work. She had jumped off the parking garage and committed suicide. There wasn't any blood. Another time I was the first car on the scene of a deadly accident. I knew the kid in the car who died on impact and watched his parents arrive at the scene. It was horrible. There wasn't any blood there either. I have no fear of death but I do fear happening upon the dead again.

6. Remember this? Well, I have nine fingernails now. My finger was smashed on the root and my nailbed is permanently effed. I am hoping for a manicure discount. It's only fair, right? Nine dollars for nine nails or whatever?... I'm also looking into a Margot Tenembaum wooden tip.

Six Random Facts About He-He

1. His favorite toy is a neon pink guitar purse that was at one time, mine.
2. If he was a girl he would have been named Colette Reverie. After the author. After the song.
3. He sleeps with his stuffed animal on his face.
4. He puts his nunu (pacifier) in my mouth sometimes, laughs and takes it back.
5. He has a brown stripe through his left eye, like a marble.
6. He has the most perfect baby-giggle ever, especially when he's exhausted and gets in his silly-mood. He also talks to his blankie and his fingers and laughs like they are joking with him. It's the best!



Anonymous | 9:15 PM

Okay, whoa! The dead thing. Whoa.

Buffy | 3:05 AM

Yikes at the dead girl.

I mean, YIKES!

Unknown | 3:56 AM

Shiiit! Your poor thing.

Im loving Archers little chats with his fingers. Maybe he's a 'special' child like in Sixth Sense!??

Christina | 6:32 AM

Wow, the dead people thing is odd. Most people (who don't work in a field that involves seeing dead people) don't ever get to come across a dead person, but you've seen two. How odd that there was no blood.

I went to a Scottish church service in Glasgow once, and it was so beautiful. They really go all out, with the boys choir and the pretty churches. The preacher had such a thick accent he might as well have been talking in another language.

Her Bad Mother | 9:29 AM

I think that I had the same fake ID - that of a 28 year old brunette, which inexplicably worked for a 17yo blonde/sometime redhead.

And I did the same thing - church goin' - while I was in Europe, and I cried too. Although it wasn't just the choir that made me cry; the little old ladies dressed in black, lighting candles to lost husbands, children, whomever... they also made me cry. Harder. But then I'm a weeper...

Anonymous | 10:28 AM

Dead girl thing is terrible. How awful!

My daughter has a brown speck in her right eye. It's so weird considering my husband and I both have blue eyes. It's very cool looking though.

Mom101 | 5:00 PM

Next time I'm in Elay we are SO going bowling! You'll kick my ass and I'll love every minute of it.

kittenpie | 11:21 AM

wow. I'm usually good for a solid 77 in bowling.
And, oh, how creepy and disturbing and sad to find dead people.
But I do like your girl's name of choice. And my babe did the share the sucky thing, too. Now she looks after me. I'm about to blog about that, actually.