Archer in Drag*

The below pic was taken a loooooong time ago but STILL.** There are no words:


He is going to kill me someday for this.
** He is going to kill me and then kill me again after I'm dead.


Anonymous | 5:11 PM

You are both very lovely. And it will be years, literally years before he cares enough to go back and read through the archives of your blog. Hell, with any luck you'll be in your grave....:)

Mom101 | 5:20 PM

Could be worse. Could be one of those Olsen girls.

motherbumper | 5:54 PM

at least she's cute.

kirida | 6:11 PM

If you shave off her hair, she'd also make a cute little boy.

toyfoto | 6:28 PM

I keep telling myself Annabel is NEVER going to read this stuff. So I'm gonna be in the clear. And I agree with Mom-101 ... could be worse. I mean, at least this girl has a prettyboy look.

Lena | 10:50 PM


Get that boy an agent, city girl!

Sandra | 11:03 PM

Ya he needs an agent. And oh - he's so going to kill you. My son would be a very cute girl. Now that he's five he already realizes it is so not cool for me to say that.

Drea | 6:45 AM

Yes he is very cute :-)

Suburban Turmoil | 7:40 AM

You've got to have some blackmail material for when he's a teenager... You're just getting a head start!

Anonymous | 9:07 AM

I`ve never seen a cover GIRL (as in not grown woman) before...I must admit that it shocked me a little... But still - Archer in drag = hillarious!